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Dr. Julie L. Gerberding


I am very much regret that I brought up again my letter to you on Nov.03, 2003.  Though you did not reply, but I had seen the honor of President Mr. Bush had committed himself to the democracy tested in China at the meeting for promotes democracy on Nov.06, 2003. I believed in which is concerned with and the leader of America could insist fair viewpoint of value for leading world.


Taiwan erupting the SARS using to provoke the nerve of Chinathe Taiwan, HK and China’s governments was perform not honest in front of whole world again!


It’s clear that the national sanitary research institute and disease pipe department of Taiwan Gov. was also begging to deceived in front of medium on October 31, 2003. They lied about the Niclosamide of stomach medicine had gotten world to pay attention and special efficacy for cure SARS and application in America patent already! 


Today, only passed 47 days of today, they do not mention the announcement-world was surest the magical of theStomach kill insect medicine ”could cure the SARS!?


In the news, the sanitary the authorities of Taiwan deny that Chinese Gov. was identification could cure the SARS of serum treated methodthey bring up again which had serious side effect and effect limited of the steroids.


Do not say by the news that confirms, before near the Chinese company of life insurance appear on the market in America, they were distributed many stocks right of confirmation to relevant control medium of master. I had also seen some American report before near the exchange rate between Sino-US government compete stubborn in American medium had too much sound sympathetic China!


Here, the relation in confirm that should be forever impossibility, but in the international society of reality, which had a medium of representative of the fair sound to expose above-mentioned the lie between government? Whether it is to shown the civilization of our society was being ruined already! This is the theme that international leader will care for perhaps, what today will discuss with honors Excellency that related us:


1.      Relevant report points out that now in America, the flu will die a lot person perhaps;


2.       My invention of cure SARS influence shall be cure all any various flu, my invention had applied for PCT patent and publication include America of PCT contract-country on Nov. 20, 2003.  At the same time this patent already application in US Patent Office.


The essence of cold is that once human body can fight bacterium ability was dropped, the lung has become the training-base of germ in atmosphere, What is worth for to rejoice is that the germ in atmosphere is not fearful mostly, mankind also subsists so.


The human body fight-bacterium ability drop to come from any body internal and external reason produce probably, the essence of flu was to let lung suck in high-density germs surmount the human body the limit of fight-bacterium ability. But some germs vitality was strong especially, for instance H5N1 poultry flu viruses and so on, therefore the air of high-density germs is also not absolute.


The SARS influence was a kind of in a epidemic cold, because this kind of germs are especially little that it is follow the floating-dust of air to spread easily and can breed on the between the quality and layer of lung, the place of between the quality and layer of lung was blood-vessel not cover again, therefore, the any success by antibiotic and the vaccine to cure that was impossible, so the death rate is very high!


Obviously, it can cure SARS as the invention can also cure any kind of epidemic cold efficiently that include the H1N1, H3N2, H5N1 poultry flu viruses and popular at present the “Fujian type” cold of America and so on.  The mail of today was want to make remind for respectful Dr. Julie L. Gerberding which application and recognizes the medical method of Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs will save a lot of valuable lives of American.


In the news report today by your CDC, 42 children die due to originating in flu so far in USyour disease control and prevent center( CDC) start urgent action center again! The only one and is most effective to put into the lung of medicine only our invention, the face was be cannot deny in the medical circle and it is simple to use and confirm! Using to prevent death openly that conform to humanitarianism and American-spirit!


Our invention has been published openly through PCT and registration in the US patent office before the August of this year, therefore, our intellectual property have power requirement to get American law protect, your disease control and prevent center get authority to save life is no other better options for the medicine and medical method and it cannot postpone again. (Please see the attach file of PCT patent document) Therefore, reselling the patent of application right and using right is a reasonable one, my requirement is not high, I hope to discuss this matter with you and hear your view!


Attachment 1 is the focal point of invention describes and includes the method of compounding of the PFC and ozone.  The attachment 2 is that a tracks number from US patent office and the notice of credit card sign by US patent office on Aug. 13, in 2003, the bank of HK paid on Sep. 08, 2003. But applicant’s inquiries do not have any reply. I hope to respect Dr. Julie L. Gerberding assistance.


  Hope to hear from you soon!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Yours faithfully,

Inventor : Lin Zhen Man                                   

 Dec. 21, 2003


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Focal point of invention describes and includes the method of compounding of the PFC and ozone

 Dec.12, 2003



a tracks number from US patent office and the notice of credit card sign by US patent office

Aug.13, 2003







Jun.12, 2003



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