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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

Complain to Chinese and Western!   Why did China conceal a medical invent for lifesaving?

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1. Obama's lie it was notorious to reverse Mercury lead earth disaster-ridden!

2.  Why could be regret by Nobel?  Why could be rage from ex-President Carter with Russian air raid for IS true?  The truth at here to tell for you! 

3.  MH370 to be missing that humiliating sharpen!


The facsimile-record of  total 155 pieces for country leader below:

  Afghanistan  Albania  Algeria  Arab-Emirates  Argentina  Armenia  Australia  Austria  Angola  Azerbaijan  Bahamas   Bahrain  Bangladesh  Barbados  Bahamas  Bolivia  Burkina-Faso   Burundi  Belgium  Benin  Bhutan  Brazil  Britain  Bulgaria  Byelorussia  Cambodia  Cameroon  Canada  Chile  Costa-Rica   Colombia  Costa-Rica  Grenada  Guatemala  Cuba Croatia  Cyprus  Czech  Dominican  Dominican  Dominica Denmark  Djibouti  EI-Salvador  Egypt  Estonia  Fiji  Finland  France  Gabon  Georgia  Germany  Ghana  Greece  Guinea  Grenada   Haiti  Honduras  Hungary  Iceland  India  Indonesia  Iran  Iraq  Ireland  Italy  Jamaica  Japan  Jordan  Kazakhstan  Kenya  Korea  Kuwait  Kyrgyzstan  Lesotho  Laos  Latvia  Liberia  Libya  Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Macedonia  Malaysia Maldives   Mali  Malta  Mexico Malawi  Micronesia Moldova   Monaco  Mongolia  Montenegro  Nepal  Netherlands  NewZealand  Niger 

Nigeria  Norway Oman  Panama  Paraguay  Paraguay  Pakistan  Palestine  Panama  Peru  Philippines  Poland Portugal  Qatar  Rumania  Russia  Rwanda  San-Marino  SaoTome-Principe   Saudi-Arabia    Senegal  Serbia  Seychelles  Suriname  Swaziland  Sierra Singapore Slovakia  Slovenia  Somalia  South-Africa  South-Korea  South-Sudan  Spain  SriLanka  Sudan  Sweden Switzerland  Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand  Timor-Leste  Togo Tonga  Trinidad-Tobago  Tunisia  Turkey  Turkmenistan  Uganda  Ukraine  Uruguay  Uzbekistan  Vanuatu Venezuela  Vietnam  Zambia  Zimbabwe   ... 



Any country leaders, MP, Law, Hospital,

Medium & Academic circles 


Sir or Madam:

     Though lie’s Obama was notorious, Nobel’s regret with to roar by ex-president Carter, still have President Putin opened air attack ISIS true, but those dressing a coat of sovereign state but is same the IS terror organize in the process to abuse civilization, so WHO continue kill at random life!  Specially the MH370 skyjack by them the witness was to show undoubtedly, so below the open letter it will further to tell you the truth:


Ebola to end because Cuba's cover to Wash-Lung & IS become Obama's right-hand

that helpless lie ZMapp success!   So Nobel's regret to call you must fight for justice!

lzm/21.10.2015 in Hong Kong    PDF   HK-htm   PDF        CN-htm   PDF

List for this open letter





    Obama’s lie about ZMapp with TKM-Ebola or MIL77 that three small fiend can find no place to hide oneself for shame!



Why is Obama courageous enough to lie with a straight face?!



Ebola to fall away it fully to lean on Cuba to cover for Wash-Lung!



Lie’s Obama notorious to be reverse Mercury!  So it was very regret by Nobel that true at here!



 Tort with covertly use for few person that acts was miserably!



Why IS to terror attack “Charlie Hebdo” corelation to conceal medicine inventon?



MH370’s missing plot has everything is clear now!





I.  Introductory 

This open letter continue for theWHO slaughter Ebola life fast to add & Relation to direct MH370’s oddly disappeared together top of evil in 2014year!of 2015.1.17.

The above mentioned fact was just as pointed out in my Email that: “Because dressing a coat of sovereign state but is the IS terror organize in the process to abuse civilization, so WHO continues to kill at random, MH370 was also skyjacked by them....” and up to now, below the fact will further witness this evil history in 21 century:

In the first, I must in here again to point out:  why  Obama must order two Ebola patient return America after lie use the