The effect of medication and ingredients of PFCO-1


             The main ingredients of PFCO-1 for Perfluoro and Ozone to be mixed, the molecular formula to part of the C6F14 and O3.


             Due to the characteristics of Ozone was very unsettled and a characteristic of difficult to store, we are to Point out clinic and hospital who should be to buy our PFCOCPharmacy-Machines to make up by oneself for clinical to put in use immediately and to enhance the effect of medication, also it could to be frugal the cost.


             As there is a need to define air as an interface, so SARS infection include flu of any type or tuberculosis which they were alike property the ulcer of superficiality and bacterial infection, this is a new medical definition and as well as is our basis of patent invent, it was your belief basis for us too! the revolutionize of lung treatment history that already to start, if you no to identify oneself with it be bound to fall behind!  


             The Ozone is a benignancy bactericide it was acknowledged in the world, it could be to destroyed or decomposed a cell wall of germs to oxidize the internal of a cell and to cause death the original body of a cell, however, the PFC is a excellent polymerization liquid of macromolecule and it has zero ozone depletion, the collocation it was a seamless heavenly robe.


             The clinical concentration to consult list below:


Ozone sterilizing in liquid  ( 1ppm= 1mg / L )

  O3 Density


Types of viruses and pathogens

Sterilizing efficiency


20 mins

 Type-B hepatitis surface antigen (HbsAg)


0.5 ppm

5 mins

Type-A flu virus


0.13 ppm

30 seconds

Poliomyelitis virus type I (PVI)


0.040 ppm

20 seconds

Coliphage ms2


0.25 ppm

1 mins

SA-H and human-wheel virus type 2


* 12.6 ppm

4 mins



4 ppm

3 mins




10 mins

Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, and other pathogens



             This medicine substance to suit with registered doctor to put in use clinical for enter lung to cure SARS, bird flu and flu of anyone germs infect; it was unusual for preserved children of tender age whom they are in virtue of head cold to bring about a high fever to surmount 39C which was easy to lead to pathological changes to die or the intelligence to descend , this medicine substance could be to bring down a fever immediately and it could be to evaporate and not any vestiges.


             The phthisis was same a type of germs infect of lung, this medicine substance has a specific remedy only.


             This medicine substance could be to washing lung of smoker and pneumoconiosis of aged people, because the single oxygen atom it could be to produced intense oxygenation for the deposit-stain to decomposed.


PFCO-1 a matter needing attention of using medication


The Perfluoro liquid of medicine substance it was to choose the PF-5080 electronic liquid of 3M company of USA with to mix Ozone to manufacture, the liquid was to guaranteed that it is non-irritating to the eyes and skin, and is practically non-toxic orally.  The 3M company was further to guaranteed the product also demonstrates very low acute and sub chronic inhalation toxicity and the liquid it has zero ozone depletion potential.


Because the Ozone is not chemical reaction for the macromolecule liquid of PFC, so above the distinguishing characteristic of the PFCO-1 liquid that is not to changed; but the characteristics of Ozone was very unsettled, so there is to take apart the glue bag of air-tight wrapping as soon as, the mark concentration of Ozone it could be to descend, the numerical analysis of ppm which was on behalf of the lethality for germs, the PFCO-1 liquid has a characteristic of fine to evaporated it was especially in the body temperature, as well as it must to regulate the concentration of Ozone in the liquid with it could be to once to kill the germs of lung-cavity and to request clinicians who must to look out.


Although in proportion to the concentration of oxygen it may be upward 15-30ppm or above-mentioned, the PFCOCPharmacy-Machines could be to adjust the oxygen concentration to reach to surmount the evaporate period which 

breathe capacity of liquid medicine, even if is this, our proposal is that the lungs be used interchangeably during clinical trial phase while the other lungs can still supply oxygen. This is to ensure safety.


   To use the mark concentration of Ozone is 10ppm or still more for an allergic reaction and volatility test are our advice, its volatility is about three times over for alcohol. Those are to have the PFCOCPharmacy-Machiness clinic and hospital will be to have abundant clinical experience quickly. 


   This medicine substance it was to belong to a lung-cavity an appetite fluid and it was to originate in medicine history and inconvenient used for the public, so it does not to go on sale, it only to supply for those have the patent authorized and who must were the register doctor, clinic or hospital use the prescription authority for clinical.