Update the Facilities Against Future Hijacking


I.  Foreword


     The suicide terrorist attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon with huge civil airliners astonish and infuriate the world. “Are we safe?” is a question raised by the people of Hong Kong as well as USA, whose enormous economic loss is shadowed by inner grief.


 Sorrow and anger are condensed into the words “Punish the terrorists!”.

“Prevent hijacking!” is a paramount task of governments in the future!


Sorrow and anger inspire American people to tide over difficulties with the government! Although airports have resumed service, stricter check make people even more anxiety-ridden. “Are we safe?” is a persistent question. The Empire State Building, overwhelmingly magnificent and believed to be tallest in New York now, is likely to be deserted by salary earners. Skyscrapers are now, expectedly and painfully, choking the life of economy…


US stock exchange is to open on Monday, the shares of insurance companies involved will fall into disfavor. Skyscraper syndrome will also entangle real estate shares… Arrows shot from the dark are beyond our capability to escape from. Who is dominating the world now? The current terrorist crisis tests the intelligence of US leaders, not America’s military power. It is but common imagination, not Bush’s insight, to spot the harbor of terrorists and get even with them. Airports are now under stricter control, but is there anybody who can guarantee our safety and reassure us? How can anxiety-ridden people push economy forward? US president Bush has a bucket of sticky problems to tackle!


II.  Plan


Following is our plan for improving airplane structure.


1.         Even if terrorists are on board, they cannot enter the cabin by coercing aircrew to let them pass the “Single person checkroom”, so that they cannot directly control the plane.


2.         Terrorists are watched from the cabin and from ground-based monitoring center. That serves as a deterrent.


3.         Cabin and ground-based monitoring center can negotiate with terrorists expediently and waits for a chance to control them.


4.         The ground-based monitoring center has ultimate remote control of the plane, making it impossible for terrorists to control the plane.


III .  The Urgency of the Plan


      How the New York Stock Exchange will behave when it resumes operation can measure the extent to which the world is affected by the century disaster. What is essential is how to convince people that such a disaster will not occur again? People expect President Bush to come out to assure the people before the Stock Exchange resumes operation:


“We have found a plan to prevent hijacking. We will issue, discuss and carry out the plan! The strict and unpleasant check at airports is expected to ease after the plan is implemented. The pain is temporary because we are powerful in our production and technological capabilities. The disaster will never happen again! The people of the United States and around the world will no longer live in the shadow of terrorism! May the victims of the disaster rest in peace. We’ll let terrorists know that human civilization is not to be trespassed upon!”


The world is waiting. And we strongly believe that the above four plans are effective in preventing hijacking by improving the structure of the airplane and setting up corresponding procedures. It is reported that people working in the Empire State Building feel quite upset because of their being “outstanding”. Acrophobia is spreading! Without plans to end hijacking, the shares of airlines, insurance, real estate and tourism will fall into disfavor. Fear will lead to economic turbulence and downturn. We expect President Bush to come out with strong measures and assure people that all evils will be conquered!


IV  Improvement of Airplane Structure and

Establishment of Corresponding System Program


1.                       Install “Single person checkroom” path structure to make it impossible for terrorists to enter the cabin.

2.                       Install independent concealed electronic monitoring device not controllable by but visible to aircrew. Special waveband transfer enables ground-based monitoring center to have full control of terrorists and negotiate with them easily.

3.                       At the four passages of the entrances of the airliner, install remote-controlled chemical spraying guns and appropriate obstacles to control or restrict the activities of terrorists.

4.                       Nothing is worse when the pilot takes a hand in hijacking, but in this case “ flight locus calibrator ” can be used to lock flight course, under the remote control of ground-based monitoring center.

5.                       The ground-based monitoring center has special plane with monitoring device, ready to fly and trace. Or satellite relay stations may transfer monitoring messages.

6.                       Set flight discipline for the aircrew.


V   Applications of Facilities and

Features of

System Program


(1)   Add passage checkroom structure and system setting:


a.         Install unidirectionally transparent bullet-proof glass door from the

cabin to the passage as a second door, so that the pilot can see the passage unidirectionally, making hijackers conscious of someone looking at them in the dark.


b.         The back and front panels of the bullet-proof glass door are both unidirectionally transparent, with 0.8~1-meter single person checkroom in between, automatically identifying weight, fingerprint and palm print, image and password.


c.         The front and back panels are closed under the double control of closing instructions of airplane in flight status and ground-based monitoring center, meanwhile turning on the automatic identifier.


d.         Aircrew must get permission via communication to open the first door and enter the checkroom, and the automatic identifier, after sensing only one person in the checkroom, closes the first door and begins to check.


e.         After the automatic identifier checks single person only and makes ID identification, the cabin, on being notified of the ID of the approaching person, decides whether to open the second door. The first door will not open until the second door closes, thus preventing hijackers from swarming in.


f.          Persons in the cabin will be documented by the captain and monitoring center respectively when the automatic identifier is started. There must be at least one engineer in the cabin, otherwise no person can pass the checkroom, except in non-flight status of the plane or by obtaining instruction from the monitoring center.


g.         If any person in the cabin wants to leave the cabin during flight, a card can be used to open the second door and enter the checkroom, and the automatic identifier in the checkroom instructs to close the second door and begins to check. The first door can be opened only after the check.


h.         The automatic identifier sets the number of persons in the cabin and decides that at least one engineer must stay in the cabin during flight.


i.          Problems and solutions:


1.                The automatic identifier restricts the number of persons in the checkroom, making it impossible for hijackers to enter the checkroom together with the aircrew. A hijacker may only enter under disguise, but the automatic identifier may have identification combinations, such as the weight, fingerprint and palm print and voice. The unidirectionally transparent glass door fully exposes hijackers, but it is necessary to equip back-view mirror for the engineer or formulate review system to increase the weight of manual check.


2.                      Even if the engineer and aircrew are hijackers, who can freely pass the Single person checkroom, they are restricted by II.(3) Lock flight course by means of flight locus calibrator


(2)   Independent concealed electronic monitoring device:


The historic disaster of World Trade Center shows how defective the designs of airplanes are: the hijackers shut down all communications facilities so that their identities remain a mystery. The black box cannot


provide real-time on-site video and audio recordings, making it almost impossible to find and punish those behind the terrorist acts.

Obviously, the airplanes are not equipped with independent concealed video and audio electronic monitoring equipment and real-time transfer and storage equipment, which (if any) cannot be controlled by the aircrew. This is ridiculous today, when technology is so sophisticated and the space is studded with satellites. No doubt, the US aviation security bureau cannot pass the buck.

Therefore, it is imperative that independent concealed electronic monitoring device should become a standard device of an airliner. Some people may claim that their privacy is encroached upon, but the monitoring on the channel is within the permitted range.

And so the independent concealed electronic monitoring device may somewhat deter potential hijackers.

(3)    Lock flight course by means of flight locus calibrator:


a.   In case the flight locus deviates from the preset course, the calibrator   will surely use the alarm functions of channel feedback center of the electronic monitoring device.


b.   With flight locus calibrator, the ground-based monitoring center may switch manual steering over to remote-controlled automatic/ semiautomatic steering (not beyond the present technology) when the engineer loses his right to act.


c.   It is advisable to draw upon the high-air remote control technology of  air scouts The security of a hijacked plane may somewhat be affected by geographical and atmospheric conditions, but “remote control” can bring the hijacked plane to “an automatic flight status” and thus absolutely prevent the plane from suicide attack on downtown areas or landmark buildings. For example, the plane can be made to safely rise and fly away from the downtown area and enter into “remote-controlled steering status”, thus winning time for the plane to enter the preset course. Decades of successful applications of automatic pilot have made us fully convinced of its security.


d.   Confidentiality of remote control information is no problem in today’s    digitized age.


(4)   The ground-based monitoring center has special plane with monitoring device, ready to fly and trace.

The ground-based special remote-controlled plane prevents an accident plane from flying out of the direction radius.


(5)   Set flight discipline for the aircrew:


a.      It is necessary to strictly comply with the discipline set by the  structure and program of the channel calibration room so as to preclude any hijacking.


b.     Make the engineer more capable of tackling emergencies mainly with portable non-fatal chemical weapons.


VI  Conclusion


I.         The Measure Plan of this patent centers on structural techniques;

II.       Various combinations of available classifiable techniques are used in the Measure   Plan;

III.     The Measure Plan is quite comprehensible. Except the remote-controlled channel instructions, which are encrypted, all the rest is open to the public, thus serving as an effective deterrent to hijackers;

IV.    Even though the above Measure Plan leaves much to be certified and improved, it comes right to the point if considered from the perspective of the global economy;

V.      It is likely for the Americans to accept the plan, because they have their own thoughts and judgements! They will regain confidence in safety and overcome their fears incurred by the disastrous attacks. The global economical order is soon to return to normal!




Lin Zen-man

Sep. 15, 2001







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