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      Why my medical treatment of rejuvenation cannot apply in PCT patent office and cannot be publicized?    Above the letter is a history witness!     PCT/SG03/00145 is a lzm's invent of only could cure SARS, Bird Flu and  phthisis, but this global village have too many hypocrite politico, they talk in high-sounding tone but yet submit to the China Government’s enticement of money and beautiful woman in the dark and instruct their patent office of country to cancel this invent patent to use all sorts of wiles and methods!     Such as the US patent office, EPO patent office and AU patent office...Please link to our websites of or  !

   Specification of treatment of gene-reduction is lzm's latest invent! 

"A medical treatment of Gene-Reduction" start for sales in want of person!

  Make out a register form  → Agree-Notice → To a lawyer office sign a treatment contract and 

to pay 30%deposit → By contract to start a period of treatment ...

  About the treatment contract

      After you received our an advice notice of approval, if you return it with signature of confirmation, 

we will accept if you have a requests that we should to pass round for perusal 

a draft of a contract of medical treatment. 


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