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Office of Legal and Organization Affairs and PCT System



Mr. Francis GURRY



Dear Sir,


Your subordinate has made a mistake in my application of PCT/SG03/00145. Hence, I am here to appeal to you as I had request to enter the national phase, but they seem stubborn and do not abide by the law to handle my request.


Attach in this email is a response from Ms Aeri & Eva Schumm today, I could not tolerate that PCT Head Office department for breaking the PCT law listen to a record of human rights bad country to prevent me to enter the national phrase. 


I hope that you can help me, thank you!


Yours faithfully,


applicant : Lin Zhen Man

10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07

Singapore 329949

Oct. 15, 2003     





Mr. Francis GURRY

Patent Cooperation Treaty    

International Bureau of Wipo  

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