Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs

Inventor   Zhen-man Lin

May. 20, 2003

 Invent Abstract

SARS infection has wreaks havoc in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and its effects sending repercussion throughout the entire international society.   The death rate has been high and the Chinese and western medical social were quite helpless about this. For more than hundreds of years, lung infectious diseases have always been classified under medical science as internal organs disease. However, today, this paper will point out that this opinion has been misunderstood.  There is a need to associate such infection disease with air as an interface. Therefore, SARS infection is a kind surface ulcerous infection.

Since there have been changes from the above-mentioned medical science opinion, we have found the best medical scheme. It will no longer be a dream for SARS infected patients to be discharge from the hospital in a matter of hours. The SARS infected will no longer be life threatening again. Hence, mankind can proudly declare their triumph over SARS.

¡§Surface Treatment infected of SARS infected lungs¡¨ is under the brand new medical concept of the outcome. The ¡§ 01 Therapy¡¨ is the core of the ¡§Surface Treatment¡¨.   The sterilizing liquid that is infected into the lung lobes is the surface treatment liquid for 01 therapy of the lungs. The formal name for this liquid is Per Fluoro Chemical ( PFC ) and the sterilizing is ozone.

Abstract pictures  

Fig. 4