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Mr. Francis GURRY                                      C.C.   Mag. Walter Tomaschitz                            


Dear Sir,


I had a letter send to you on Jan. 13, 2004. But you were still refused respond for our two arguments, I was astounded to feel miserable!


The arguments one, under the Rule 16.2 (iii), the search authority of Austrian Patent Office must to refund the search fee to Singapore office, because the Austrian Patent Office was to take advantage of with find an excuse intentionally to refuse to give me the search report, Austrian Office must apologize and compensate the huge loss for postpone to get the patent or loss of even may not get patent for applicant! The Austrian Patent Office must still to censure in international society and to tote of the ill repute for bear malice to conceal medical achievement in humanity historical!


In formal, the Singapore patent office has the responsibility to find another search authority to complete report quickly!


The arguments two, which is after all who should to be filed including the translation and national fee (pay by applicant) to each designated Office to complete designation in the designated office?


The Singapore office received SGD $890 for entering all PCT designation office to confirmation application, obviously, then the translation and national fee pay by applicant and afterward file by receiving office to enter the designated office for get an Application Number, this was to taken the designation and confirmation fee to work of promise! The Application Number is only testimony to confirmation; the PCT treaty is not necessary to describe so! 


Is filing the application into the designated office by applicant self?  It is again what to pay the designation and confirmation fees? Need not to argue, the Singapore patent officer Mr. Chig Kam Tock was to be much embarrassed to tell me, the designation and confirmation fees could to be refund! But this is civil rights and it to be in the service of promise, is not that to fail to keep faith?


The PCT laws were definitely and you break the law and inhumanity!


The receiving Office shall must Under the PCT Article 11 (1) (b) ¨the designation of at least one Contracting State provided that that Office(designation office) has found that, at the time of receipt, so on the¨final provisionsunder PCT Article 62 (1) to¨deposit of an instrument of accessionin Designation State to service to receiving an instrument of the designation office ! Because the receiving Office had taken the Basic fee that includes the transmit fee, the responsibility of receiving Office was simple this way!


    PCT International Bureau to divvy aapplicantˇs Basic fee, designation and confirmation fee, the legal stipulation was undoubtedly, applicant paid the translation and national fee to pass through the receiving Office into the designation office it has been so for quite some time, therefore, you must to correct the wrong immediately! You must stop to use authority of office to assistance before the Chinese government to conceal medical accomplishment!


    You must to know a thing or two, the conceal and murderer was no difference, the assistance concealer same the accomplice too!     


I saw a report on HK TV on Feb.19, 2004, the confession by the Dean Mr. CHUNG Sheung Chee Sydney of Faculty of Medicine of Hong Kong Chinese university at a hearing at the SARS Examination Committee of legislation-meeting of Hong Kong, the Dean confess frankly him does not to agreed (to conceal) the cure SARS means, but Dr. Chan of Director health of HK Government told:¨ need not to fear! This is a secret order of centralization (China Gov.)〃

I saw a report on HK TV on Oct of 2003year, the SAR Gov. Mr. Tung of chief executive of Hong Kong said that if WHO official had professors accepting our treatment to cure the SARS, we will also follow suit! In another word, the WHO officer must bear the historical charge for concealing medical accomplishment!


You may be despise to his sincere advice or you in the process of to contemplate may be get how many benefit by your assistance to conceal!


The HK wenweipo newspaper and www.Chinanews.com.cn to belong to China Gov. and the report only by them on Nov.27, 2003, about the former China chairman Mr. Jiang Zeminˇs son Mr. Jiang mian heng used high salary two million USD to employ Bush presidentˇs younger brother Mr. NeilBush and to send free pretty woman into the NeilBushˇs hotel room every days in HK and China.    But that make people unaccountable was in the large type a title to powerful and influential that:¨Scandal or affect the re-election of elder brother.


The general to think, that it was the involved party want self erupt is insidious! It had person also to think, the USA president Bush had to hold somebody under duress!  The Cheap not to covet is ways of the world for philosophy!


I remember, I had a letter which was referred to the Singaporean premier:


¨ It was quite obvious that the PCT Singapore Office had violated the stipulation of pct that is regret more further angry for me, I am a new immigrant and Singapore is immigrant country. Because of the fear for SARS, after the Singaporean premier Mr.Wu Zuo Don has to cancel his visit Shanghai! Meanwhile, my invention is the only means to cure SARS and had helped the Singapore country not to fear SARS again in the last ten-days period of May of this year!


It had so much tidings to reveal, the SG officerˇs behaviours influence from the secret order of former China Government, the premier was in advance two years to leave job for balancing the oppose-pressure and the China Government was to send a ostentatious and extravagant of 1000 travel group borrowed by China life insurance company name, in a hurry into Singapore, the purpose has shown that obey the secret order of China can to exchange the aid of China for return extensive national economy!


I hope premier Mr. Wu can see this letter, I understand the difficulty and to have no way out for the premier, the secret order from the former China Government leader, the secret order was highly absurd, applicant will must look into this case, nevertheless, help to conceal medical accomplishment with stand in human civilized opposite it will not succeed.


Use administrative power to damaged PCT or national honour to interchange the money or beauty woman or continuity for power which were origin of our arguments, please avoid the argues in international society!


Yours faithfully,

Applicant : Lin Zhen Man

Mar.09, 2004


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Singapore 329949   Mar. 09, 2004

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