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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

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 ---The most uncivilized a paragraph of history case it will biography in here---

To conceal the“wash lung” treatment that most sordid technique is to attempt murder inventor!

      The ex-Chairman Jiang ZM of CP China who was a fiend to leading conceal the“wash lung” treatment in the world to kill without blinking an eye since 2003year, so Heaven was to be enraged to gather the Fog-Haze for Beijing since 2009year and a big cold wave to raid China with to shown a club of kill fiend at the sky of Wuhan city as below right-picture on Jan 26, 2016.

       On the side, because Obama help China to conceal the“wash lung” treatment in the world still not to repentance, so Heaven was to be enraged to shown two gold crucifix at the sky of Michigan with the same time other a patron-saint was to spread its wing stand on the sky of Hawaiian Islands as below the left-picture on  Jan 26, 2016: 

The bereaved of American West Nile Virus can to action for claims too!

lzm/12.10.2012 in Hong Kong

I.  Action reason & life pronouncement

As the assist in China’s concealing of PCT/SG03/00145 medical invention that evil consequences was stepped up now, so this letter become to deserving more consideration to all righteous leaders and lawyers in the world to immediately take action to do battle the vicious power and protect all compatriots right to live. 

On the Aug. 18, 2012, after I faxed USA embassy in Hong Kong and send to foreign embassy by emailed a letter to President Obama, the head page of US CDC website change to a new reporting that West Nile Virus, WNV was killed 41 people on the moment.  The behind intention is to denial and insinuate the (PCT/SG03/00145) invention an important discover that the cause of flu is due to bacteria infection and not virus infection.

However this is very foolish as WHO and US CDC will not be able examine the blood samples of West Nile Virus or any flu patients out of the body to prove the Virus Theory that the flu virus is a self cloning virus so as to raising the virus concentration and to support the rationality of  “flu shot”!

       I hereby an urgent appeal all knowledgeable lawyers to recommend nearby college of medicine or hospital’s lab to promulgate the report of self cloning virus and provide this evidence to support claims to Health Department or the leader from the bereaved of West Nile Virus, any flu Virus or all acute-pneumonia that elder people since 2004 year, because assist in China’s concealing of PCT/SG2003/00145 medical invention to date was total 9 years, so the die claims that population total was very huge, such as the American will not less twenty million life!

So to say, if the US CDC is afraid of answering the above scientific argument and continue to promote the vaccination then Obama “flu shot” model’s reputation will be damaged and become a weakness that Republican presidential candidate Mr. Romney will attack!  The even more serious result would be the twenty million that family members of dead patients requesting for compensation.

For the above reason, later the sections two should be to dissecting the true cause of death of West Nile Virus patient for any Health Department of any country that specialist, doctor etc. and will further to testify in being WHO & US CDC that all the virologist were incompetent completely and must to recall at once!

Therefore, I in here to call on all lawyers must to do the action arrangement to save your countryman and claims for support public morals!

II. New aetiology of West Nile Virus and medical treatment

    In the first instance that must to affirm is, the West Nile Virus infect is “virus infect” and disseminate by mosquito, but the name not uniform in many country, such as the Singapore Taiwan or HK the name is Dengue-Virus, but the last death aetiology of infect patient not the West Nile Virus or Dengue-Virus, the genuine cause of death below:


The West Nile Virus same any other Flu Virus in first is to challenging the detoxify function of liver, if the detoxify function belong to a group of invalid aged or children, the imbalance of cranial nerve should be to lead a high fever or other pathological changes it was unavoidable and easy, therefore, their death rate was uppermost;


Then invalid aged or children that detoxify function of liver did not to complete to filter the virus, after the imbalance of cranial nerve a consequence in first that is his/her lung capacity with kinetic energy of lung will be to descend immediately, a consequence is the lobe of the lung to drive out in air those germs of drift that vitality will be descend too!  The appearance of things as an ordinary person can fortuitous to “catch a chill” so “head cold” and to assist the germs reproducing in lung to create environment, if the germs do not to kill in the first, the Virus of reproducing germs will be unceasing to deepen those West Nile Virus patient unwell until death, so it can to a name is “double infect”. 


To the majority healthy people, West Nile Virus patient can recover without the aid of any drugs because the West Nile Virus is similar to other flu virus absolutely not a self cloning virus. If US CDC use lame arguments that in a body of patient, the virus concentration raise during test, that is because the rise in virus concentration comes from other source, this is just a medicine scotoma of the US CDC;

As seen from the above, the report by US CDC that the West Nile Virus, WNV has killed 41 people that true cause of death was by the lung’s bacteria infection, include multitudinous death of peracute pneumonia of elderly person, so the medical treatment is renewed as shown below:


All the patients of West Nile Virus is similar to the Flu Virus patients, upon admission into the hospital they must inject antibiotics to prevent pathological changes or oral Tamiflu or IV drip to lower the body temperature…, this treatment is the current mainstream that I had to acknowledge too;


However, the difference is that the present virus specialist still brag about: “the Tamiflu can target the flu virus source and to restrict the self cloning of the virus so it can prevent the virus spreading in the body of the patient!”, but that the medicine viewpoint is absolutely wrong!  This is a biggest mistake or scotoma in present medical industry!  It is very shameful that when Tamiflu lose its effectiveness to the patients, what is called that “virus specialist” inevitable talk wildly in TV to deceive your nation: “that patients was produce “drug resistance” to the Tamiflu leading to dead!” to cover up one's embarrassment!  Now, if you want to confirm “to hold back the virus did not to self cloning was a century lie, as long as you claim to WHOUSCDC official or your country Health official to requests a report about “examine the blood samples from West Nile Virus or any flu patients and out of the body to prove the virus could be to self cloning to raising the virus concentration”, if they say not, the claims action must to start now!


Now is return to the theme, the pharmacology characteristic of Tamiflu was distorted, because Tamiflu is an oral pill of Amantadine or Neuaminidase Inhibitor, so Tamiflu could ease the unwell of imbalance of cranial nerve, it can restore lung lie in some time to drive the germs and reduced virus source, so as the slight bacterial infection those patient that the Tamiflu was effective.


The invalid patient of West Nile Virus is same the flu patient, if body temperature once to outstrip 39, it show the Tamiflu was to lose efficacy already and show the newly bacterial infection in the lung to begin savage, so in this time, the patient must to prescription into the “wash lung room” to washing the lung it could be to avoid death.


Similar to the death of West Nile Virus patient, after multitudinous old person of one's dying breath to be hospitalized, under record by Department of Health of Hong Kong, about the 80% of death rate belong to “peracute pneumonia”, this is a important witness to point the lung’s “bacterial infection” was last the killer!  If the patient did not immediately prescription into the “wash lung room” to washing the lung, their earlier death was unavoidable!

Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;


6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMin’s favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!  


1. LDBM-61-2002/accuse.htm

2.  ( producing)

3.  ( producing)

4. ( producing)

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4.  ( producing)
5.  ( producing)
6.  ( producing)

Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1.Prosecute for Jiang ZeMin

2.The bane from SZ-Gov.'s lessor

3.SZ CUSTOMS’s ruthless means!

4.Chinese judge partake in steal our


5.Plunder our property by lessor of SZ-Gov.!

6. Not even thanking lzm’s medical invent for saving national calamity of SARS on 2003year, why did Jiang ZeMin order to murder lzm?!

        As seen from the above, it is clear that the “wash lung room” with the treatment must be opened for the community in your country in every hospital was very indispensable, about the equipment can be found and consulted at www.ycec.net!  

          I hereby to emphasizing at here, the right to live is inalienable, to save compatriots life is any countries leaders’ responsibility that they cannot avoid!   Therefore the assist in China’s concealing of PCT/SG2003/00145 medical invention must stop now!

III Leader of country that history duty did not to shirk

As mentioned above II., it is very clear and undoubtedly, earlier death of most elderly people is the same all West Nile Virus or Flu Virus patient, to cause of their death is the germs of lung infect!

Perhaps there is difference in every countries’ statistics, but only under record by Department of Health of Hong Kong, every year the one's dying breath to be hospitalized of old person were early death in Hong Kong was near ten thousand, to see the www.ycec.com/UN/070805.htm & 070815.htm that have two letters to disclose above the subject too. Therefore the Donald TSANG Yam-kuen Government was the ultimate killer!  But, the HK Government is only a political puppet that is all!

The predecessor Director-General of WHO Dr LEE Jong-wook bizarre death with China Government to recommend Dr Margaret Chan to take over WHO that between have to be related closely, because Dr. LEE is no longer obedient as it seems that.  So in 2006 year, then Nobel want to award medicine prizes to me and dispatch an election committee visit China that had Dr. LEEs a shadow in here, but, after the election committee to collect China Government bribe that fact was public by Sweden a prosecuting attorney on 2008year (www.ycec.com/UN/090520-e-to-WHO.mht).

Anyhow, the five director country of UN that influence in WHO was very mighty, but if the former president Bush same was to bribe, so the China Government pass through Dr Margaret Chan to take over WHO it will to do whatever one likes! Therefore, WHO and US CDC to become China’s crime alliance, for this reason, not the five director country of UN other leaders of country and international medicine organization, if still to count on WHO and US CDC will be to lead admit and open use PCT/SG2003/00145 medical invention to save life for your national that was impossibly, below the bribe fact was to merit any leader of country to deep thought:

To see the www.ycec.com/UN/120617/witness-history.htm, then my letter was sent to per leader of country on August 2012 after, in the news that had many leaders to go to China and line up want to meet with newly leader Mr. Xi Jin_Ping, the WenWei news paper of Hong Kong was to report on 2012.8.30the former president Bush’s brother Mr. Neil Bush to have gratitude for China Government and to say that he will be to think about affiliation the Communist Party of China, by this clear temptation to hint that leads could be to deliver benefits by kinsfolk to solve problems!

But, see the www.ycec.net/lzm/080508.mht,that letter sent to part of leasers that, I was to expose at China official that WenWei news paper and www.Chinanews.com.cn use a remarkable title “Scandal or affect the re-election of elder brother!” to threaten Bush and outstanding former China chairman Jiang Zemin’s son Mr. Jiang JinHeng to profess: “ he had used used high salary that two million USD to employ Bush president’s younger brother Mr. Neil Bush and to send free pretty woman into the NeilBush’s hotel room every days in HK or China, and to show he should be further to public all the scandal! ”…, pitiful Bush President become China Gov.’s captive, because Bush used my patent application of “aviation safe three measure” to use with proclaim at Airport Chicago on 2001.9.27 and to save the economic crisis of 911, so Bush President not only to regret his promise because for me and order the USA patent office use an absurd means to cancel my application!  You could to see the:


Nowanyone leader of country and all have resolution for the bereaved to claims that uphold justice lawyer or anyone medicine scope’s personage to experience the Government of Communist Party through bribe-taking clown model to deliver benefits and to grasp America President means! Notwithstanding Nobel ahead of time to award a peace prize to Obama to urge America need not heed the Communist Party China’s interfere to alone admit this medicine invent to save compatriots life and can to lift an average age by a wide margin, but Obama was very disappointing!      www.ycec.com/UN/110927.mht

The Nobel peace prize all along be no match to China’s lure to kindred and to lead the free world, so you nearby hospital not find  have awashing Lung treatment to save life for your national include your elder member of family!

In 2009year, then Obama received the peace prize and visit China after, Obama contrarily to do the “flu shot” model only for support the “virus infect” theory and then to deny my “bacterial infection” that newly discover, the price is American death toll to add!

 In the same way, I had to see the report by China TV, Obama also a younger brother have a beautiful wife wait on in ShenZhen City of China, I was to think, now the American electorate undoubtedly have interest to know that Obama brother whether same the Neil Bush to have in mind to join the Communist Party of China?!

The above-mentioned and it is thus clear that, the Communism specter at the sky of American and worldwide most vivid now!  Under the “matter to decision conscious” of Marxism’s “materialist dialectics” that China’s money and beautiful woman in the process of to challenge mankind society common values!  The Communist Party China’s true colors in here that was beyond doubt, I cannot but I want to at here to cry out in alarm, international those oppose Communism soldier at where now? 

In the present, because leaders of American already to fall low a prisoner of “matter to decision conscious” that Communism specter and only can be grateful to Chinese bribe at heart, so them seems to forget that to pay the price is to kill many own national life!  But them as if nothing had happened and compile to attach most importance to keep between with China relationship that a lie to deceive national! So WHO and USCDC already impossible to become world medicine bellwether now! Therefore, a involve every country numerous life right that stern question already to show before leader of every country face, this is a condemnable to turn over mankind civilization that thirdly world war already into every country now, history in the process of to follow with interest anyone leader whether can to order subordinate Health Department to ratify at each hospital to set up “washing room” to save to forever extricate the fear of West Nile and all flu Virus and to extend all aged people, therefore, every country’s leader have a history duty and not to shirk!

Due to the above reason, so I hereby call upon American, EU and other in connection with leaders do not covet to China Government’s bribe and not to stint to pay the cost of killing their own national lives, as it will be kept as a bad reputation in history!

IV.      Anyone lawyer of every country that principles duty

      If you are a knowledgeable and rightful lawyer, you have a duty of morality and justice to act and plan a case for your countryman the bereaved to claiming for health department or chief instigator, why the hospital have not above the “washing lungtreatment?!  As a lawyer, you have to keep common values of mankind society you have a principles duty that you cannot shirk !

Lastly, all the lawyer may also have aged father and mother in hospital at the point of death still unable to enjoy the “wash lung” invention treatment of PCT/SG03/ 00145 after on 2004year and leading to passing away earlier.   Therefore, every lawyer in the country himself is the bereaved sufferer!

If any lawyers have any doubtful points and want to confront the litigation reason, I will to be willing to assist.  However my English dialogue ability is not good, please writing and fax by Fax: 00852-81692860 and email to ycec_lzm@yahoo.com.hk to me.


                                        Lin Zhen-Man/Hong Kong

                                                  Oct. 12, 2012.

                                                                                                                          Amend on Oct. 27, 2012


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