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The Honor

Leader of Country

Your Excellency;


The Olympic Games is approaching, by spreading of the Sudan-policy and Tibet-incident of China human rights which were become a subject of discussing of whether to attend the Olympic Games between the leaders of all countries of world, but it was obviously a geographical problem. The world is showing great concern over the incidents due to regional concern.


In fact, whom of various countries government most clear and harmful depth perception that looked down upon my medical invention.  The human rights of China and not to stint price to coerce or lure by gain per big noise of every countries include your government as well as to deprive of that power of to know, to share joy and reduce death rate of your national! 


Chinese Government¡¯s arrogance is because he is not an elected government. Therefore, he has not thought to conceal invent of medical science that is a guilty of terrible crimes already and he is no because whom must to furtively to put in use my invention that tort to have no choice it could be to lead to he has a little of kindly feelings to accord good treatment me!


Obviously, this is a government divided between the good and evil! Besides, the Chinese Government was giving every effort to eminent that dictatorial status of word-factory and various means to rope in Bush president as a persuasive talker to requests and force per countries of world include your country as will as together to conceal that WHO and China medicine same to feel quite helpless that medical treatment to cure to the pneumonia disease of SARS, Bird Flu and Phthisis etc. Therefore, my respected Your Excellency, you have a moral integrity responsibility to the following question of Chinese Government:


1.       If our sportsman unfortunately infected with SARS, Bird Flu or Flu such as the near future of death cases in Hong Kong, except use the medical treatment of wash-lung (PCT/SG/0300145) anyone could be to guarantee our sportsman¡¯s life safe?


2.      Perhaps if you to think you could use the fake trick to cheat our sportsman that could use the medical treatment of wash-lung by physiological saline to imitate the inventor¡¯s PFCO of PCT/SG/0300145 same the Hong Kong government¡¯s profess and use a special series of TV program to inform residents to part on Oct. 12, 2004 and Oct.19, 2004. In such a manner, what have we honored to attend your opening ceremony of Olympic Games?      


3.       Why China Government to say that must to separate sports from politics always?  Inventor of the ¡°PFCO wash lung¡± he is an outside investor of China too, what reasons to conceal his invent?


Beijing 2008 Olympic Games received the high concern of the international community on behalf of the civilization of the human society, but when you plan to attend the opening ceremony and you will step on Beijing¡¯s soil that was full of skeleton of undeserved die that because of here host has to feel scorn for popular power of life and immoral as wil as you country in unison to conceal above-mentioned medical invention achievements, I think that you will to feel uneasy even when eating, sleeping and to hang a leg. Because of the medical achievements that own in common of human society, therefore, needn't have inventor this call here, you have responsibility wake up China government avow this invented of medical science before opening in Beijing Olympic Games!


The international community cannot ignore the above medicine invention, because of my intellectual property of invent to mankind society¡¯s contribution that was to be there for all to see, below:  


1.     The U.S.A. CDC has a report on the issue at his website on Jan.08, 2004 to shown, only in the first week of 2004 year which time have total 93 US children die of the influenza! A report of USA CDC pointed out that has 36,000 American to die of the complication of the influenza every year which news to publish on Nov. 17, 2003.


If above invention is to be accredited and used in 2003year, above of the US children and the patient of complication of the influenza whom could no to die!  That evidence of the crime about to help concealment of Chinese Government just in here, though USCDC can study China in appoint specific hospital to serve as pneumonia patient use medical treatment of us in the dark too, but it can't in time and prevalence, so the death is unavoidable!


2.  Indonesia is a country of maximum death toll of bird flu, though I have a patent application of above invention in Indonesia Office, but the fact that we see is that China was to help construct an arsenal etc. that benefits that was to cause Indonesia government in a dilemma, acknowledge and use the invention of patent that it was be bound to reduce death rate, however, it merits attention that for the cost to help whether become a bribe the human life and human rights;


3.     It was deserved to be mentioned that between 2-3 months of 2006year, that a pneumonia (Klebsiella) in Israel have broken out in the past two months and more than 150 person whom death for incurable disease proportion in 500 patients, the rate of death to transcend the period of SARS catastrophe at Hong Kong in year 2003.  After we know from the news, right away to sent a large number Email to tell Israeli Ministry of Public Health and every hospital to advise who must to make public for the whole people announce adopt our medical treatment of ¡°wash lung¡± it could avoid more death and inform the specification of patent application just in the Israel Office on Mar.03, 2006. 


An unexpected one is, then the conceal to bring to light so cause to happen a cry of public anger to request Israeli Premier must leave office, so president Bush at this moment get involved in between backstage with Chinese Government negotiating such help conceal to cause the details of compensation. As a result, just on the date of 24 March 2007, director of public health office of Hong Kong arrange for in Hong Kong a commemorating meeting of ¡°date of world defend Phthisis¡± and admit such as consumptive disease in Hong Kong have 6000 person per year, namely approximately population 1% of the pulmonary tuberculosis patients every year.  This is a rate of compensation.  Such this huge meeting in Hong Kong medium who has no one to report unexpectedly, only pass through the phoenix TV to tacitly agree tacitly agree with Bush.   As expected, after Secretary of State Rice flew to Israel immediately to balance the public anger for the Israeli Premier immediately on the same day, the Bush government one-sided to aim at the art paper of China to put into practice to doubly to levy a tax immediately. Thereafter, U.S.A., European Union, Japan, Canada to part in WTO complain China¡¯s tort and to express whom could be aimed at the same products to practice punitive customs too.


4.         A Mexico is it appeal with 106 million people with above of 1% rate of compensated and six thousand US dollar of medical fees of every patient of pulmonary tuberculosis to quote a selling price it was total five hundred million US dollar!  But very fast, after Chinese Government pass ¡°aesthesia China-Mexico trip¡± of 2007.07.27 in Mexico to inaugurate that a series of on the diplomacy-offensive, the Mexico was to bring into China¡¯s important ranks of strategy partner! In the date of phoenix TV of china news that: ¡°as we cooperate closely, anything can be done!¡±. The implied meaning is to help to conceal the above medicine invent and no such this claims to come out into the open, nothing can is it! (http://www.ycec.net/UN/070727.pdf )         


The above-mentioned facts must be clearly understood by every state leader in the world, it is to take Chinese state-run assets to pay the cost of conceal invention of medical science that was a improper means of bribery of country, and those state leaders who if to taking bribes too go down in history as a byword of infamy!


5.         Hong Kong in March of this year, which have four school children death the influenza in the short-term ten days and lead to all primary school and kindergarten to suspend classes that was urgent order by Hong Kong Government. This was to show the evil consequence of conceal, notwithstanding the Hong Kong Government was to assigned two public hospital in the dark to use my medical treatment of ¡°washing-lung¡± stealthily, but it cannot to be aware of the whole people, so the death still unavoidable!         


6.      A Moscow reports to pass through Phoenix Satellite TV to notify the leader of China that in Moscow, over one hundred thousand influenza patient on March of this year. The report was to say that the Moscow authorities who study Hong Kong and China which ¡°means¡± to use.  I have applications of patent in Russia office too, my intellectual property right does not belong to Chinese Government, it should be to respect the intellectual property right must purely and simply and must clear that my applications of patent used identity in Russia office is Singapore people.    


      The above-mentioned facts are put in front of the leaders of various countries, why the Bush president can give up the basic values of morals and unprincipled to help Chinese Government conceal above medical invent of use extensively and become to a guilty person? The facts of to be related are below:


1.                        After the 911event, the US stock market collapses, likewise the invention of ¡°PFCO-lung¡± invested by me which passed through the U.S.A. Hong Kong consulate given a invention drafted ¡°aviation safe three measure¡± fax to Bush on Sep.19, 2001. After above one this, Bush pass an officer of U.S.A. Hong Kong consular that name is Mr. Tonmy Liu who called me on Sep.26, 2001 pm 4:00, he¡¯d mentioned that: ¡° Mr. Lin Zhen Man, I was on behalf of American Government express and president Bush thanks to you, and to guarantee your patent application to give in American¡­ ¡±, at the time, I was not surprised, so in the second day, in the TV news that was to see the Bush President was to publish the ¡°aviation safe three measure¡± and is it allocate 500 million dollars to transform the plane for Boeing at Chicago an airport¡­The fact is to proved, this is the strongest weapon for anti-terrorism, but Bush who was to disobey a promise of a Hong Kong native.


2.          Because my telephone is eavesdropped for a long time, soon, in the TV news was to saw, former Jiang Zemin of Chinese president who was zeal especially to entertain Bush and leader of Asia various country with to sign the ¡°anti-terrorism declaration¡± in Shanghai on October of 2001year, but the Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji was for squeezed and seen the film in Guangzhou that was suspiciously!  In fact that had trade besides under the platform, it by later on of the state of affair to verify, that have trade besides under the platform on the grand meeting locality.  Soon, the facts to show the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was to endure violates that Law of Taiwan Relation to selling 8 submarines and other offensive weapons to Taiwan case and only stop in words!   And another side, it was be bound to under suggestion of Bush, the patent application of ¡°aviation safe three measure¡± was to become invalid by US patent office with a bold hand (www.ycec.com/Patent_Application_in_US.htm)£¡ 


It is obvious that, this is an exchange filthy of under the platform! It was difficult to make people trust, one lofty status¡¯s US President that could to break one's word for help him of one Hong Kong person!


3.          At the 2003year, after I was to send a letter to the Mr. Tonmy Liu of USA in Hong Kong consular to pass on Bush for requests to admit above my patent, I was to see Bush president had TV news pass through Phoenix Satellite TV with lead of China to confer.  But suddenly, the HK wenweipo newspaper and www.Chinanews.com.cn of belong to China Gov. had a minacity report publish on Nov.27, 2003. The minacity report was to exposed about the former China chairman Mr. Jiang Zemin¡¯s son Mr. Jiang JinHeng used high salary that two million USD to employ Bush president¡¯s younger brother Mr. NeilBush and to send free pretty woman into the NeilBush¡¯s hotel room every days in HK or China.  And that make people unaccountable was in the large type a title to powerful and influential that:¡°Scandal or affect the re-election of elder brother¡±.  This was unthinkable, at that time, people are convinced, Jiang JinHeng who affirmative grasp many enough scandals of influencing Bush's general election!   It had person also to think, the USA president Bush had to hold somebody under duress! 


Above fact to inevitable, Bush president had to break away from the control by former Jiang Zemin of Chinese president, because Jiang Zemin has control over the huge amount of resources by Chinese Government. Thus, Bush submits to Jiang Zemin's volition and refuse to recognize my two patents in the whole world!    


4.          For is it to force-out medical invention of ¡°wash-lung¡±, Bush¡¯s influence was ready the Director-General of WHO officer hand in to give way to incompetent the previous Director of Health in Hong Kong.  Obviously, Bush¡¯s submission to Jiang Zemin¡¯s volition has damaged the interests of the countries all over the world seriously.


5.        Bush submit to Jiang Zemin¡¯s volition displayed the man-made in the dark from Federal Reserve System of USA to harmonize with China and Banking Development Department of Hong Kong to operate the international exchange rate for shut out my subsist space in foreign exchange market, so it may be the huge loss but the finance and economics caretaker of your country whom may be to be kept completely in the dark:         


a.       Jiang Zemin who was clear about the wrongly act aimed at my factory that by his ordered to auction in 1999year and the earnings from foreign exchange market is my only source of income thereafter. He then spied at my bank account to scalp foreign exchange to sell the yen and to buy the US dollars. His evil thought to play the part of the banker of Japan yen to prevent my profit taking order. By Bush¡¯s tacitly agreement, an assistant of Alan Greenspan of Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve System was employed by Hong Kong Monetary Authority instantly for convenient to liaison. Soon, the China government exhausted its means to convince Mr. Junichiro Koizumi of Japanese Prime Minister to request for the moment to manage of Japan yen exchange rate by Hong Kong Monetary Authority on February of 2004. Its means is including sending 9 people to mount Diaoyu Island and unexpected to ¡°Pay close attention to¡± the Japanese manufacturer of investment in China to shown the position of factory owner of world etc. so Mr. Junichiro Koizumi was depending on nation feelings that can only to agree.


However, I was quick to see through the crafty plot of Jiang Zemin, so I wrote a letter to tell the fact to Mr. Junichiro Koizumi of Japanese Prime Minister on Apr. 03, 2004. As expected, I see a TV news of Mr. Junichiro Koizumi to pass through the Phoenix Satellite TV broadcast to leader of China to indicate ¡°the statesman does not do this¡­¡± and soon to sell out 15,000 hundred million Japan yen to pull up the exchange rate from 103.7 to 107.0 over at once, so to lead to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority a loss 168 hundred million HK dollar on March of 2004.  But later, Mr. Junichiro Koizumi who was to an impute to damaged to retaliate reputation, so Sino-Japanese relations how long does it fall foul of each other too¡­ This non-fictitious fact, please read my letter given to Mr. Junichiro Koizumi in details: (www.ycec.net/UN/040403.pdf )


b.      Few may believe that the crisis of second mortgage loan of today that was bring for above the mean by they longtime to play cat and mouse for me, even though I was to help my wife to operate her scalp foreign exchange of bank account, but it not to run away the bad luck too.  Because Bush have owe me a promised that is a patent of ¡°aviation safe three measure¡± after on 911 and him was to drag sb. into the mire by Jiang Zemin or has more handles to fall into Jiang Zemin's hands, another, China government have a huge sum foreign exchange now that could be to intervene the foreign exchange market.   At this point, by Bush¡¯s acquiesce and to operate in coordination, the national bank of Japan who was to lack strength to rebel against seem to abandon the sovereign rights in common with, then I was to any commerce the foreign exchange in my bank account which was unable to flee from their tailing and to handle in reversed in market.  Then in succession to pursue of cat with mouse, the Japan yen from 124.0 to rise up after the 119.0 on July of 2007year, then the Japan yen every small appreciation it to be bound to make once downward of stock marker of worldwide and to attract one batch fund of new second mortgage loan to change to accept interest, therefore, the second mortgage loan was to deepen! ( www.ycec.net/UN/080501.pdf )  


The aforesaid is not made up, the means of above-mentioned that only for make in privation for me and to forfeit ability to expose both monarch of Bush and Jiang Zemin them¡¯s conceal of immorality which above both invent only. A mort obvious that is on mar.14, 2008 this day, the Bush was to announce the old story that does not to pour wealth to intervene economy operation, this time just as the weekend and the Japan yen it was to drop down at 100 yen that was a strong signal to astonish for me!  That was very clear, the circular order of ¡°not to pour wealth to intervene¡­¡± that was a cause of resign of president that Central Bank of Japanese, because he was an opinion opposite between in the prime minister of Japan.  Other than by preventing us from getting mortgage loan from any of the Hong Kong's banks, the HongKong Government also intervene Singapore Bank, delaying the ratify loan. Used all kind of evil tricks!


In virtue of Bush was sleight to attack a vital point the mute acupuncture point of Japan premier, the closing price of Japan yen at New York market is 99.49 only on Mar.15, 2008. At the time, my wife¡¯s Margin Deposit of scalp foreign exchange account was to assure to 97.60, which was a danger position of not enough 200 dot and to stretch out the gait of cat soundlessly that to all this to be in the process of Hong Kong Monetary Authority!  Between the New York stop market to Asia market to open for business, only a little market of U.S.A. of west, New Zealand and Australia to successive advance the time of Asia market. At this time, this was under Bush's cooperation, Hong Kong Monetary Authority or pass through trust expert of this cat was to stretch the sharp claw to lowest cost to insane buying a great Japan yen before open the Asia market to lead to the Japan yen rate to 98.20!   


Moreover, it heavy to happen expectancy of me that is the cat by the immoral administrative means to order the Bank of China to stop the telephone and my wife¡¯s scalp foreign exchange account in the website which lead to I can not to handling the stylized price to stop loss and that was to include the cut loss order by Bank of China himself at the 97.60 of stylized price that was set up on am00:10 of Mar.15, 2008.  Therefore, the office employee of Bank of China make use of this opportunity to choose a lower than the 97.60 of stylized price of the 96.63 price to cut loss 50,000,000 yen in my wife¡¯s scalp foreign exchange account by hand.   Because the office employee of Bank of China played the role of thief-deal so the full of flaws!  Firstly, why the cut loss price of stylized quotas of Bank of China was not to work?  If for the artificial to rid of the cut loss price of stylized and that why for this?  Up to now, the office employee of Bank of China did not answer the above-mentioned interpellation!  So is the irrefutable evidence now, the Bank of China made use of an opportunity to rob my wife about 5,000 USD in her bank account¡­and loss total is $48,423.18 USD on Mar.17, 2008 till this day!  ( www.ycec.net/UN/080317.pdf ) & ( http://ycec.com/UN/080508-hk.mht )


The aforesaid which could be seen, for let me to loss $48,423.18 USD only, but Bush was satisfied the ¡°desire¡± of Jiang Zemin of former President of China, Bush stint to destroy the economical law and order of world and aggravate pressing the crisis of US second mortgage loan.  What Bush has been holding somebody under duress in the hand of Jiang Zemin after all? Otherwise that must to be about to ask Bush at hand to leave office that him may to Jiang Zemin where what does it receive?


 Above-mentioned facts are put in front of the leaders of various countries, all unsuitable requires to various countries to help to conceal invent of medical science which behavior too more hatefully than the terrorist and as well to insult the essence of the Olympic Games!


The fact must let the leaders of various countries to know, because there is international commitment of ¡°one country two systems¡± to Hong Kong in Chinese Government. On the surface, I am a foreign investor in China as your people, but in fact, the ¡°one country two systems¡± not merely that has not been really fulfilled, so a catastrophe it was not to get out of me in the past ten years! 


The emotional part is, the basis of to rule by law of Hong Kong and human rights, which was to destroy unexampled which could to find in my www.ycec.com and following address of website.  But the leaders of various countries have good Chinese secretary or talents, if after pass through them to read below the special website address and to make a report, I think any leader of world who must to be filled with righteous indignation:


a.       http://www.ycec.net/SZ-gov/2006-last-reprimand.htm that shows my investment was to auctioned wrongful and turned to nobody for help by the illegality;


b.      http://www.ycec.net/Jzm-hk.htm  That was to demonstrate my investment company should sue former President Jiang Zemin which was to have no choice and in Shenzhen city of China. But the court refused to be legally registered for the status claimed illegally!  The Shenzhen municipal government has twice to commitment return investment for us too, but because Jiang Zemin's authority has been still unable to carry out;


c.       http://www.ycec.com/UN/070628.pdf  http://www.ycec.com/UN/070628.pdf  That is a irrefutable evidence of evil by the ¡°central secret order¡± of Jiang Zemin.  There have such court of extremely awful, what guarantee do foundation governed by law of Hong Kong and human rights have?  This appeal of document was given to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao of visit by through the Korean president on March 9, 2007 too, but because Jiang Zemin still has holding power over china, so those efforts at all not any help to me.    At this moment, HK government abandon judicature principles and for the sake of illegal judgments of to tie in with judge, that have a person assigned to plan include to used means of fake affidavit and deponent, then I was to report a case in police by this evidence and to ask a Members of Legislative Council to get between, but the Commissioner of Police dare not do order to look into a case still, if distrust that it could to look at the http://www.ycec.net/KT-06008472.htm                 


d.      Though the action plan is illegal, Donald TSANG Yam-kuen who is the trusted subordinate of specially elects by Jiang Zemin and to substitute for the former HK Chief Executive Dong Jian Hua, so, he is not to indistinct the right and wrong and to be always follow somebody's advice, not only the prime minister of China who was to intervene powerless but Jiang Zemin could be to have the ability to ¡°invite¡± President Hu Jintao to appear personally in TV for glorification competent of the HK Chief Executive Donald TSANG Yam-kuen !   


e.       So, it begin since the June of 2007, Donald TSANG Yam-kuen who caused the Secretary for Justice harmony with a costs order of purposely to contradict oneself by judge of Lands Tribunal and further open to deprive the right of appeal by the chief justice of higher court and made a Charging Order point my property of house and factory, please to see the case at http://www.ycec.com/LDBM/220/2005.htm. Obviously, Jiang Zemin who halt his lack of conscience to pass through Donald TSANG Yam-kuen to economical persecute which began since December 2007, they were to order all the bank of Hong Kong to refuse mortgage loan for above property, please to see the case at http://www.ycec.net/hk/HKMA.htm.  It was very amazing and anger is, they further engaged a lawyer to connection that person of not any entanglement to be in a tangle to disguise as plaintiff to abuse formula of court, they are a group hoodlum, a local bully and low-brow rascally!  Please see www.ycec.net/hk/HCA110-08.htm


Above-mentioned the nauseating, evil facts are severely put in front of the every leader of world, why Jiang Zemin should be used by trying the means to painstakingly plot my negligible assets which only to keep the family life of generally and not to hesitate to sacrifice oneself benefits of country to drag Bush into the mire and cause a crisis of second mortgage loan also to involve every country?  Only on the 17th of last month, Monetary Authority of Hong Kong with trying the means and to consume huge public funds to push up a transient exchange rate of Japanese yen to 95.60 than USD to make I had to loss about 100,000 U.S. dollar, but the Monetary Authority of Hong Kong had to loses about 60 billion public moneys at least? Why? Because Jiang Zemin has power in hand that was not any restrict and his arrogant personality!  But the person of maximum loss who is Japan, if the Japan wants to push up upward more than 110yen for reduces the attraction of interest arbitrage who must to undersell 5,000 billion Japanese yen than the time of April 7, 2004.   


This is a disastrous effect of a despicable individualized arrogance and narrow-minded, is it possible that by trying the means best to make me badly off which is it possible I must to be obedient obediently him?  Is it possible that this dirty history it will be disappear forever?  But, the unite power of Jiang Zemin and Bush both that was to surpass to control to kill Galileo of the pontiff of Europe, it is not the doing of the politician at all of this generation!


     For instance, under the invitation of EPO office, I had already paid the National basic fee, Designation fee and the Examination fee that was sent on Feb. 05, 2005 for formal entry into European Phase of PCT, meddle in because of finding out by the special agent of China, the EPO office was used a lie of the Great Britain no in the contract country of EPO patent organization to stop my application!  Please to see the website is http://www.ycec.net/EPO/03750011_3.htm, so the civilization of Europe was to die without any illness, now is at the remainder, it could be to find that a large quantities of politico who was to indulge in empty talk the intellectual property right, human rights always!


Now, my assets have already been frozen from Hong Kong Government and my three children are still studying.   The family burden has made me panic for my family and therefore I had no choice but to ask for financial aid to respected Your Excellency, but I will with the following Intelligent thesis of achievement to reciprocate at a low price to repay, but that country must not to relationship close with China and must to assure cannot to public with national prestige in 20 years, as follows:


I.                    Subject:  Using latest monetary policy to revitalize your country and oppose the finance, goods big country!

II.                 Subject:  the key to lengthen 10year life fore you;

III.               Subject:  The latest surveys technology of deep-sea submarine;

IV.              Subject:  To open to booking of my writing copyright


      Above the particular specification of latest application in an attachments.


Obviously, I go to this step that was bring from the country system of not ballot of alone in one party and it is a hotbed of individual autocratic too!  One that is from Bush absolutely obedient becoming communist prisoner this matter can see quick fortunes of China aggravate the degree of threat, Tibet issue is the internal affairs remain by that leader of found a state, punish 08 Olympic Games cannot touch the personal dictatorship crisis of predecessor lead Jiang Zemin. But my above-mentioned themes one that latest monetary policy which can help you to opposite the Bush of financial of big country and Jiang Zemin, of big country of goods!  Here, I hope too Your Excellency can give play to the influence power to remind Bush president to gets rid of Jiang Zemin's control to avoid clearing by the history and to avoid the corrupt name stays in the human medical history!


Therefore, I ask Your Excellency to think over the conscientiously, your country does not fear that intimidates of Chinese Government! Is it possible to acknowledge the PCT/SG/0300145 invention of medical science that must to apply the license from Chinese Government?  So long as your country avows this medical science invention, it will benefits your country and ends the personal-autocratic situation from Jiang Zemin of former President of China, the state power of China will really to transition to the incumbent leadership hand, the human rights of China will be improved!  That's what it all adds up to, Dear respected Excellency, you are a state leader of sense of justice in the international community, if your country recognize first, please passes on the relevant reports for me and Excellency's name will be written into the civilization history of the human society to have a niche in the temple of fame, so the medical science and peace of Nobel prized will be shared.


Finally, I still want to call upon the governments of various countries not to stop the athlete from attending the Olympic Games of Beijing for 2008years, I hope various countries government not to help Chinese Government to conceal above invent of medical science which include your compatriots fatuity!


Thank you very for your attention on this matter, I think for the knowledge achievement that above-mentioned my experiences it could be to get your enjoy and identification to helpful to develop of your country, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.


Thank you!


Yours faithfully,

Lin Zhen-Man

May.08, 2008

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07 Singapore 329949

Tel: 65 63533647 Fax: 65 62585636  Email:  ycec_lzm@yahoo.com.hk   lzmyc@singnet.com.sg



List of the particular specification


I.                    Subject:  Using latest monetary policy to revitalize your country and oppose the finance, goods big country!

II.                 Subject:  the key to lengthen 10year life fore you

III.               Subject:  The latest surveys technology of deep-sea submarine

IV.              Subject:  To open to booking of my writing copyright


I.                    Subject:  Using latest monetary policy to revitalize your country and oppose the

     finance, goods big country!


         Preamble and Brief Introduction


Since 1998, I came to learn foreign currency market. With several years of observation, I had developed a deep interest for monetary policy. Especially with the change of China¡¯s planned economy, I feel that there was no any monetary policy plan made for control of the economic growth. At http://www.ycec.com/advice.htm, information on my prompts for the China monetary policy leaders thus senses their lack of knowledge, until recently this week, i watched Phoenix Satellite channel television news and heard from Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao will study economy .However is was too late and the essential tuition fees are doubled now.


In brief, there is no monetary policy specialist in China. China¡¯s success is only her huge hardworking population with low expectation.  However, the monetary policy of Hong Kong which is just the small skill of same the little daughter-in-law to under income for careful spend, only various countries of Europe state I think who was find the secret of monetary policy to form an alliance, but U.S.A. since after from to get out of the gold standard that was to reap huge benefit of the monetary policy and further to strengthen their hegemony! 


And at this moment, every not English series which developing country that especially the monetary policy of those people little country that was for the most part to master in hand of those specialist or scholar who was well-versed in the ¡°prefabricate a frame¡± by west economical, so their horizons is limited and conduct difficult, please see the http://www.ycec.com/billion.htm.


In a word, it is as that invent for simple to curing the SARS and all other infect disease of lung by me on May.15, 2003.  At that time, the China president Hu Jintao was very to praised like this judgments and saying that: ¡°Our country was to need this person of such judgments no other than!¡± on May.23, 2003.  But it is to be regretted, that still to grasp power and does not set free is that Jiang Zemin of former China president him is a person of arrogant and fickle and same the China vice President Zeng Qinghong criticized that Jiang Zemin who have a mistake but no to correct and regard as himself is a founding father always on Dec.12, 2007. Please to see this website http://www.ycec.com/UN/080309-hk.mht 


The aforesaid is only some branches due to being born years before universities were built resulting me in missing the chance of study in university.  However with self-studying, I had gained a wider range of knowledge. With great thinking skill, decision and logical reasoning, I discovered that the flexible monetary policy can solve any difficult problem or a modest answer that can solve more than 90% of the problems in your country!


So on September of 2001, I used the WebPages, http://www.ycec.com/billion.htm and used a nickname Dr. Tan and made advises to China Government on how to finance 10,000 billion promoting the development of China in her monetary policy.  But at that time, the total savings deposit of China was only several thousand billion.  Therefore, I suggest tuition fee that was one billion RMB to express the importance of the brand-new monetary policy theory!  Due to not having a degree in economy and my factory illegal auction two years ago under orders of Jiang Zemin, former China president, showing Jiang Zemin¡¯s boastfulness, jealousy. Evidences shown from http://www.ycec.com/advice.htm  that expands power in their monetary policy, their lacks of abilities in coming out with a long term plan!


Similarly, taking example the economic organization of Association of South-east Asian Nations have a good development that do not to limit in customs mutually beneficial of regional, only from the interaction of monetary policy it can to the slow development to be reborn!


  However, how is it to accomplish the interaction of multinational monetary policy, which is the highest confine of my originality nucleus economical theory!  But the population quality and number it will have definitely different corresponding policies, here only to reveals briefly!


Inquire and your confidence is tested


Because I do not have the record of formal schooling of corresponding or the well-known status of the international finance, after your country offers the national conditions CD, I can answer and solve three problems of difficult problem of existing policy of your country's finance and support for confidence to test in writing, however, the answer will not to regard involving the above-mentioned the monetary policy criterion of changeable key theories as, and that needn't to make widely known and to touch my family first by business affairs Department of consulate of your country in Singapore.


II.           The key to lengthen 10year life fore you


Preamble and Brief Introduction


This is a more important to human society of invention.


On the Dec.10, 2001, I was to publish in the last a section of a pleader letter to Dong Jian Hua the former chief executive of Hong Kong in first and that is an great invent to enough to extend the average life-span up to ten years which inference succeed for application. The website of letter is http://www.ycec.com/hk-cn-chief/Djh-011210.htm So, Dong Jian Hua who was to take advantage of this invent reported to Jiang Zemin with his official work at Beijing same time to intercede to stop the directing against order on December 19, 2001.  So Dong Jian Hua¡¯s success that to lead the Zhu Rongji former premier to praise and admire him that ¡°¡­fine person not many of world this¡± at the TV same the day.


Later on, I was from a related official to verify, a reason to remove the force-out order for me publish that I was so a person of to ¡°loyalty¡± for Jiang Zemin too!  Thus it can be seen that Jiang Zemin¡¯s a word it could to change my destiny, it is obvious that inside in Communist Party there is no values at all, some only absolutely obedient of palace instruction!  Also thus it can be seen, this political fashions of China with the autocratic imperial power not any different from!  But the good conditions are seldom, after the one week, then Jiang Zemin to say: ¡°¡­we are to doing science¡­¡± at the TV, the remove order that was to countermand by Jiang Zemin too.  It was to came to be known, they are think Dong Jian Hua was to be fooled because a word of me and can to play the role of ¡°rare good person¡± just!


Time pass by quickly, I had sent another pleader letter sent to Dong Jian Hua again on August 7 2002, I inform above-mentioned reasoning successful invention that had an effect unexpected, the web address of Chinese letter is http://www.ycec.com/hk-cn-chief/Djh-020807.htm and the letter addition two photos to prove of my gray-headed to change.  At generally speaking, an early youth to be come a wood anemone to have or an 80years old man have the all black hair too, and then common people to step into the old and feeble time which gray-headed degree with the position and ages difference etc. having no any rules, so the inherit-gene is the explain of now medical science only one that!  At generally speaking, so a people, after then appearance him have gray hair, that to deepen degree it will to grow with each passing day and not to be turned back for a common view. But my invention it could change the normality to restore physiology in not alike degree or gene modification or promoting the effect of return to youth and it could be to build up a logical exactly, so this is lack in that contemporary medical science, also people are in aspirational!


After six years, nobody will believe that I was younger by 6years! But the images of http://www.ycec.net/lzm.htm prove this!  In above-mentioned letters, I told Dong Jian Hua, former chief executive of Hong Kong that I needed to dye hair regularly since 1999.  My friends, family and barber knew nothing about this!   Today as I reach an old age, I manage to keep my hair¡¯s color at its original state like 10 years ago.


Because I have two great invention is not being respected in international society, still more the bored mean to oppress of economical and judicature by Jiang Zemin through the China and Hong Kong Government at long time, so I must to have money to defending mankind dignity, so I was to announce for the world at here, if an important personage or wealthy and understand to treasure of this invent for the demand and him can to give up to spend to barter for share at ahead of time, or for this uncontroversial Nobel prize to have interest and who was not to stint the cost, I as will as can to transfer the ownership of intellectual property.


Please needn't to make widely known and to touch my family first in Singapore.


III.         The latest surveys technology of deep-sea submarine


Preamble and Brief Introduction


This is a very unwilling decision.  First, this deep sea surveys technology to still need pour money to prove and improve;  Second, this innovate application it although no same all the science and technology of into the open, but it may be to list the secret defense preparations in the science and technology advanced country;  Third, transfer this application of technology only to suit who must a democratic state use to defend only;  Fourth, because a police official of Shenzhen city of China told me if I have military science to sell to foreign it will a traitor, although this country has already been forced me to have no way as this, a preferential right will to give they, but it must by a definite date in three months.  


Same the above, please needn't to make widely known and to touch my family first by business affairs Department of consulate of your country in Singapore.


IV.        Subject: To open to booking of my writing copyright


Preamble and Brief Introduction


Because I must some money to defend dignity, I prepare to open to booking of the work copyright and the subject matter as below:


   1.       Title:   The conjuring trick incantation and dissolution method

       of western economics

Content range:   An edition of public

From the sad degree of China to rise abruptly to see the power of conjuring trick incantation of western economics and to see the argumentation process of my latest monetary policy¡­


Readers target:   Teach and student of economics, finance and to scalp foreign exchange who was required readings.


              Work category:        Practical novel is estimated to have 400,000 words

Writings classification:  fiction of writing realistically, about 400 thousand numbers of words.


      2.       Title:    The 10 years of Battle fought between Chinese and Western



The scope

of content:  The theme revolves during the last 10 years where Mr. Jiang Zemin,  Bush and myself fought for a tiresome historical war. The foundation analysis human nature, by the money game looked the life ugly performance looked the one country two systems falseness, practicalizes for the history.



of the work:  Writing or painting of realistically narrative collection, consist of about 1,300,000 words.


              Content range:  Just as the name, the writing range that was to gather fruitful results of the sect of modern life sciences and include to eliminate the false and retain the true for China acupuncture, sect of per kung fu religious and Yoga who¡¯s achievements to history location at last!  Also for above thesis two that¡¶The key to lengthen 10year life fore you¡·to exquisitely carved and ready the wisdom to keep in history.



 of the work:  Reasoning to expound and fascicle an anthology, consist of about 1,300,000 words.


Readers target:  Required readings of medical science circles; China acupuncture, sect of per kung fu religious and Yoga etc. which supporter required readings.


3.   Unofficial history of human life sciences


         Content range:  Just as the name, the writing range that was to gather fruitful results of the sect of modern life sciences and include to eliminate the false and retain the true for China acupuncture, sect of per kung fu religious and Yoga who¡¯s achievements to history location at last!  Also for above thesis two that¡¶The key to lengthen 10year life fore you¡·to exquisitely carved and ready the wisdom to keep in history.



           of the work:   Reasoning to expound and fascicle an anthology, consist of about 1,300,000 words.


Readers target:  Required readings of medical science circles; China acupuncture, sect of per kung fu religious and Yoga etc. which supporter required readings.


4.¡­To Be Continued¡­



Yours faithfully,

Lin Zhen-Man

May.08, 2008

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