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America President

Mr. Bush:

Dear Sir,

I am Lin Zhen-man of Hong Kong citizen, please allow me to bring up the matter concerning the letter that was send to you on Sep.17, 2002. and in you welcome the President of China to your ranch of Texas on Oct.25, 2002 1:41 P.M. CDT.  I am very glad and appreciative and would like to thanks you in helping me to protecting the person of Hong Kong to make requirement concerning protecting citizen right guests on the grand visitor¡¯s meeting to Chinese predecessor national chairman Jiang Zemin.

When reporter inquired why the Bush president should been mention the problem of citizen right aim at the Mr. Tung Chee Hwa of HK Chief Executive at the press conference of Vancouver on Dec.28, 2002.  Mr. Tung said worriedly: ¡° ¡­ the Mr. Jiang Zemin of national chairman was most cleared the mattered occur in HK ¡­¡±

On Dec.29, 2002, Mr Jiang Zemin of national chairman returned to Beijing and on the morning the next day Chinese telecommunications is immediately one-side to inform that add price overstep 8 times and carry out immediately!  It is very far-reaching aim at Hong Kong and Macau. was very obvious and arouse all mediums to opposed¡­ Then afterward, Mr. Zhu of Chinese premier was criticism and confirmed it that was Chinese Message Industrial Department minister to orders the Chinese Telecommunications wild add the price! However, the China Telecommunications was a company of enter the market, however, the Chinese message industrial department has no administrative privilege order to add the price£¬this kind of strange matter can appear in China only! The general thought of public and hinted on Chinese premier¡¯s criticism it was blamed and punish by the Mr. Jiang Zemin of national chairman, because Mr. Tung Chee Hwa was appeared to be the responsibility push on with at him, the example of his fury misfortune and whole world!

          Thus it can be seen that the leader of country with the happy and anger to control national administration it was a feudal emperor making the improvement of citizen right is difficult.  It was opposites, this hateful force had not fair as well as violate citizen right aim me further and their force had been concerned with the two big organizations of the United Nations as well as the related American staff of Patent Office.

        Dear Bush president, the hateful force were hidden their privates purposed, nevertheless, their jackets was marked a sovereign-state and does not publicize the reason to deceived world comment and damaged of human civilized!  Dear Bush president, the problem of defending human rights and human civilizations sits right in front of you very seriously!

In fact, human rights are the core of human civilization, a condition of human rights of the country often depends on the leader¡¯s brain-quality and broad-bosom and he must had his historical sense of responsibility!  However since the above-mentioned, the style of leader had made people feel really disappointed!

It is unpleasantness to state again that I had go through injustice that had worried all overseas investor and hope that Chinese government can honor the protective promise for overseas investor and it was coursed of the Chinese people pursuing of a complete democratic system! Therefore, I represent the overseas investors and the Chinese community to thanks for President Mr. Bush had committed himself to the democracy tested in China at the meeting for promotes democracy on Nov.06, 2003.

To better analyze the problem I will have to restate the points. One year ago, I had stated clearly in my complain letter, the rotten official of Shenzhen government disrupting my investment in Shenzhen and it was agreement by the Chinese leader, I think that had not any of my fault and could not understanding that why the Chinese leaders could be so cruel to me.  Until thus rude means of order a market company to wild add the priced to deterrence medium and vent unsatisfactorily with the chips of the public-benefit by Chinese leader whom had completely shown for original shape!

It was originally their purpose to manipulate the china judges verdicts means for reach control the judge of Hong Kong high court case of HCA 9827/2000 and HCA9585/1999 that related with Shenzhen government. For this a insignificant purpose they had adopted a series of administrative means that was included resign in advance of The Mrs Anson Chan of Chief Secretary for Administration and included overall blockade my complaint aim at for the administration of justice that is not equal for me in medium, they were very feared that my patent application success in the America, the apply serial No. is 10/029,951 and the title is ¡°Device for precaution Skyjacking and System¡±, they were very feared and concluded that I can get wealth and reputation to support the appeal requirement as you had said promise again to support a complete democracy in china on Nov. 06, 2003. 

Their acts to achieve their purposes was inhuman; firstly, my factory was sell illegally by Shen-zhen city government of China which caused stoppage of production for many years, their strengths is powerful, though my freedom is not restricted, they had bugged my communication openly, all commercial partner and relatives and friends were persuaded to stay away from me.

China has the convenience of world factory extensive connection and them have limitless the resources and resources of country, because they also realize them to do was break the law and violate national investment promise, they were only in dark box to operated!  They had first thought of my sister and brother-in-law whom are Dr. Wei-si Wu & Dr. Man-hua Lin from the university of New York, who are currently living in America, they had feared that my sister would speak up for me perhaps, therefore schemed to lost their defense ability! Mr Jiang Zemin¡¯s son was the classmate of my sister when she was studying at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Whereas my sister¡¯s recommendation, the company that she works in have their researches work distributed to some of the research department of China¡¯s university.  Therefore, the Chinese Gov. could found the associate president of her company very quickly; my sister had been expelled innocent and brought the suit court unreasonable by the associate president. The pain of losing job and judicial dispute entangle had collapsed further causing my sister and brother-in-law to become the persuasive-talker of Chinese government to advised me to give up the above of my patent application in American!  Are you strange?  Mr. Tony Liu of HK consulate officer told me could rest assured to apply patent application notwithstanding, obvious, former Chinese leader¡¯s forces with immoral means to made brotherliness turn on the contrary! This is the behavior of metamorphosis!

I cannot understand why the former Chinese leader has as these big grievances for me! They had prevented me from getting the patent of precaution-skyjack wily and mischievous! They could be bribed to deleted one-side my design of patent that was handle through my patent agents are Giant Group Int¡¯l Pat., TM. & Law Office of Taiwan and P. C of RABIN & BERDO. Of Washington unexpectedly!  If two big lawyers were united to violated the matter of professional morals whom had not unconcerned with benefit that nobody can believe!

Obviously they had bribed the Examiner of American Patent Office, by any assistant to seek by second argument on the writing of examination and than the inventor¡¯s Amendment of defense whom can a report to the conclusion that my disclosure! The internal septic-force of Chinese government used hit complainant of the citizen right of Hong Kong had invaded American Administrative Department that was seem appear to be visible successfully! Therefore, the force of former government leader commander was deal with complainant¡¯s invention of cure SARS same above trick and lie, two the big organization morals of the United Nations will fall low too, if let this kind of vicious power succeed, not only the freedom of Chinese and democracy will go backwards for a century, the civilization of the west will be utterly changed also!

Therefore, I was compel helplessly that I want to ask respectful American President, if determine to defend the free world justice so must guarantee the evaluate fairly by US Patent Office Examiner and inevitable whom will be cannot brook interference from the force of former China government commander immediately!The force of former china government commander hated my invention of curing the SARS shown what more fearful dictatorship means, actually, it is a form of bullying which is yet to be challenged in our civilized world!

In the May of this year beginning, because of the fear for SARS in news, Mr.Jiang Zemin of former national chairman was goes to Shanghai to escaped the SARS and after the Singaporean premier Mr.Wu Zuo Don has to cancel his visit Shanghai, due to the urgency of saving lives, the draft was fax to the Hong kong chief executive and Chinese leader on 15 May 2003. The English version was also forwarded to ¡°WHO-Padey¡±, ¡°WHO-Liden¡± by Mey-Verme, Mrs Cnia (WDC) and the leaders who were holding the Geneva meeting on 20 May 2003. Therefore, WHO was advanced to relieved the travel of Hong Kong inform on May 23,2003. The death rate of Hong Kong was 17% than 7% of Beijing that was advantaged of my invention obvious, but Chinese government does not thanks for me, oppositely, their do not select any means to conceal invention and prevent that my patent application for PCT, their means was crafty and below:

1.     Why the publicize subject of WHO's discuss only on how to the prevent SARS and not how to cure SARS of medicine after 20 May 2003? Whose pressure and what it is behind that conceal?

2.      Why the WHO had made a medical guidance convenient for government of Hong Kong to reduces death rate from 17% change to 9% with cover from side the low death rate is not to be benefited from Lin¡¯s invention, on the other hand, the HK and China Gov. officer was frequency brag the abandon to use of old medicine of steroids will use recently on the TV;

3.      The force of former china government commander was indeed very smart and there were brief a little idea that is a Taiwan person of Chinese government appointment in WHO meeting shown Taiwan identity only this just, hence, the Taiwan Gov. for this as this in spite of morals and judicial principle same the Hong Kong Gov. official completely!

4.      The movement of more terrible by National Sanitary Research Institute and Disease Pipe Department of Taiwan Gov. that was also beg to deceive in front of medium on October 31, 2003.  They lied about the Niclosamide of stomach medicine had gotten world to pay attention and special efficacy for cure SARS and application in America patent already!   The absurd purposed beg momentary effect only.  They were profess the Niclosamide of stomach medicine can cure SARS besides body had gotten to confirm!  They purposed to support Taiwan Patent Office cancels my invention of cure SARS application in Taiwan patent office! (See attachment catalog 1-7)

5.      The Singapore government always keep a good image in the world was a country of legal system, but in this time, they will also bend for the authority of former Chinese government leader!    My invention applies for PCT international patent with the identity of Singaporean; attachment catalog 8-16 has shown Singaporean Patent Office was embarrassed intentionally. It is reported on the whole event that was caused the premier Wu Zuo Dong must two years to abdicate early, the price in includes China Gov. to organize a 1000 person luxury travel group to improved Singapore¡¯s travel trade vigorously on Aug.30, 2003!  But then the Singapore government has reported a SARS case faithfully on Sep.07, 2003. The sanitary official of Hong Kong was angry very much in TV whom shown investigate to want true and false, I had seen the of HK news paper had a threaten speech that would revenge to Singapore on Sep.10, 2003.

6.      Attachment catalog 17-29 had shown Swiss PCT International Bureau take over the Singapore Patent Office enter the obtaining national patents stage, but the Swiss PCT International Bureau officer does not mind the behavior violate PCT rule and my financial resources will be exhausted£¬and does not mind my invention at the same time make cancer is not again fearful! The PCT Search authority of Austrian Patent Office had also sought out a pretext to refused offer the search report that was very important for completed the PCT patent application;

7.      In argue at the same time with the Swiss PCT International Bureau officer, attachment catalog 45 had shown a letter for the Dr. Julie L. Gerberding of Centers for Disease Control, the letter opposed her profess that the treatment method for SARS now had no a kind of that can belief in completely, because her profess had been used to reduced the crime-sense for PCT International Bureau officer to violate PCT rule and their professional morals to prevent my patent application.

Dear Bush president, America might start a war defense for the human rights of country; this is American spirit!  On the contrary in view of the predecessor leader of China used above-mentioned behavior to shatter and suppress an invention of save Hong Kong and China crisis and the invention was to change the world medical history that nobody can retort.

Why The PCT of WIPO and WHO of official related to above-mentioned behave in such manner in spite of everything to violate stipulated rules as well as gives up principle to assistant the predecessor leader of China to shatter and suppress an invention?   Inevitable, it was related with benefit, on the other hand that above manner and means of 1000 person luxury travel group had shown the China Gov. financial resources of today that can be it to freedom control!  Hence the official of the two big organization of the United Nations was bribes by the force that is not strange!  Their powers on hand to be used to bully a Chinese and with exchange of benefit from Chinese government and the world public justice gets to query!  Therefore, I am hope Dear Bush president do not overlook this matter!

Dear Bush president, actually, this is the war where Chinese pursue the duel of complete free and democracy.  The judicial independence of Hong Kong is going backward and the ¡°one nation two systems ¡±comes to the surface that masterpiece by the force of former china government commander. We can not let 21 century become a lie world!   The social reconstruction judicial independence of Hong Kong urgent; the Officer of HK Gov. does not lies again for the predecessor leader of China! My two above-mentioned of patent had been recognized that can make this vicious power eliminate retreat and the decent force of internal of Chinese government can be just go up!  If respectable Bush president does not preside over public justice, my efforts will be failed surely and the democracy of Hong Kong and China whom will go backwards freely for 20 years undoubtedly.

Also because of, if the vicious force can bribe all persons to despise my invention, but also nobody can retort my invention of curing SARS include the cancer that had changed medical theory in essentially! Therefore, I ask boldly Bush president can supports me to apply for 2004 years of Nobel medical prize.

 Eventually, I wish Bush president reelection successful and thanks for commitment to democracy that is test in China.

With the best blessing from!

Respectfully yours !

Lin Zhen-man

Hong Kong D188015

Nov. 28, 2003

Letter to request for Mr. Bush of America President

Nov.28, 2003

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