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Dear                                                       Mr. Francis GURRY

Miss Tan,                                               Fax: 41 22 338 8810


         I refer to your letter dated May. 25, 2004, which I received on Jun 02, 2004.


         Your letter reference the Mr. Matthew Bryan's letter of PCT, which was sent to me on 27 Apr 2004, but I have not received yet, please send on Fax 62585636 to me again. 


Your letter to quote Mr. Matthew Bryan letter said that "entering the national phase brings with it the obligation to pay for the translations of the PCT application, pay national filing fees to the designated offices the payment of these fees is totally the responsibility of the applicant".  Nobody can deny the obligation of the applicant to pay for the filing fees!  This is not the focal point of our disputed! Very obviously, the respond was to perform one's duty in a perfunctory manner that include your letters dated 10 Jul 2003 and 23 Jul 2003 and your letter to PCT dated 20 Aug 2003 at all times.


        Our disputing subject one is, you with PCT International Bureau was to divvied applicant’s designation fees and confirmation fees, SGD $178.- per designation country and I was to paid the five designation and confirmation fees total SGD $890.-  By the expense of authority, i wish you could not to avoid conflict of interest again and must to respond below:


1.      The designations made under PCT Rule 4.9 for the purpose of obtaining national patents undoubtedly, yes or no?

2.      The confirmation fees of PCT Rule 4.9 to connote the national fees of designation country pay by applicant but it is producing or filing by received office and PCT International Bureau and get an application number of designation country which to show complete the obligation of confirmation fees? If you were actual dishonor, you must to respond after that interrogation;

3.      What you working to do for the confirmation fees?   

4.      If not to confirmation an application in the designation country, to collect SGD $178.- per designation doesn't that to swindle?  

5.      If filing the national fees by applicant self, which is to be paid by the applicant to make payment SGD $178.- per designation or double to defray, please to point out the difference?

6.      If you was to hold on straight to the end still, whether you can write down to proclaim which no any received office include the PCT International Bureau whom to occur to helped anyone applicant to filing the national fees get an application number of designation country at all times?    


      If you and PCT International Bureau are high-principled to proclaim the sixth interpellation of above-mentioned, our disagreement will vanish into thin air, but you must to return the designation confirmation fees in showing your reasons!


      Our disputing subject two is, the receiving Office shall must Under the PCT Article 11 (1) (b) the designation of at least one Contracting State provided that that Office(designation office) has found that, at the time of receipt, so on thefinal provisionsunder PCT Article 62 (1) todeposit of an instrument of accessionin Designation State to service to receiving an instrument of the designation office ! Because the receiving Office had taken the Basic fee that includes the transmit fee, the responsibility of receiving Office was simple this way! This disputing subject was shown my letter to Mr. Francis GURRY of PCT on Mar. 09, 2004. In meeting at May.31, 2004 dear you told that was personal opinion by me, but the Mr. Francis was to acknowledge tacitly, by the inviolability of property and justice, I would be waiting respectfully for your opinion.   


Yours faithfully,

Applicant: Lin Zhen Man

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Singapore 329949 

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