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Miss Tan Kar-Leng,


I am bring up again the letter to Austrian Patent Office on Oct.29,2003 and forwarding for you on Oct.31,2003.


      You have responsibility to write a letter inform the search authority of Austrian Patent Office that their mistake has harmed the benefit of inventor, because inventor’s subject matte of claims is a medicine of sterilizing liquid that are Per Fluoro Chemicals (PFC) adding ozone mixed together. 


  It can further remind the search authority of Austrian Patent Office, claims can be changed to accord with the different requirement of different country.


The search authority of Austrian Patent Office had power to refused search for medical method basis the Rule 39. 1 (IV), but the Austrian Patent Office can not to refused search for a medicine of sterilizing liquid, therefore the search authority must give the search report to inventor immediately.


Please reply as soon as possible! 



       Thank you!


Yours faithfully,


Lin Zhen-Man


Nov.03, 2003

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