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SWITZERLAND                                                     Aug. 31, 2003 Am 8:50  


Attention:- Ms Anjali Aeri [ Legal Officer]


Dear Ms Anjali,




The related application of above-mentioned, by your letter and PCT Singapore Office letter on July 25, 2003, I had a letter reprehend with facsimile dated Aug. 27, 2003.


It was quite obvious that the PCT Singapore Office had violated the stipulation of pct that is regret more further angry for me, I am a new immigrant and Singapore is immigrant country. Because of the fear for SARS, after the Singaporean premier Mr.Wu Zuo Don has to cancel his visit Shanghai! Meanwhile, my invention is the only means to cure SARS and had helped the Singapore country not to fear SARS again in the last ten-days period of May of this year!


Singapore is a treaty of Patent Cooperation Treaty ("PCT") (1970), in the Treaty, had a paragraph of “The procedure under the PCT has great advantages for the applicant, the patent offices and the general public” thus shown that:


(i) the applicant has eight or 18 months more than he has in a procedure outside the PCT to reflect on the desirability of seeking protection in foreign countries, to appoint local patent agents in each foreign country, to prepare the necessary translations and to pay the national fees; he is assured that, if his international application is in the form prescribed by the PCT, it cannot be rejected on formal grounds by any designated Office during the national phase of the processing of the application;


In so many words, I felt that it was a slap in the face when a state of civilization and rule by law is absurd, in the slough of despond, I had requested upon of patent entering GB PCT Office, please see the attach document, please communicate and supply my application of PCT/SG03/00145 to GB PCT Office, the GB application number is 0318315.9, thank you!


According to the rule of PCT that the International Bureau also can designate for the accept department, therefore I hope the above case that can rapid from SG office shift to International Bureau on your help!


Since deducted the application of GB, I hope International Bureau give me a notice to paying the confirmation fee to the fist batch of request are applied for designated Statesthat are : CH, US, CA, EA, DE, JP, NZ, AU, KR, AT, PH, IN, are total of twelve countries.


Thank you very much for your attention on this matter.


Yours faithfully,

applicant : Lin Zhen Nan

10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07 Singapore 329949

Aug. 31, 2003 am 9:50       

This letter on my Web site:   http://www.ycec.com/ PCT-SG-310803.htm





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