The key of Longevity of mankind that was to preserve between  in the loophole of pathology and physiology !

"A medical treatment of Gene-Reduction" start for sales in want of person!



Make out a register form → A agree-notice → To a lawyer office sign a treatment contract and 

to pay 30%deposit → By contract to start a period of treatment  ...

A agree-notice 

当收到您填写好申报表之后,似乎需要,本中心会首先以电话为您初步问疹,或视像会议、或建议面谈。特价期至Mar.31, 2009, 优惠期至June 30, 2009止。



        a. 答复申报表附加的疑问;

        b. 基因还原效果的初步评估;

        c. 医疗流程简图;

        d. 切合实际、最优惠的报价;

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