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                                                                 Urgent!     Oct.13, 2003 

To: Dept.-in-charge                                                 The 3rd Fax: 43 1 53424 520

                                                                            43 1 53424 110

Dear Sir,                                                                     43 1 53424 535


     I am an applicant of PCT/SG03/00145, the title of invention is "Surface Treatment of SARS-infected Lungs", with the receiving Office is Singapore patent Office and the international filling date on 12 Jun 2003.


   About the application of PCT/SG03/00145, I had designated Austrian Patent Office to complete search report and had already paid the cost needed to Singapore patent Office.   


      I have repeatedly urge you all to complete the search report about the application that was sent via the receiving Office Singapore patent Office, but have yet to receive any reply for the passed 3 months.   


     Today, I had to find a service promise on your websites that stated  "Search on the state of the art concerning a concrete technical problem within 2 - 4 weeks. "  Therefore, i would like to know what had caused that delay in getting the search report? 


   Thank you very much for your attention and please handle this matter as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully,


applicant : Lin Zhen Man

10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07

Singapore 329949

Oct.13, 2003