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1211 GENEVA 20 SWITZERLAND                               Oct. 31, 2003 

Office of Legal and Organization Affairs and PCT System

Mr. Francis GURRY

                                                            cc. Austrian Patent Office

Dear Sir,                                               


Applicant refer the letter fax on Oct. 15, 2003 and attached a letter to attention the Legal Office of Ms Anjali Aeri, about I had request to enter the national phase, applicant complained your subordinate has made a mistake in my application of PCT/SG03/00145. and they seem stubborn and do not abide by the law to handle my request.


But today, there was still no reply from you yet, the applicant feel very unwell, hence i have to make yet another complaint to you!


Please see the attach letter that had shown a serious fact, the PCT search authority of Austrian Patent Office abused PCT law and them had sought a excuse to refuse to make search report for my application at will! Inventor is willing to beg Mr. Francis GURRY to handle immediately.


PCT system is an organization of the United Nations that symbolize the civilization of times, but in my invent-patent of application were unsuitable for the behavior.   Inventor hereby beg PCT system does not became the accomplice that the violate human rights, why can you state so? Please see the letter to USA in HK of Consulate and America President Mr. Bush,  President Bush also considered my request and asked former President Jiang Zemin to protect the citizenship of Hong Kong people  To put it simply, my investment did not get the promise and deserved protection under the law in Shen-zhen city of China and that my factory has stopped production for many years. The inventor has no faults in this matter and had complained to the former Chinese national chairman of Jiang Zemin.  However, I was not given justice and instead faced further injury and reprisal 


  In Background of the invention of my patent description had clear record that my invention saved many life and national-economy.  What most make the cures SARS of inventor who more angry is that, the effect of difference in temperature to cure many diseases that was brand-new medical concept in cure SARSs invention with further guided to defeat cancer that had reported a success in the hospital of Hong Kong! The fear of mankind for cancer will also become history as SARS!  But, the all Chinese Gov. HK Gov. in there does not thank for inventor and they were turn over to intentional-difficult inventors patent-application!


In addition, on the TV news of HK, it was apparently that their officer were issue news continually to deceived resident, they tell a lie emphasize that still have no any medicine can cure SARS efficiently so far!  Beijing of china was biggest-benefited of my invention in May, therefore the Sars of death rate was low to 7% than the HK was up to 17%,  they should to cover the fact of this kind of gap,  the HK Gov. was changed the record of cause-death for reduction death-rate to 9% and to be compensation the family, they tell a lie a excuse that because the government hospital mistake to examine as this and so on!  The behavior is very poor and cheep politics!


What is more shameful is that was monitor my communication openly.  Their strength is very powerful, though the action of inventor does not get restricted, but all commercial partner and relatives and friends will be far away from inventor, in which include my brother-in-law and sister, they are Dr. Wei-si Wu & Dr. Man-hua Lin from the university of New York.  Inventors factory was sell illegally by Shen-zhen city government of China and stopped production for many years.


In this past few years, inventor rely on savings to support wife and 3 children that are difference 11, 15 and 17 years old study in Singapore, the every month minimum living expense is USD$3000, the savings of inventor can only maintain half a year again at most, if International Bureau of Wipo no to be on one's best behavior and act as the accomplice that violates human rights, inventor does not select have to beg the humane aid in the international society.


Hope you sincerely and please tell me, who the controls force for your decide that is Singapore or China Gov.?  I hope that you can insist the PCT laws principle and help me, thank you!



Yours faithfully,


applicant : Lin Zhen Man

10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07

Singapore 329949

Oct. 31, 2003     



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