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lzm's rejuvenate treatment Lzm’s economic successwas to sales now! Lzm’s latest explore-technique for submarine of deep-sea & stealth aircraft to sell!





About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

  Free health or pathological diagnosis consulting service.


Our company’s design of mechanical, electrical products and scientific research service will start in ASEAN (producing)

Lzm’s success of economic that could be  provide a worthy consultant-report for any one government about the monetary policy…starting now!

 The war acts in

HK Sanitation Dept.



 ---The most uncivilized a paragraph of history case it will biography in here---

Uncontrolled Document When Printed


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PCT-Patent-Description and Publication   


Inventor's Confession




International to appeal

WHO officer should be expelling!

Invaluable business

US business opportunity

Tobaccoman vitality


    The Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Hong Kong Chinese to expose, which was a Secret Order of Centralization to conceal medical accomplishment However, the" secret order " send by which one of the China leaders?

Conceal-scandal comes from “Secret Order of Centralization”

to be exposed

By the news of HK TV on Feb.19, 2004, the confession made by the Dean Mr. CHUNG Sheung Chee Sydney of Faculty of Medicine of Hong Kong Chinese university at a hearing at the SARS Examination Committee of legislation-meeting of Hong Kong, the Dean confess frankly him does not to agreed (to conceal) the cure SARS means, but Dr Chan of Director health of HK Government said: “need not to fear! This is a secret order of centralization (China Gov.)…”

Mr. Tung was to be pacify the morale for conceal to forewarn,

the WHO had responsibility for teach how to cure the SARS

Many Hong Kong citizens could witness in the TV news on Oct of 2003year, the Mr. Tung of chief executive of HK SAR Gov. said that if WHO official had professors accepted our treatment to cure the SARS, we will also follow suit!  In another word, the WHO officer must bear the historical charge for concealing medical accomplishment!

The" secret order " send by which one of China leader?

     No person could be made the objection, this " Centralization secret-order " sent under by the former national chairman of Mr. Jiang Zemin order obviously of!

People might question about why Mr. Jiang Zemin is not resigned to be? The power to alternate was a kind of natural stipulation, although the new China Gov. had an emergency act for being the first in command of Government sector in 2003year, because the former national chairman Mr. Jiang Zemin was military right is under control and no character for self examines to cancel wrong the " Centralization secret-order ", so the new China Gov. was worried and apprehensive in the crossroads of historical.

Reportedly, former premier Mr. Zhu expressed that he was made against one's conscience and with emotion on a meeting with a China leader on August of 2003year, he said that: At that time, had some comrades of the (Communist) party that to act principle was to sacrifice correctly thing and accord with party principle to maintain the purposed of key figure (Jiang Zemin) and surface-unite for leading group of China.

From the emotional expression of former premier Mr. Zhu, if the wrongly by the Mr. Jiang Zemin of former national chairman was hard to retrieve in former China Government. This was information of very spoiled and very very terrorist!  It only dictator could be so as this.

 We have not discuss about the constitutionality of " Centralization secret-order " for this time being, actually, this " Centralization secret-order " run wild early in Hong Kong to be the same as Lin ZhenMan hope to see Mr. Jiang Zemin should be cancelling the wrong Centralization secret-order " and maintain honour!  Because the secret-order from the causation by a verdict of Dong Wan city court about Lin ZhenMan’s invest-entanglement that the intervenient party and interfere the justice by the former leader of ShenZhen city Mr. Zhang Gao Li, now the invest-entanglement case was to be heard finish in HongKong High Court on the Feb. 24, 2004, the court verdict of Dong Wan city court had proven that it was to turn over government statute and bandit type!


2003年的2月份起,SARS 對肺臟的病毒感染突然由中港兩地廣泛傳染,死亡率高達17%左右,醫學界並無特效藥物並對此而束手無策,中國、臺灣、香港、新加坡、加拿大等均先後被世界衛生組織列為旅遊警告區,經濟損失數以千億計以上,人類的生命深受死亡恐怖的威脅。

在當時,如何治療SARS 對肺臟的病毒感染成了世界各國醫學界的當務之急. 本發明人在這緊急的關頭發明了最新的醫治方案,該方案為“肺部SARS的表面處理”即也可俗稱為“洗肺”醫療法。該發明的中文稿於May.15,2003 pm傳真給香港的行政長官及中國領導人,發明的英文稿也於May.20,2003Mey-Verme, Mrs. Sonia (WDC)轉傳給'WHO-Padey' ; 'WHO-Liden'惠及正在Geneva開會的各國衛生部首領。 兩天后,WHO也就一聲不響地立即解除了對香港的旅遊禁令! 隨之從報上可見,有政府高層官員還在詫異地面對記者:“我們都沒派人去說情,怎麼會這麼快說解除就解除?”!

其後只月餘,SARS的國難狂潮正式結束,官方公佈的香港SARS病人有1755例,死亡300人,死亡率有17%; 臺灣665例,死亡180人,死亡率高達27%;加拿大251例,死亡41人死亡率16.3%;新加坡238例,死亡33人死亡率13.8%


就在香港順利地過渡了SARS危機後,香港的立法會SARS調查委員會開鑼問責真相,香港中文大學醫學院長作供:“…征求意就咁為SARS病人洗肺,我唔贊同,但陳太講,唔駛驚,我哋有中央密令”,由於鐘尚志的如此洩密導致他逃亡出香港的生 涯,“中央密令”下令隱瞞本人洗肺醫療法發明的應用也就浮出了水面!

" Centralization secret-order " to run amuck early

in HK

新聞報導往往是附加密令的傳遞者,歷史還應記上這筆 在去年中國換界期間,報導針對董建華,出言不遜 “系覓唔到條例撤換特首” 施壓,200331HKTV所見香港中央政策首席顧問劉兆佳系度教路,咁做無公平董建華可以專職在國際間推銷香港,放手給問責局長施政…“中央密令”軟硬兼施就這麽登堂入室?

“議而不決,決而不行”已唱不了大戲了,“中央密令”取而代之泄虐香港至今數年,重災區先是香港高等法院法官多人違反司法原則被要求彈劾;後是交換布殊隱瞞採納林哲民的航空安全三措施專利, 曾蔭權是第一見證人,涉及創興科技署夥同生産力促進局玩弄文字遊戲剝奪公民權並騙了林哲民3000,林哲民的航空安全三措施專利系咪好,曾蔭權最清楚; 密令更大規模地指揮中港兩地醫療官員 違背良知撒下彌天大謊、隱瞞醫學成果…;“中央密令”已令世衛成爲福頭更難免要干涉阻遏林哲民以新加坡居民的身份通過PCT智識産權局向各國申請專利, 對林哲民又是一番苦鬥…

中央密令”爲什要置林哲民於死地! 隱瞞醫學成果罪同殺人放火,可以狡辯,可以否認林哲民醫治SARS的發明改變人類醫學史嗎?


Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;


6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMin’s favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!  Below:

1. A prank in the Lands Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of   HK

4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order

   for lzm’s house by Buildings


Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing)

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1.Prosecute for Jiang ZeMin

2.The bane from SZ-Gov.'s lessor

3.SZ CUSTOMS’s ruthless means!

4.Chinese judge partake in steal our  property! 

5.Plunder our property by lessor of SZ-Gov.!

6. Not even thanking lzm’s medical invent for saving national calamity of SARS on 2003year, why did Jiang ZeMin order to murder lzm?!

" Centralization secret-order " to run amuck early in HK

J 中央密令”肆虐 香港 摘要


干涉了香港的司法公正引起 林哲民 包括李國能在內的4大彈劾法官案!


又直接令香港電訊局插幹截斷林哲民寬頻線及將 ycec.com 趕出香港存放,剝奪公民權!








以默許美國售武臺灣交換美國不成認布殊於911後採用 林哲民 航空安全三措施專利申請! 200110-12月是售武熱潮,證實一. 表現在所有官方傳媒默不作聲;證實二. 中國外交部新聞司司長朱邦造忍無可忍在網上發表決不以原則交換售武即被貶爲中東大使;證實三. 200262日,亞太安全論壇上外交部人員憋得可憐,對美國售武忍氣吞聲,引起議論紛紛,爲解窘態,李光耀以中國領導人正忙於換屆按撫衆人。



 爲“中央密令”執行到底,中美兩國交鋒亦從媒體表露無疑! 在本界人大閉幕的記者招待會上,有名記者向溫家寶發問:“溫總理,中國到用什麽手段制服美國?” 溫總當然無以爲答轉而言他!

 錯誤的“中央密令”不改正永遠是中國政府包袱,默許售武損權辱國禍害無窮,默許售武對解放軍指戰員來講等如提高傷亡人數 兩岸都是中國人,任何推動殺人武器現代化都是罪大惡極 的舉動!亞太安全論壇上挺不起腰板,臺灣要公投,23條要加料,訪問美國送大禮何時了!到底誰是密令主人!

  在人類文明的知識産權專利史上,兩個可公開最有商業價值專利發明登錄美國,一是布殊採用並公佈在2001927日的航空安全三措施,二是醫治肺部感染(包括SARS)專利更是價值連2003813日進入美國專利局以來,其他小國嚇一嚇便腳軟,布殊Nov.06, 2003 決必要脫現 支援中國人得到 完全民主的承諾後,國務卿鮑威爾又迕TV上公開若有所指回應,沒有中港臺官員會爲此下臺! 意思表白了給林哲民專利並不會傷害認何人!


中國到用什麽手段制美國? 20031127日, 隸屬中國政府的文匯報、中新網以“可能會影響布殊大選”顯著標題揭露江澤民兒子江錦恒以200萬美金免費女人送上布殊弟弟(NeilBush)的酒店房間等猛料是否前不久的美國送大禮無效的另類威脅手段? 這實在是匪夷所思! 人們有理由相信,還掌握多少足以影響布殊大選的醜聞未爆? 這是否已經等如挾持了布殊?

人們不僅要問,當林哲民上述兩個美國專利已被美國專利局擱置傷害中國人的知識産權,但另一面美國專利局的網頁在熱烈慶祝得到中國政府的保證保擴美國在中國土地上的知識産權以及加大採購美國産品力度 布殊政府在電話中向林哲民保證放心申請美國專利,現在又如此反反復複不奪信用,這不也匪夷所思

但近兩天,布殊身邊的人發出不能連任預感,是想得到多一點回報?還是被 醜聞 挾持進退維谷? 進一步叫人匪夷所思? 總之,幾年來外交政策圍繞 中央密令 圍繞如何封殺林哲民不倫不類,那麽多官員悲躬屈膝,那麽多官員違心地上TV表演!


















lzm Announcement:   國際社會 保護不了公義, 林哲民的 最新發明 不再申請專利  

防止禽流感,振興你的國家飼養業,不再拒額 賠償!    聯合國,各國糧食部 不可忽視 直接交易 請聯繫


這是一部 林哲民 都不明所以然的現代史, 有興趣洽購 著作版權者 機不失, 請來電 Tel: 3618-7808 lzm@ycec.com  ycec_lzm@yahoo.com.hk  





      陳水扁屈服於江澤民字條的壓力,犧牲台灣人的生命權台衛生署倒行逆施,令台灣醫院建立“洗肺室”仍遙遙無期!這是台灣社會的悲哀!     更可悲的是,陳水扁 被江澤民字條耍了幾年,20065月初南美之行又差點從飛機上跌下,扁政府於是在515日推出封葬和平醫院醫護的電視記錄片紀念“洗肺”醫療法向江澤民示威,結果20066月起便起用施明德主導策動臺灣紅衫軍倒扁


         台灣紅衫軍056月起就在台灣總統府前圍堵,即在恐嚇如果公開江澤民字條陳水扁協助隱瞞lzm“洗肺”醫療法拯救SARS災難的的發明,那麼,紅衫軍必當沖進總統府,結果,雙方僵持而糾纏不下,臺灣紅衫軍以倒扁為目的失敗告終,但以此牽制陳水扁不敢公開江澤民字條陳之密約是成功的!  但與此同時,江澤民早就雙管齊下公私不分地命中共的在台勢力大力支持國民黨奪回政權,在陳水扁離任前,國民黨勢力的特偵組便開始以陳水扁的“貪腐”為名謀略起訴,結果,就在陳水扁離職後的0811月初抵高雄手握 江澤民字條 出現在高雄的講臺後僅兩天便做被主政的特偵組收監至今近4年!  13.3.2012TV新聞所見,陳水扁兒子陳致中說,發現了陳水扁記憶力嚴重衰退,這必然是陳水扁在獄中給喂了藥,陳致中不敢公開江澤民字條內容,陳水扁不死也將記憶力盡失廢人一個,陳致中及民進党都應知何以叫“置之死地而後生”的道理!


   灣專利申請見;   http://www.ycec.net/tw.htm


The below leaders shared joy and sorrow with our company's  invention and their history-duty did not to shuffle off!  

History will to give judgment them one by one!  ( producing)



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