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The MAILING DATE of this communication appears on the cover sheet with the correspondence address-period for Reply





Extension of time may be available under the previsions of 37 CFR 1.136(a). In no event, however, may a reply be timely filed alter SIX (S) MONTHS from the matting dale or this communication.

-         If the period for reply specified above, is less than thirty ( 30 ) days. a reply within the statutory minimum of thirty (30) days will be considered timely.

If NO period for reply is specified above, the maximum statutory period will apply and will expire SIX (s) MONTHS from the mailing dale of the communication.

-         Failure to reply within the set or extended period for reply will, by stature, catch the application to become ABANDONED (35 U.S.C.§133).

-         Any reply received by the Office later than three months after the mailing date of this communication aver, it timely filed, may produce any earned patent term adjustment. See 37 GFR 1.704(b),


    1)  Responsive to communication(s) filed on      

   2a)  This action is FINAL.         2b) This action is non-final.

   3)  Since this application is in condition for allowance except for formal matters, prosecution as to the merits is closed in accordance with the practice under Ex pane Quayle. 1935 C.D. 11, 453 O,G, 213.

Disposition of Claims

    4) Claim(s)  1-9  is/are pending in the application.

          4a) Of the above claim(s)     is/are withdrawn

    5) Claim(s)     is/are allowed.

    6) Claim(5) 1-9  is/are rejected.

    7) Claim(s)     is/are objected to.

8) Claim(s)     am subject to restriction and/or election requirement.

Application Papers

    9) The specification is objected to by the Examiner.

   10) The drawing(s) filed on    is/are: a) accepted or  b) objected to by the Examiner.

         Applicant may not request that any objection to the drawing(s) be held in abeyance. See 37 CFR 1.85(a)

   11) The proposed drawing correction filed on      is: a)approved  b) disapproved by the Examiner. If approved, contacted drawings are required in reply to this Office action.

   12) The oath or declaration is objected to by the Examiner.

Priority under 35 U.S.C.§§119 and 120

   13)Acknowledgment is made of a claim for foreign prionty under 35 U.S.C.§119(a)-(b) or (f).

      a). All  b) Some *  c) None of:

         1. Certified copies of the priority documents have been received.

         2. Certified copies of the priority documents hard, been received in Application No,    

         3. Copies of the certified copies of the priority documents have been received in this National Stage application from the International Bureau (PCT Rule 17.2(a)).

        * See the attached detailed Office action for a list of the certified copies not received.

14) Acknowledgment Is made of a claim for domestic prionty under 35 U,S.C. §119(e) (to a provisional application).

     a) The translation of the foreign language provisional application has been received.

15) Acknowledgment Is made of a claim for domestic prionty under 35 U,S.C.§§120 and/or 121.



1) Notice of References Oiled (PTO-,B92)

2) Notice of Draftsperson's Patent Drawing Review (PTO-948)

3) Information Disclosure Statement(s) (PTO-1449) Paper No(s)     

4) Interview Summary (PTO-413) Paper No(s)     

5) Notice of Informal Patent Application (PTO-152)

6) Other:

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 PTO-326 (Rev.D4-D1)