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Dr. Julie L. Gerberding


In the news from Paris yesterday, I knew that about as in cure SARS to publish opinion by Dear honorable director!  


I agreed by the inspection systematic was improvements and SARS to break out of opportunity possibility was decreasing, but in you believed for profess, the treatment method for SARS now had no a kind of that can belief in completely and that comments have been quoted by Chinese’s newspaper to deceive the masses again. Why does this say so?


I was inventor of the newest of medical scheme is “Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs”, due to the urgency of saving lives, the draft was fax to the Hong Kong chief executive and Chinese leader on 15 May 2003. The English version was also forwarded to “WHO-Padey”, “WHO-Liden” by Mey-Verme, Mrs Cnia (WDC) and the leaders who were holding the Geneva meeting on 20 May 2003. Therefore, you are impossible to not known the medicine of the PFC+O3 is only can entering to the lung directly killed the SARS and efficientlyBut your newspeak is just opposite the fact! Perhaps you feel probably that help China Gov. to conceal the invention of theSurface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs” can get huge benefit, but it had violated the Misrepresentation Ordinance of US law and more importantly letting down the people of every country include American!  China Gov. to conceal the invention is immoral and not splendid behavior.


Now, they were utilized the country-means and power to prevented inventor pass through the PCT application for patent of countries in secret, please see the attach of my letters to the International Searching Authority on Oct.29, 2003 and Mr. Francis GURRY of PCT International Bureau of WIPO that in best Officer on Oct. 31, 2003, the famous international organization that should become the accomplice of violates human rights!


Actually, purposed to tacitly-consent for violated human rights aim at me which paid to the benefit between country had appeared beginning from 9’11 that times.  I should not forgot a name is the Mr. Tony Liu of HK consulate officer called me on Sep. 26, 2001 pm 4:00, he was said:“…you could rest assured to apply patent application notwithstanding, I representative American Gov. thank for you! …”because I had invention of the “Three Measures for Air Flight Safetysent to USA in HK Consulate and delivered to President Bush, therefore, you can verify President Bush was announce appropriation five-hundreds millions U.S. Dollars to refit the US own passenger plane on Sep. 27, 2001.   But China through the diplomatic means of the Hong Kong Gov. to request do not acknowledge, in view the news report in all Chinese mediums it can find in trade trace that was very obvious, why China Gov. does not oppose Taiwan to buy weapon from America?  Why the Director-General Mr. Zhu Bang Zhao of Information Department of China had been dismissed then after he was published opposes sell weapon to Taiwan forbid use principle exchange firmly?   At the June 2002, on Asia-Pacific safe forum of Singapore told why the diplomat of China do not dare to call the roll to criticize America sell weapon for Taiwan weakest conduct at gatherings created a lot of comment why the former premier Mr. Li Kingyou also unclear why submit to humiliation hence he was mediated the dispute for that reason it was the leader of China is hurrying in change class and so on?  Two consuls of US around term at the time, they were professing in open occasion repeatedly that had identical ideas for common benefit of Hong Kong and America?  If China was tacitly consent to sell weapon Taiwan by America?  Obviously, America can get country-defense benefit, is opposite, it is not namely the America must refuse Lin 's patent apply in USA to change?


If above-mentioned inference is not fact, please see the attach two, why the final argument on the writing of examination by Examiner Mr. Dinh that was unusual and violate the stipulation of USA patent law?  I beg your pardon that above complains to you of my misfortune, this is a problem of human rights too! America’s country-defense benefit will not to get really, because, today's agreement does not stands for tomorrow's view.  On morals, this is the most dirtiest scandal on human history!


For instance, there is this uncle’s neighbor whom often ill-treats his child and they are always quarreling.  But the neighbor’s child very capable and he has helped the uncle to repaired his fence whenever he has to, the uncle is very glad and guaranteed that his will get his pay.  But the neighbor was envious and planned a bad idea.  Therefore, the neighbor took out a treasure and presents it to him and as expected, the uncle was interested in it. The neighbor said that the treasure can only be exchanged under some condition and it was forbid the payment of the repair-wages of fence for his child! The neighbor was entice as this! The uncle agreed by the enticed and even his daughter was passing malicious                                                    

remarks aim at the neighbor’s child.  However, in the end, the neighbor has changed the host and though the poor child help the uncle to repair the fence, even though the uncle knew that he was being deceived but his child still wondered everywhere to sell the medicine-prescription.


This story has mistake probably, Dear Dr. Julie L. Gerberding is not the uncle’s daughter, but must to remind the trade is shameful and it can hurt the image of civilization and damaged benefit of the public and leave bad name on the medical history!


In my invention and guided to defeat cancer that had been reported a success in the hospital of Hong Kong! The fear of mankind for cancer will also become history as SARS! Many patients were waiting for government popularize to save, any conceal historical fact is a kind of fault!  So I hope that your Centers can test and give straight comment for my invention.


Thank you very much for your attention on this matter, I hope to hear from you at the soonest.



Yours faithfully,

Inventor : Lin Zhen Man

10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07

Singapore 329949

Nov. 03, 2003     

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