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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

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--The most uncivilized a paragraph of history case it will biography in here---

To conceal the“wash lung” treatment that most sordid technique is to attempt murder inventor!



Why WHO & US-CDC still not to abandon the vaccination

of no small harm is done?

Sep. 22, 2010  Lin Zhen Man/ HK  

The “wash-lung” medical treatment is an invention of outsize contribution for mankind society and unheard-of in the history of medical treatment.  However, this immortal invent to allow China government used the bribe or threaten to fool and to deceive to requests all the country of free world to assist conceal that outstrip seven years.  Countries pay cost no only innumerable life of the patients; all the leaders of countries do not have politics morality too!

According to the statistics of WHO, the death toll of flu in the world every year is about three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand. The horrifying part is that due our invent-theory the flu vaccine is shown out-of-date and useless!    But this unsuitable means of epidemic prevention still happening in WHO and USCDC to pacify society-disquiet for all the flu include H1N1 to assist conceal the invention of “wash-lung” treatment to satisfied China Government’s requests and exchange bribery include RMB’s revaluation.

Is the vaccination effective?  As a result of all the flu vaccine include H1N1 that the aetiology was to build up a wrong argumentation a point of view, that is the “virus”. However, our invent of “wash-lung” treatment that the argumentation of aetiology of all the flu that was because the “germs” to breed in the lung no the “virus”, therefore, we easy to do point out the Vaccination was a products of an out-of-date and ignorant            

If USA’s media are unable to understand above the situation of medicine, please can to look up the Publication No. US-2004-0254092-A1 at website of www.uspto.gov or search for PCT/SG03/00145.  On the other hand, USA had many virus specialist of Nobelist in Medicine, USA’s media have responsibility to ask them publicly declare their stands for our medicine conclusion for the Vaccination!    

Due to the spread ofThe vaccine can pernicious to the entire fetus, WHO must to stop for using!” to publish for medicine scope of every country and medium after by Email on February 24, 2010, China and HongKong Government once stopped H1N1 vaccination due to our medicine conclusion for the Vaccination was uncomplicated and easy to understand, because China and Hong Kong had considerable quantities after vaccination abortion of expectant mother and die case of child high fever!  Therefore, Hong Kong Government already to announce will to destroy by burning those surpluses of 90% H1N1 vaccine….

As everyone knows, all the vaccine merely contain a liquid of low virus uses to excite the body and bring “antibody”, however does “antibody” have many science basis?  The answer is no. A patient with cold or flu recovers however it is unknown that whether the body of patient already produced enough “antibody” to not be infect the cold or flu again?  Therefore, here already need not to have any a specialist to testify, so the answer is no too!  This is a logical reasoning that most people would have experienced, hence we will be pointing out, and international medical scope is hoax that deceives mankind society nearly one century yet!   

The citizens have the right to know. The media have the responsibility to reveal to the people the truth.   If any medical officers or virus specialists continue to brag about the effectiveness of the vaccine,  they will be sued by the vaccine victims one day.

However why WHO and US-CDC still propagandize all the vaccination include the H1N1 vaccine?  This is dued to the fact that if WHO and US-CDC admit that the vaccine is useless basic the “virus” no the “germs” breed in the lung, it will be as good as admit our invent of “wash-lung” treatment and will not be able to receive China Government’s benefits and bribery!

       From the above it is thus clear that, WHO should not look down upon life-value and science truth still persist in recommending the vaccination include the H1N1 vaccine for every country.  US-CDC’s website must stop propagandize the vaccination include the H1N1 vaccine to Americans!

Therefore, I appeal to all USA media including all US newspaper to support all the Nobelist virus specialist to make a statement publicly about the foregoing and my document ofThe vaccine can pernicious to the entire fetus, WHO must to stop for using!” published on February 24, 2010 that medicine discuss. Judge of the validity of vaccination to push for WHO and US-CDC to admit our  “wash-lung” treatment invention, showing USA’s morality value!     

Lin Zhen-Man

Sep.22, 2010. 

Please to see the below the documents, the more true express please link to http://www.ycec.com/UN/war-felon.htm:


The Vaccine can pernicious to the entire fetus, WHO must to stop for using!

February 23, 2010  Hong Kong lzm


This letter open for WHO, all the country’s medicine scope and medium!


In the first instance, I must in here solemn to point out again that the bacterial-infection is the pathology’s essence of all the flu, phthisis or bird flu include today’s H1N1, the virus-infection is the bacterial-infection’s residual product!  But the WHO was to adhere obstinately to error and up to now to application this virus-concept of wrong and out-of-date to guide all country of UN wrongly used the Tamiflu and vaccine to resist H1N1 swine to treat human life as if it were not worth a straw!  Please to see the open letter of subject is the “Justice to gibbet the WHO Dr Margaret Chan cannot be atone for the bereaved of swine flu!”,  one year to pass away, the death toll of H1N1 was over twenty thousand now, however, the vaccine’s sequela that still more no end of trouble for the future, the WHO Dr Margaret Chan simply is a big devil of to kill without batting an eyelid, below:

Today’s subject is, why the vaccine is the maximum arch-criminal for an abortion of expectant mother?  Why will those survive fetus can to catalysis child of low intellect in disparity degree Below:

I. The curative effect of vaccine and Tamiflu most limited


First, before of foothold on the point of view of pathology to proof the absurdity of vaccine, “Why no to eat any medication or to eat some ordinary antipyretic who mostly flu patient could be to recover?”, this look at seem a question of simple, understandable by the general public, but it still a medicine-scotoma at today’s the textbook of aetiology, so have necessary in advance to make public:     


That because then the ecological environment it will not to establish of germs reproduce at the lung, the germs just as some mosquitoes stay on water up of a cap, if unrest the water the mosquito inevitable it will be good at to slink, however, the human body innate it oneself have such this instinctive movement to resistance or edge out the germs of from the atmosphere!  Therefore, if the patient could be to eat some of medicine for colds as the Tamiflu for counteract virus on the early days of infect, or vaccinate at the just time have lead out of the virus-antibody which only effective to keep of the body-energy for a short time only for extend the space-time of act on of movement energy of lung!  Thus it can be seen here have no any logic-base could be to confirm to eat any medication or to vaccine it could be immediate and effective to kill the germs or to hold back the breed of germs!


The above-mentioned aetiology can be contributed to doctor doing a most important diagnosis argumentation to avoid manslaughter to a patient, it was namely: if the germs to breed in the lung that virus of total sum to transcend as Tamiflu’s counteraction-power or antibody-power bring out by vaccine, namely implication that the body temperature of flu patient will run up, notwithstanding the 39 whether the critical temperature of amend prescription that still to wait for test and verify further, but if the doctor in charge do not before adjoin 39 that time to prescription wash-lung to kill all the germs of lung, so in that case, we could be anticipation the high fever patient life will Death may come any minute


The above-mentioned also can be seen, any medicine for colds include Tamiflu’s counteraction-power or antibody-power bring out by vaccine which medicine-effectiveness will be most limited!    I will in here to sincere advice all medicine scope that by view of pathology also could be to demonstration easily that the vaccine effectiveness it very not equal to on then the sense unwell timely to eat some ordinary medicine for colds!   

Above the fact was very clear, no matter that is SARS, Bird Flu or today’s H1N1 patient, under above such as clear and undoubtedly aetiology-argumentation, if any physician in charge still have not to doing correct the prescription to “wash-lung” for save patient, the physician in charge is not that to become a guilty person of murder!  Therefore, I once again to appeal in here, all the physician in charge must take out his medical ethics to common to blame the WHO Dr Margaret Chan cannot to covet China Government’s bribe continue to assist conceal the “wash-lung” treatment of PCT/SG03/00145 or it could be find at www.ycec.net !

Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;


6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMin’s favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!  


1. A prank in the Lands  Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of  


4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order

   for lzm’s house by Buildings


Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1.Prosecute for Jiang ZeMin

2.The bane from SZ-Gov.'s lessor

3.SZ CUSTOMS’s ruthless means!

4.Chinese judge partake in steal our


5.Plunder our property by lessor of SZ-Gov.!

6. Not even thanking lzm’s medical invent for saving national calamity of SARS on 2003year, why did Jiang ZeMin order to murder lzm?!

         II. The vaccine was the maximum ringleader of abortion of expectant mother


Secondly, everyone know that the pharmacopoeia principle of vaccine is injecting a low content virus to bring out body’s immunity system.  In general, the quantity contained of an injection vaccine use as weight difference for a probability, usually a health person still permissible, but current virus quantity contained of vaccine injection not differentiate between an expectant mother with fetus their have totally different sustain power that guide by WHO.  Therefore, it could be anticipated that the vaccine will critically damage the brainstem health of fetus; the most misfortune would be a loss of two lives!  However not to abortion that whether could be to gratify to have been favored by luckThe answer is no.  The virus can make adult brainstem-atrophy leading to shock or lower degree of thinking skill patient it already affirm by modern-day science, furthermore the fetus with feeble life force!   Therefore, WHO guided the expectant mothers to vaccinate it will to make all fetus of not abort to become tomorrow which a group of not alike degree low children! 


The above-mentioned it is thus clear that, the vaccine could be to injure an expectant mother with her fetus was to be there for all to see, at the Hong Kong news have many case report to shown have many expectant mother and baby after to inoculate the vaccine so abortion and die, but the Hong Kong Government was to restrain oneself he have a letter of consent that was sign by per one citizen of agree after to vaccinate must to shoulder if have any ill effects, but this a letter of consent was to sign cajole by Hong Kong Government…, because China Government stubborn behavior to conceal the “wash-lung” treatment of PCT/SG03/00145 that already to go a step further to force for mankind was boundless catastrophe, so I was hope international organize of human rights can to follow with interest!

                                      Lin Zhen-man

                                       Feb.23, 2010.

    Below is our anger condemn against mankind crimes of WHO Dr Margaret Chan in the past, please support president

Obama, the China still a politics-hoodlum control’s country, the still more true express please link to http://www.ycec.com/UN/war-felon.htm:



1. In the past one week, there had 100,000 new cases of swine flu in the UK, and WHO’s report that 800 people have died so far and believe this case of identify only a pinch of actuality case. Therefore, recognize our invention of "lung washing" treatment to cure patients of all H1N1 flu for lifesaving and close the panic of society already become a politics-duty of inalienable defer for every country Public Health with WHO.

2. Chinese chairman Hu Jin-Tao was purposely to avoid at 8+5 summit meeting to ignore H1N1 devil was to swallow the life every day on July 8, 2009.  Now, the UN secretary Ban Ki-moon visit China to discuss the climate of H1N1 failed to reach any agreement yesterday, so Obama should be failed to extend a hand to assist China Government repent and be saved on the wrong side of history again! Therefore, Obama was to do everything called for by humanity and duty too!

3. The New Zealand patent office was a first civilization power to grant above invent patent and prepare in application just, every country leader must pass his patent office’s grant to keep down a footprint in human civilization history to account for his national as soon as.

Lin Zhen-man

July.27, 2009.

Subject1. The blunderer UN secretary Mr. Ban Ki-moon, die unjustified of Mr. Lee Jong-wook, caution next target of killing may be is you!

2. Please stay tune and see if ICJ will administer justice! Justice to gibbet the WHO Dr Margaret Chan is not enough to atone for the dead swine flu patients!

Today of that 6 years ago, I have announced to WHO during Geneva meeting the newest "lung washing" treatment which is able to cure SARS, bird flu and swine flu. However the WHO concealed it up till even now.

In addition, the most clear that the inside story of conceal is the ex-Director-General of WHO, but, why the ex-Director of korean Mr. Lee Jong-wook was die such unjustified? This is considered indirect murdering.

Today as 6 years has pasted, the die unjustified of ex-Director-General not have one person to doubt, but WHO meeting still continues concealing "lung washing" treatment and lie about the efficiency of Tamiflu and bacterin causing terror of mankind society!

One worth mentioned is hitherto is always very gratitude for China voting support to take up the post of UN secretary of the Mr. Ban Ki-moon also speaked at WHO meeting now, his standpoint supports WHO Dr Margaret Chan to conceal, lose his moral values and disregards human life!  Mr. Ban Ki-moon also afraid to question the cause of Mr. Lee Jong-wook his brother ex-Director’s death. Is it possible that this still not enough to shown the darkness in UNO?!

   Therefore, please stay tune and see if ICJ will administer justice! Justice to gibbet the WHO Dr Margaret Chan cannot enough to atone for the dead swine flu patients!

Lin Zhen-man

May.20, 2009.

Why gibbet the WHO Dr Margaret Chan is not enough to atone for deaths of swine flu patients!  Because the effects of terrorism is restricted within the country but conceal of the medical invention involves the world, for example the swine flu of today, why the WHO could be to become a big stage of lies now?!  WHO should not become an excuse for the terrorist!   

WHO’s lies to expose is very easy, First, the germs is a source of infection only and not a virus as H1N1 of swine flu!   Second, the virus-variety also a lie, because not alike germ will to show the not alike a virus.  Third, “washing-lung” is an effective treatment only and not any a drug as the Tamiflu. Therefore, WHO’s specialist should be to shift one's ground now!

WHO Dr Margaret Chan should not continue to repeatedly deceive this world and to resign voluntarily to face court trial.

To gibbet the WHO Dr Margaret Chan


Please stay tune and see if ICJ will administer justice!

Respectable                                                   Fax: 31 70 364 9928

President Higgins &                                            Fax: 31 70 302 2338

other Judges                                         C.C. WHO Fax: 41 22 791 31 11

Dear Sirs/ Madams;

In March 2009, International Court of Justice (ICJ) sent out an arrest order for Sudan President Omaral-Bashir. This is an important example regarding today’s subject of “Why gibbet the WHO Dr Margaret Chan is not enough to atone for deaths of swine flu patients!

The reason is the opposed to mankind crime of Sudan President is only regional, however the WHO Dr Margaret Chan concealed my invention, “washing-lung” treatment and brought disaster to mankind society like swine flu or SARS epidemic six years ago. Therefore, ICJ must not ignore this case!


Naturally ICJ primary duties is how to differentiae whether the treatment of “washing-lung” or the WHO’s Tamiflu is a specific remedy to cure SARS, Bird Flu, phthisis and other malignant flu include swine flu.

Obviously ICJ can send a letter to WHO Dr Margaret Chan to order WHO to evaluation the treatment of “washing-lung” and also show that WHO have not concealed this medical invention. If not, ICJ should send out an arrest order for WHO Dr Margaret Chan like above the Sudan case and make an accusation against the crime of opposed-mankind!

On the other hand, I hereby solemnly inform all Judges of ICJ, the consequence of concealing this treatment of “washing-lung” is the rapid increase in death toll of phthisis and other pneumonia patients.  This invention of treatment, “washing-lung” is the last only medical means and invention for mankind society to cure all lung bacterial infections!  Therefore, I will solemnly request ICJ to uphold social morality and common values of mankind society!

The below are same IP address of letters which sent to leaders of every country ago, such as more letters to the premier of Britain to part on 30 Apr. 2009, 31 Mar 2009, 01 Aug. 2008 and 08 May 2008:

1.          http://www.ycec.net/lzm/090430-GB.pdf

2.          http://www.ycec.net/lzm/090331-GB.pdf

3.          http://www.ycec.net/lzm/080802-GB.pdf

4.          http://www.ycec.net/lzm/080508-GB.pdf

On the side, you could further to find the rights and wrongs at my websites of www.ycec.com & www.ycec.net.

Thank you!


Yours faithfully,


applicant: Lin Zhen-man

May.14, 2009.

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07 Singapore 329949                    Websites http://www.ycec.com & www.ycec.net

Tel: 65 63533647  Fax: 65 62585636  Email: lzmyc@singnet.com.sg


The swine flu will not immunize because you are an outstanding talent in the academic circle or society; therefore, you do not need to put oneself out of this case!

Using the medical skill of washing-lung to cure all the deadly flu include SARS, Bird Flu phthisis or today’s swine flu patients that was a great innovation in medicine and a last means that was to make public to WHO before 6years.  However, why must WHO conceal this invention for the autocrat of China and intended to conceal it forever?


One pathology Master's student of Cambridge University disregarded Chinese Premier Wen bold enough threw a shoe at him to vent above the resentfully on 02 February 2009, you are a medical student alike, how you to publish for this case?!

The below is a letter sent to leaders of every country in the past few days, such as more letters to the premier of Britain to part on 30 Apr. 2009, 31 Mar 2009, 01 Aug. 2008 and 08 May 2008. On the side, you could further to find the rights and wrongs at my websites of www.ycec.com & www.ycec.net.

---Anger voice from the human society---


A Sweden's prosecutor announced a fact, pointing out China Government bribery appraisal meeting of Nobel since 2006year on December 18, 2008.

Obama’s inauguration address warned China Gov.[...To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist]

 The website of this letter is at:



President of USA

Mr. Obama

Dear Sir;


C.C. International Court of Justice

C.C. every medium


C.C. To every Member of Parliament

     The swine flu and SARS are similar.  On 15 May 2003 4:20pm, I published and introduced an original and flawless medical treatment titledSurface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs” or for shor “washing-lung” and PFCO disinfect to Hong Kong Government.  It could have easily solved the SARS crisis of China, HK and Taiwan.  However the Chinese Government used the hard-won possessions of the people to bribe politicians of different country; appraisal meeting of Nobel to assist in concealing this important invention for six years up to now.  It caused WHO and officers under Health department from different countries to impersonate cheerfulness with the lie on the efficacy of vaccine or Tamiflu to pacify human heart but they unable to face my originality medicine principles and the more important logical reasoning is below:    

 Under the theorem of pathology, as there is a need to define air as an interface, the

SARS, Bird Flu are similar cases that belong to lung of surface ulcerous infection.

Under the above definition of medicine, only use the method of surface to handle it could be reasonable to cure the lung of surface ulcerous infection, which is the medical treatment “washing to disinfect” that only one can absolute effective medical treatment!  Therefore, regardless of SARS, Bird Flu phthisis or various pernicious flu include today of swine flu a patient who is while about half an hour could be to leave a hospital!  You can link to www.ycec.net & www.ycec.com for specifications.

The WHO Dr Margaret Chan who is the Director of Health in Hong Kong during the SARS phase of 2003.  She clearly understood my medical treatment of “washing-lung” is only the cure for SARS, Bird Flu, phthisis and other malignant flu.  However she executed the Chinese Government’s order to use my medical treatment of “washing-lung” to cure all SARS patient stealthily, then her many colleagues to oppose this acts, she was persuaded that:“ we have ‘secret order of centralization’, not afraid of!”. It showed that she is a foolish woman of not have values and servility extremely.

        When the international swine flu spread today, the WHO Dr Margaret Chan has a duty to make public to Ministry of Public Health of different country that how to used above the medical treatment of “washing-lung” to save life and to end the crisis, if no, the International Court of Justice must to bring the WHO Dr Margaret Chan before the court to accuse the opposed to mankind crime and to gibbet to expiate sin for the bereaved of swine flu!

Over the past one years, I send three letters to the leaders of country state the case of conceal above invent of medicine with the relation of crisis of inferiority mortgage loan and the recession. It was to merit you link to www.ycec.com/lzm.htm and confer again. The reminder below, today’s swine flu was to republication the SARS crisis, if your country follow China and Hong Kong Government’s foot steps rascally to steal the medical treatment of “washing-lung” only encourages the bluster of perpetration. Anyone who receive China Government’s tort subsidies or compensate for assisting in conceal invention are also the public enemy of mankind civilization.

The above mentioned is mankind’s worst medical history. As times passes, Sweden's prosecutor announced a fact, pointing out China Government bribery appraisal meeting of Nobel since 2006year on December 18, 2008.  A Cambridge student threw a shoe at China premier to address to the issue on Feb. 02, 2009. That led to much discussion as China government concealed the medicine invention through bribery.  Similarly, Obama’s inauguration address warned China Gov.[...To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist]

The mankind society is very important a trouble in front of leaders of the world; the China had no civil rights of voting and come into power by an only one political party of a country, such as the legislate of main official must make public his assets which was reject to shown the motive of the ruler, but the ruler was to be good at fictitious the “nation” to call all people to pledge loyalty and serve however not that the values of common general!  It was very clear, the new mode of a slave system became already. The “central authorities” no longer people-oriented and give priority to benefits of nation and further became the endless power for the stealth-King. This is the source of a real yellow-misfortune! 

For the above reason, President Obama’s goodwill to help China Government from the reverse side of history to come back the just and honorable that is very difficult to attain! Left with no choices, now only to operation to WHO Dr Margaret Chan in the WHO will be holding a meet on May of 2009. Every officers of Public Health of different country will have a chance question Dr Margaret Chan in the meeting and force her to unveil truth that conceal and steal the real situation of the medical treatment of “washing-lung” to pay back a justice for mankind society!

Respectable President, please do not forget how former president Bush regretfully taught Obama the fact that he was betrayed by his a good friend, fallen into a trap at his last press conference on Jan. 16, 2009.  This is caused as former China chairman Jiang Ze-Min annouced how his son bribed Bush’s younger brother (NeilBush) into submission to assist to conceal this invention! 

Respectable President, please tell your nation and doctors, the Tamiflu are used only to hide patients' condition but can not cure genuine swine flu. If a patient have his temperature 39 and can not be cure by any ordinary medicine for colds must use medical treatment of “washing-lung” immediately. I do not mind stealthily to tort because the life is valuable than anything else. 

Dear respectable President Obama, you are a brave warrior of civilized society and not a bribee of China Government; please lift out your wear-sword to hack off the lackey of heathendom to expel the Dr Margaret Chan out of WHO’s stage!  Let the China Government know about burden of history, those who conceal the medical invention have equal crime as war criminal! And order China Government to surrender the stealth-King of human war criminal!

Therefore, justice to gibbet the WHO Dr Margaret Chan cannot be atoning for the bereaved of swine flu! WHO should not become an excuse for the terrorist!   

This letter is for leaders of the countries, International Court of Justice and every medium!

Thank you!


Yours faithfully,

Lin Zhen Man

Apr.30, 2009.

LZM Patent Office

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07 Singapore 329949 

Websites http://www.ycec.com & www.ycec.net  Email: lzmyc@singnet.com.sg

Tel: 65 63533647 Fax: 65 62585636 


UK Subject:  For help conceal invent of medicine, how can Tony Blair take claim of tuberculosis patient after resignation?


If it was not a lie or rumour that the President Bush Attends Dedication of Victims of Communism Memorial on Jun.12, 2007, Bush must stop sacrifice American anymore, especially the lives or pain of numerous tuberculosis patient the use of our medicine invent to exchange the bribes from Communism of China Government.  Therefore, Tony Blair should also declare one's stands for British!


Tony Blair’s resignation which came two years ahead of his time is not enough to expiate his guilt.  While he was visiting USA this May, the former President jimmy Carter criticized Bush as the most disappointing President to date as he could not preserve the basic values.

a great man




President Jimmy Carter also reproved Tony Blair for blindly following Bush to provide help to conceal our invention of medicine for the Chinese Gov., because Tony Blair had to pay for the cost for depriving the rights and interests of Britain countrymen and above all, the lives or pain of numerous tuberculosis patient!

We wrote a letter to Israelis Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert on Mar.12, 2007 about pneumonia having the same effect as SARS infectious. The disease has so far claimed numerous Israelis life in February this year, the death toll has demonstrated that the man

public-enemy and terrorist like Ehud Olmert, Tony Blair who was blindly follow suits Bush to conceal our significant medical invention. 

Tony Blair has absolutely no idea that he will face the claims of astronomical figure from those tuberculosis patient or their family members.  Originally, Bush was almsgiving a bone for him (the chief of world bank) to comfort Blair, but he has to eat his words now  

Perhaps the Chinese government should be willing to pay the claims, but Tony Blair will become a bedbug of history!  Therefore, if Tony Blair wants to change his historical destiny, he does not have plenty of time to do so already!







        Britain’s press circles have duty to wake up Tony Blair to reconstruction Britain’s values of feel honored already!  If not, those tuberculosis or any lung-infect’s patient who prosecute to Tony Blair for recuperate society civilization unavoidable!

  Our invent application of medicine at website of http://www.ycec.net  

Communicate to Britain’s

Directors of hospital or 

Whom it may concern:

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am sending to you an email from Singapore regarding our new invention - an easily manageable machine that combines PFC and Ozone together to treat lung diseases, in the medical field. As we have discovered earlier through experiments that ozone cannot be stored as medicine over a long period of time, and thus we are promoting our machine instead of the ozone itself. Hence, clinics can have ready-made medicine on hand, when the crisis arrives. The new medicine can effectively cure any lung diseases of bacterial infectious origin with a success rate of up to 100% including treatments for diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB), bird flu and it is also suitable for clinical uses, such as treatments for lung related diseases, which includes asthma, clearing of the tar caused by smoking, and clean up the dirt in the lungs found among the elderly. The inaugural treatment, popularly known as “washing lungs room” has already gained popularity in China which can be found on the website www.ycec.netTherefore, we sincerely hope that such treatment will also be popularised in the West so that the medical advancement can be on par.

I have already applied for the patent in the UK and other countries and should you be interested to acquire regarding the machine, I will waive off the patent fee for you, which you will have to pay subsequently when it is approved. I have attached a photo of the machine and a quick reference about it which can also be found on our website at www.ycec.net. You may also download the relevant information at the respective websites below:

1.      http://www.ycec.net/060513-PFCO-Machine-Quotation.pdf  

2.      http://www.ycec.net/060530-PFCO-Pharmacy-Machines.pdf   

If there is any other queries, please kindly contact us. Also, we are looking for people whom we believe can potentially represent us as well respected professionals to promote our equipment in your country.

         Thank you for your time in reading this email message.


Warmest regards,


Charlene Lin

Marketing Dept.

LZM Patent Office

10 Ava Road Ava Tower # 19-07 Singapore 329949

Tel: 65 63533647 Fax: 65 62585636 

http://www.ycec.net   Email: lzmyc@singnet.com.sg


           This open letter page at: →www.ycec.com/UN/160317.pdf

   The main page at www.ycec.com/UN/120617/witness-history.htm





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