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今天,正當禽流感向全球擴散之際, WHO持別是及布殊政府卻繼續不明理地協助中國及香港政府隱瞞醫治SARS及禽流感的發明,這是令人憤怒的!

Today, with the Avian Flu spreading worldwide, the WHO and Bush administration which continue to be unreasonable in assisting the China government to conceal the invention by Lin Zhen-man, a law-abiding HK citizen, because which is the one and only that can cure the Avian Flu and SARS, so it is utterly detestable and frustrating!

這是向美國的參眾兩院議員人們投訴的主題! 更重要的是希望尊敬的議員們可以說服布殊總統不要和前國家主席江澤民結成邪惡的恐怖聯盟!

This is a topical subject of complain for the member of Congress of bicameral system! More importantly, I wish to look up to the member of Congress to prevail that president Bush does not form the evil terror-alliance with Jiang Ze-min, the former Chinese chairman!   


First, the member of Congress could be to find  Jiang Ze-min, the former Chinese chairman to pass through his “centralization secret order” to mobilize Donald TSANG Yam-kuen, the HK Chief Executive who continued holding thus below attach 1 of the 500W power antenna of mobile phone at short range to aim at the office place of Lin Zhen Man to perform inhuman murder by the means of radiation of 270 multiples for over the standard.  Not only that,  Jiang Ze-min still had more to pass through the Donald TSANG Yam-kuen to mobilized Justices of Hon. Chief Justice Li, Hon. Yeung JA, Hon. Yuen JA, Hon. Yam J, Hon. Lam J, Hon. A Cheung J, Deputy High Court Judge To, Deputy District Judge M. Wong and Master Levy etc. to judgments by booty to impute to technique and trump up a fact means to protect the Secret-Society to plunder Lin Zhen Mans investment factory in Shen Zhen city of China thus HCA9585/1999 case of High court of Hong Kong etc. Why is it that the Justices of HK has become a terrorist more terrifying than the Secret-Society

attach 1

LZM's warning to member countries of WTO/WHO



attach 2

LZM's warning to organization of medicine-study of US and WHO




The members of US Congress have always attached importance to the human rights and rule by law of HK and China, before the evil fact proof, therefore, now if the members are unmoved by the irrefutable evidence of above-mentioned, then it is surprising to find that one’s deeds are not in accordance to one’s belief and will bring shame on the international society

布殊總統必須清晰地知道,前國家主席江澤民為什么一定要不惜代價不光彩地要求各國政府協助隱瞞林哲民醫治SARS、禽流感如此重大的發明? 為什么江澤民要如此不惜代價不光彩地默許布殊違反台灣關系法售買8艘攻擊潛水艇給台灣來換取布殊不履行諾言地作廢林哲民航空安全三措在美國的專利申請?  為什么江澤民還要如此不惜代價不光彩干預司法公正摧毀法治香港形象威逼香港的這班法官在香港高院的HCA9585/1999一案中維護黑社會分子掠奪林哲民投資在深圳的工廠資產作出邪惡的一面之詞判決?

President Bush must be clear to know, why  Jiang Ze-min, the former Chinese chairman persists, at all costs, make disgraceful requests that each country’s government assist to conceal Mr. Lin Zhen-man’s invention to cure the SARS and Avian Flu?  Why  Jiang Ze-min persisted in at all costs and disgraceful to tacitly agree for Bush to sell the eight submarines to Taiwan to barter for the cancellation of Lin Zhen-man’s patent of aired three safety measures that was applied in the US patent office?    Why  Jiang Ze-min to persisted at all costs and disgrace to meddle in judicature-just and to destroy the image of HK to rule by law and to force the Judge of High court in the case of HCA9585/1999 to permit the Secret-Society to plunder Lin Zhen-man’s factory assets by evil one-sided statements to give judgments, still more the defendant was to admit an improper act in the court, the immoral Judge still to keep the judgments of unofficial decision?


The truth is, Jiang Ze-min had a hand in the details of a legal case of HCA9585/1999 of Hong Kong high court, because J Jiang Ze-min or his subordinate was to direct defendant to wrongful act by his left-hand, and to order the police to be on the sidelines, and to direct the Judge to give judgments illegal under the fact of to trump up by defendant control by his right-hand for plunder Lin Zhen-man’s factory assets of Shen-Zhen, Dong-Guan city of China!   

又為什麼江澤民決意要掠奪林哲民資產 江澤民舊屬下一個名叫王忠達的退休官員於20017月中旬明確地當面告訴我說:“…政府的目的是要逼你自動取消廣東省高等法院駁回市中院復覆審的通知!

Why Jiang Ze-min was determined to seize Lin Zhen-man’s assets by force?  A retired official, Wang Zhong-da who is  Jiang Ze-min’s subordinate unequivocally told me on July.15, 2001 that “…the purpose of the government is to force you to cancel the retrial notify voluntarily that was under your bill which approved by the High Court of Guang Dong of China!”


 Jiang Ze-min was the former Chinese chairman, but he also enjoyed his role as the eldest brother of the Secret-Society to plunder and to oppress and terrorize a foreign businessman to stop the claims of the judicial process, so Jiang Ze-min was to pass through the Donald TSANG Yam-kuen of HK Chief Executive to choose those immoral judges to keep off the terror acts of Jiang Zemin which to be exposed in time for to intensity judicature to persecute for Mr. Lin Zhen-man!  

 也更是出自這個原因,江澤民有自知之明,他害怕一旦林哲民從被布殊承諾的預先采用的航空安全三措在美國的專利申請名利雙收,江澤民便再無法隱瞞他的恐怖行為及司法迫害林哲民! 因此,江澤民誘以重大利益買起布殊的人格包括身邊的人,正如江澤民的兒子江錦恆在20031127日通過隸屬中國政府的文匯報、中新網以  “可能會影響布殊大選”顯著標題揭露他以200萬美金免費女人送上布殊弟弟(NeilBush)的酒店房間等顯示,人們有理由相信,江錦恆還掌握多少醜聞未爆? 這是否已經等如挾持了布殊?

As well as from this reason, Jiang Zemin knew his limitations and feared that if Lin Zhen-man got the patent of aired three safety measures and it was to have priority using from Bush’s promised and to achieve both fame and wealth, Jiang Ze-min would not be able to conceal his terror-actions and persecute lzm by judicature again! Therefore, Jiang Zemin had to lure great benefits to bribe Bush’s personality and include the people by his side Mr. Jiang Ze-min’s son Mr. Jiang jin-heng was pass through the HK Wen Wei Po newspaper and of China Gov. to show up his company how to use high salary of USD Two million to employ President Bush’s younger brother Mr. Neil Bush and to send free pretty woman into Neil Bush’s hotel room every day during his HK or China on Nov.27, 2003.  The title of news is “if to expose the scandal again, it could affect the re-election of Bush!  The people have a reason to think, how many scandal is held in the hands of Jiang jin-heng?  President Bush was to hold somebody under duress in a different form

所有真正關心中國人權的美國參眾兩院的議員們從上述可以知道,布殊總統比何人都清楚,前中國國家主席江澤民跟恐怖分子根本沒有兩樣!而布殊總統如此甘心地為江澤民效勞扮演不守承諾、 扮演隱瞞醫學史罪人的角色,任何人都十分清楚了,這並非只為出售8艘攻擊潛水艇給台灣的國防利益那麼簡單,而真正的理由是美國的總統受到挾持!

All those who honestly care for human rights of China of the members of Congress of bicameral system should not be surprised from the above-mentioned fact. Jiang Zemin is no different from the terrorists, why then should President Bush be willing to work for Jiang Zemin to put on the stage himself the sinner role of medicine history and unfaithfulness? Any person should be clear by now, this is really not only about getting the benefits by selling the eight submarines to Taiwan, the truth is the US President is willing to accept coercion of somebody into submission!       

美國參眾兩院的議員們可以從網站看到,顯然是布殊指令美國專利局竟可以藐視香港、美國郵政局證明,以撒謊的海盜式手法指申請人放棄回答因此作廢由一位美國總統提前應用及承諾的林哲民的航空安全三措在美國的專利申請!   在尊重知識產權的人類的文明史上,羞恥的損害的將是是整體的美國國家的榮譽!

The members of Congress of bicameral system should be able to access the website, to know that although President Bush had ordered the US patent officer to have the audacity to look down upon delivery proved by the Hong Kong, USA postal service and to use as freebooter manner to censure the applicant “Mail Abandonment for Failure to Respond to Office Action” and cancel the US Patent Application No. 10/029,951 of aired three safety measures invent patent of Lin Zhen-man and which ahead of time using of former promise given by a USA President!  Therefore, in the human civilization history to value the field of intellectual property rights, it is a shame and hurt it should be the honor of whole the United States of America!

大約10天前,江澤民眼前的紅人,台灣的立法委員李敖在TV新聞中誓言,他將在今年2-3月間與他美國籍的女兒連名起訴布殊違反台灣關係法出售8艘潛艇(攻擊性武器)給台灣!美國參眾兩院的議員們可以告知布殊總統,和江澤民不道德交易是沒有結果的。 國防利益是不能凌駕在人權之上,布殊是知道這個道理的!特別是布殊當局看到江澤民-曾蔭權謀殺林哲民的決心!

About ten days ago, Mr. Li Ao, he is an influential person before  Jiang Ze-minwith lawmaking committee members of Taiwan and he was a pledged person in the TV news that he should bring a case to US court to Bush before March of this year with his daughter of US nationality, because Bush sold the eight submarines (offensive weapons) to Taiwan that was to transgress the law of Taiwan relation!  The members could inform the President Bush, with Jiang Ze-min in bargains of immoral it will to come to nothing!  The benefits of national defense it cannot to overtop the human rights, President Bush was known this one reason!  Particularly, then the President Bush was seen the murder witness of machinations from the Jiang Zemin with Donald TSANG Yam-kuen in attach one.

參眾兩院的議員們可以從上述附件二網站看到,布殊當局制製作了匹茲堡大學百分之百有效的疫苗的神話為減輕美國專利局官員的罪惡感! 因為美國專利局審查員特別清楚林哲民10/469,063的發明不可代替!

The members of Congress of bicameral system should be able to access the website  to know, the Bush authorities make a fairy tale that was to profess it could be hundred per cent to prevention and cure the Avian Flu by the University of Pittsburgh for abate the crime-feet of US patent officer, because the examiner very, very the Application No. 10/469,063 of Lin Zhen-man’s invent was does not to substitute!  

參眾兩院的議員們可以從US CDC疾病防禦中心獲知,例如美國, 如果不是隱瞞, 美國的疾病中心肯定會珍惜美國人的生命樂意採用, 因為自20035月以後至20043月因流感死亡的美國人超過2萬多人! 這些美國人都不該死! 這的話題對美國媒體來講,沒有什麼林哲民的發明比這更重要 尊重知識產權在美國實施, 體現文明的知識產權大國風度完全合乎美國利益!

The members of Congress of bicameral system should be informed from CDC US on Mar.2004.  For instance in American, if is to conceal, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the US (CDC) necessity can adopt first, because they had exceed twenty thousand American person deaths for flu between May of 2003 to Mar of 2004.  These Americans ought not to die, this subject for American medium, no any matter than this Lin Zhen-man’s invent more important!  To respect intellectual property in American enforcement, embody the civilized power conform with American benefit completely

而來自美國疾病防預中心CDC網上的報導,日期是January 8, 2004,報導(CDC News Conference Transcript)指出單就2004年的第一星期,就有93名美國的兒童死於流感! 美國疾病控制中心20031117日發表於網上的新聞稿指出在美國每年有36,000人死於流感的並發症!   難道布殊不知道隱瞞醫學發明就是殺人犯?

The report subject CDC News Conference Transcript by Director DR. JULIE GERBERDING on January 8, 2004 was concerned about children: Today's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report does report that 93 children have died from flu so far this year, and that's a very, very sad and sobering figure.The Press Office Press Release of CDC had published in his website on November 17, 2003the news release was revealed: Each year in the United States 36,000 people die from complications related to the flu. Is it possible that the President Bush did not known the concealer of medicine invent that quite right the murderer!

雖然上述是一些 US CDC 的過時統計,但這種肺部疾病變化不會太大!由此可見,協助中國隱瞞我的專利發明不符合美國的利益!美國可以像中國一樣偷偷地應用我的發明醫治病人嗎?美國有更多的知識產權要求其他國家要尊重,例如軟微的軟件! 美國當局可以帶頭侵權嗎?

Although above is the out-of-date statistics by CDC of US, but the disease variation of lung is not often!  Thus it can be seen, to help China to conceal my patent invention was inconsistent with American benefitAmerica can resemble China secretly to put in used my invention?  America had the more intellectual property to requirement of other country for respect, for example the Microsoft software! The America authorities could be to tort to take the lead?  


The members must remind the President Bush to respect science valuesAny concealment is only a short period for curing the Avian Flu and SARS. The members of Congress of bicameral system and America President had traditions for defending the human civilization, it does not needs to forbid any reason with Jiang Ze-min in bargains of immoral and to boycott Lin Zhen-man’s medicine invent, because the Jiang Ze-min not differentiate is a terrorist!


Although it is due to Jiang Ze-min’s initial mistake that resulted in Bush’s mistake in helping to concealing and deceiving the world in a civilized world where intellectual property rights are highly regarded. Therefore, I would strongly urge that the Members of the Congress are able to convince President Bush to amend his wrongdoings. Otherwise, a civil suit against President Bush is quite unavoidable. 


Lin Zhen-man     

Hong Kong

Feb. 12, 2006


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