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Mr. Chan Sui-ban


I am Lin Zhen Man, Hong Kong ID D188015 (3).


Since February 2003 years, SARS infection has wreaks havoc in China, Hong Kong and many other countries in the world. Its effects had send repercussion throughout the entire international society.  The death rate has been high and the Chinese and western medical social were quite helpless about this.  So China, Taiwan , Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada etc. were listed on travel warning district by World Health Organization and pecuniary loss surmount thousand a hundred million, Mankind is faced with death threat.


Knowing how to treat the SARS virus infection had became the top most urgent matter in the Southeast Asia. During this urgent and difficult period of time, the inventors had came up with an innovative medical scheme to save lives, the newest of medical scheme is “Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs”.  Due to the urgency of saving lives, the draft was fax to the Hong kong chief executive and Chinese leader on 15 May 2003. The English version was also forwarded to “WHO-Padey”, “WHO-Liden” by Mey-Verme, Mrs Cnia (WDC) and the leaders who were holding the Geneva meeting on 20 May 2003.


About the above-mentioned two paragraphs that are background of my invention.  Simultaneously, the paper of medical scheme and medicament-prescription are also emailed to Taiwan in all respects to urge government to put in use this method to save SARS infector.  Above-mentioned the newest medical scheme is current world to go up, the only cure to the rapid fast SARS influence and yet there was not any feed back.  PFC add ozone prescription handling liquid is flawless, the lung germs influence belong to surface-skin canker for an innovation theoretical theory, in the meantime, it can be beneficial to other lung disease.


The Taiwan government ought to make known to the public this innovation of medical scheme which had significantly changed the international medical history and can relieve to come from infect-terror for the SARS and it should be regarded as a big political achievements!


Yesterday, above the patent invention apply enter Taiwan intelligent property of patent department, attach 1.shown the patent case number is 92116132. If use the general procedure already cannot be suitable yet, because the intelligent property of patent Have gone through , applying for the treatment was actually in Taiwan hospital! Attachment 2. had shown the paperwork of patent applications and there are a total of 12pages, I wish dear president has the responsibility to appoint of a dept. to handle that Intellectual property application of the Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs”.  And I will seek help from a The patent and Trademark company to take care of the patent matters.


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June.14, 2003 

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