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Mr. Francis GURRY                                  PCT/SG03/00145 Apr.27.2004


Dear Sir,                                               


 I thank you for I have received the search report by the search authority of Austrian Patent Office on Apr.05, 2004.  But this is an outcome of my endless to strive and under my letter for you and AU office it was indignation in strong terms on Mar. 09, 2004.


I had a very important to request in my letter of Mar. 09, 2004 that you still had not respond!


On the letter, which is after all who should to be filed including the translation and national fee (pay by applicant) to each designated Office to complete designation in the designated office that was the arguments two!


The receiving Office shall be Under the PCT Article 11 (1) (b) “the designation of at least one Contracting State” …provided that that Office(designation office) has found that, at the time of receipt, so on the “final provisions” under PCT Article 62 (1) to “deposit of an instrument of accession” in Designation State to service to receiving an instrument of the designation office ! Because the receiving Office had taken the Basic fee that includes the transmit fee, the responsibility of receiving Office was simple this way!


The PCT laws were definitely!  I inquired the China Office had under this manner to help their applicant of PCT to enter all PCT designation office to confirmation application also.  The Singapore office had received SGD $890 for entering all PCT designation office to confirmation application it have no any difficulty, but the Singapore officer told me if will so do, it must to get agree by the International Bureau of Wipo! 


   I hope International Bureau and Singapore received office must sincerely help to solve this matter! Because the International Bureau was to share the equal to 50% of the sum of the designation fees which above the benefit of SGD $890 of the receiving Office under PCT Rule 15.5(a).  The duty of receiving Office include above -mentioned Under the PCT Article 11 (1) (b) and Article 62 (1).


I would like Mr. Francis GURRY to reply my request of letter on Mar. 09, 2004 immediately! Any to turn a deaf ear to behaviour is immoral as to neglect one's duty!  Besides, any help Chinese government to conceal cure SARS thus this immense medical accomplishment in medical science history that was to be doubly guilty, I would like Mr. Francis GURRY to respond for this in a week, I do not hope you unnecessary take the blame on oneself to resign and avoid the arguing in international society!



Yours faithfully,

Applicant : Lin Zhen Man


10 Ava Road, Ava Tower, # 19-07

Singapore 329949   Apr.27.2004

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