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The biggest scandal and the hugest patent value!

Jan. 23, 2004

We hereby once again invite your research institute for a co-operative testing for the specific drug to cure SARS and all the flu viruses, you are a medical university worth to be proud of, please help to expose the ugliness in the concealment of the cure for SARS!

We invite you to share our medicine patent rights again and share the happiness of witnessing the medical advancement, and further witness the sharing within the human society and thus bid death-threatening all flu viruses farewell!  As well as to share the intellectual property that gives us wealth and honorary! At the same time, let you and I witness the level of civilization in your country

If this is the first time you receive this Email, please log on to my Website at the following address to understand the details of the contract on the invitation for co-operative testing! We will listen to your view carefully


Now medical science as threaten from the flu was helpless!


When the inventor was writing this confession, there has been again news report that the Hong Kong has moved in to prevent an outbreak of the deadly bird flu by announcing a temporary ban on poultry imports from Japan.  In addition, the Vietnam had six patients who died for bird-flu.

The report subject CDC News Conference Transcript by Director DR. JULIE GERBERDING on January 8, 2004 was concerned about children: Today's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report does report that 93 children have died of flu so far this year, and that's a very, very sad and sobering figure.

The Press Office Press Release of CDC had published in his website on November 17, 2003the news release was revealed: Each year in the United States 36,000 people die from complications related to the flu

The influenza vaccines get vaccinated can only reduce the influence rate, because death rate is held high all along, the side effects of the steroids etc. medicine for flu patient had been confirmed to be very large We thought it especially the children; the body high temperature and the side effect of medicine for intellectual growth will injury was very, very serious!

It is understandable that the side of lung bubble had an interstitial-layer, but the place of interstitial-layer do not contain any blood vessels to control, because the place can deposited germs and not fears any medicines includes antibody of vaccine, this is our foundation for invention.

For the flu patient, our medical method of invention was to directly kill the virus in the lung and unnecessarily using any other medicine, the flu patient can go home immediately!

This will be the countries common therapy type in the future! Also, in large quantities sickbed can decrease, in large quantities related medicine thing research can be terminated!

Each sanitary department of countries government has to pick our invention to cure patients suffering from flu. This is the only one option that they have, therefore, the achievement our invention patent value is unprecedented!

We are shout especially in this, America had emphasize intellectual property especially and was one big country of patent, examining and approving the application number 10/469,063 for practice in advance it was to be worthy of for praise, the American disease control centre emphasizes people's life and take the lead to application it will be human medical civilized advance


The additional values of patent are huge


In our website of, your can see the additional value of patent includes cleaning the smoker’s lung and aged lung dust health protection, the additional value was invaluable!

The additional values of patent include the freezing-therapy patent for cancer! This kind of medical therapy has first succeeded in the hospital of Hong Kong to apply on August year 2003.  Please turn to the suitable investor; you can get the rich repayment for us.

Please after long deliberation for out and , let you understand the whole story of inventor