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About the SARS-crisis in China and HK how to lead to the invention of the “wash-lung” treatment? (amending)

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Uncontrolled Document When Printed


1. 逮捕目的只為謀殺或朴槿惠失憶如前灣總統陳水扁!

   The purpose of arrest only for murder or make Park G-h amnesia as ex-President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan!

2.  逮捕朴槿惠有違國際人權法,各國政府理當介入譴責

   The arresting for Park G-h thorough violates international human rights law, any governments must to step in to condemnation!

3.       丹麥政府更不應協助政變集團協助逮捕崔順實女兒臭名史册,切記!

The Denmark Gov., cannot again to assist the coup group of Korea to arrest the daughter of Cui Shun solid and notorious in history, please keep in mind!

4. 代總統黃教安若非彈劾政變集團幹將就理當下達特赦令解除逮捕朴槿惠

If the acting President Hwang Gyo-an have not the go-getter of coup group, who have a history duty to order a decree of special pardon for Park G-h !

5. 提醒朴槿惠應自備食品及飲料才可避免失憶灣陳水扁!

Remind Park G-h must in reserve food and drink by self only can avoid amnesia as Chen Shui-bian of TW

This 中英email www.ycec.com/UN/170405-kr.pdf

Before 中英 email→www.ycec.com/UN/170310-kr.pdf

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Any Country Government
& Korean Gov., Dept.,

Law, University & Medium   

Sir or Madam:

在中國王朝幕後的操控下,哄騙有利南韓人加碼行賄韓國8大法官非法批準彈劾的“謀殺金正男”遊戲事件也已結束,但屍體從不見Tv, 特別是Kr媒體就不敢提出質疑正如特朗普總統曾公開指責CNN的所有人全是騙子!

In the control behind by CP dynasty, to cheat “beneficial all Korean” to overcharge bribe 8 chancellor of Korea to approve impeach Park G-h that games of murder Kim Jong-nam to end also, but the “corpse” still not find at Tv, and unusual is all Kr medium not one to query that as Donald Trump President once to censure CNN all are the swindler!


Just now, because the impeachment Park G-h still has no any evidence can to confess for all Korean, every support by acting president Hwang Kyo-ahn 's silence to match up with the mutation media, so today’s chief procurator of Korea could be random to find a pretext coupled with a unprincipled judges prank to arrested Pu Gui Hui !


This is a version of modern coup by crafty politicians with sensationalize by the media group!    



As the right figure of the chief prosecutor Li Yongqie how to find what a pretext to apply for arrest warrant?


Reported from the Korean media, Li Yongqie’s only one “reason” is “worried” Park G-h could be to “destroy” evidence!



But why did not doubt by Korean media with left figure the Hwang Kyo-ahn: “Reporter you not that had proof to support impeachment?  Is it possible that you will to confess the impeachment had no any evidence and illegal? ”, Yes or Not?


Moreover, from the constitutional agent Lee Jung-Mi that lives show of the Chinese recording and after the written judgment has been clear, so Lee Jung-Mi in the end only can to take Park G-h have the right to refuse to check the presidential palace for the final a reason to impersonate rogue judge and caused all the personality with national dignity to be fully lost! 

事實正是如此,如逮捕了崔順實李在鎔早已遠超30天也不敢起訴,這就是毫無證據的彈劾也即政變的見證! 但變種的南韓媒體無一敢膽質疑!

The fact just is, such as the arrest of Cui Shun solid and Lee Jae-yong that already to more exceed 30 days still did not dare to sue, this is no evidence of impeachment to witness for a coup!   But the variety Korean media not one dare to doubt!

在面對如此的非法逮捕,上圖的黃教安儘管只是代總統, 當目睹下属檢察長有如此的违法胡鬧行為仍有權以行政命令阻止,以及也有權力下達特赫令解除逮捕令,但黃教安會嗎?

In the face of such above that illegal arrest, even though the Hwang Kyo-ahn is an acting president, but then who was to see the subordinate chief procurator still lawless high jinks acts that still have power to order to hold back or order a decree of special pardon for Park G-h, but the Hwang Kyo-ahn will ?


   As long as from Park G-h was innocent impeachment after, then Hwang Kyo-ahn meeting with the head of parliament Ding Shijun time, them together alleged that because of  “public opinion” to support impeachment can be clear,  so the Hwang Kyo-ahn already no doubt the Park G-h has no any administrative fault, therefore, Hwang Kyo-ahn  join the impeachment coup group as a backbone it was difficult to deny!


Just now is to be deeply self-reflective for all South Koreans time  


Also base on the international human rights lawany order for attachment even can not under one-sided guess to send out


Thereforealso under the basic moral responsibility of the international justice society, any under the rule of law government have duty to make representations to ask to make public that corpus delicti of Park G-h at where  


In the same wayall Korean and any governments must to keep an eye on illegal arrest Park G-h that attempt at where


It was clear, the purpose of arrest for the murder or facility to poison Ativan for amnesia as the right figure of ex-President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan!



     Although the Ativan merely is a sleeping pills for crazy patient, but, if in food and drink running to add 40 pills over, any an ordinary person will start amnesia inevitable!   


Because of a “Jiang Zemin note” to Chen Shui-bian must to help conceal my medical invention of “wash lung” treatment that only can to save SARS catastrophe! The details: www.ycec.net/tw.htm ! 

Jiang ZeMin was continue to steer court of HK for destroy international promised of “one country two system”  

 The proof are below:

1. FAMV 1 /2002;

2. FAMV 16/2004;

3. FAMV 10/2006;

4. FAMV 19/2006;


6. CACV-332-2006

Jiang ZeMin’s favorite have a habit of using promotion as a bait for the judge to illegal-judge a huge sum action-fees to pillage lzm’s money!  Below:

1. A prank in the Lands  Tribunal

2. Court's war criminal in HK

3.The war criminal in Gov., of 


4.Crucify lzm’s bankruptcy case

TSANG Y-K's HKGov. order many department to be aimed at Lin Zhen Man by terroristic means, the facts below;

1. Use radiate of air waves to murder lzm, the police station did not to deal with!

2. The police station same terrorist to support lzm’s a tenant not to pay the rental and catch lzm!

3. Gov. departments was to falsify document and suborn all land agent did not rent out lzm’s house!

4. Suborn by Jzm’s mandarin, the sad and shameless of Land-Registrar of HK in here “skill & extraordinary”…

Lawless disturbance for lzm by

HK Gov., department...

 Humiliating in annals now!

1. Pranks in Communications of

   HK Gov.,

2. Robbers in Intellectual

    Property Dept.,  of HK...

3. Unexpected take apart order

   for lzm’s house by Buildings


Anatomize of Jiang ZeMin’s politics of dominion (producing

Our company’s sad histories at Chinese invest! 

1.Prosecute for Jiang ZeMin

2.The bane from SZ-Gov.'s lessor

3.SZ CUSTOMS’s ruthless means!

4.Chinese judge partake in steal our


5.Plunder our property by lessor of SZ-Gov.!

6. Not even thanking lzm’s medical invent for saving national calamity of SARS on 2003year, why did Jiang ZeMin order to murder lzm?!


This just is an evil spirit means in TW of come from modern CP-dynasty of China!  And this evil spirit means also at one time use in Hong Kong now:


朴槿惠/Park G-h

      十分明顯的,今天不幸遭遇朴槿惠正是右圖前天的香港特首曾蔭權,就因曾蔭權在任期時批準銷毀甲流疫苗就因由本人的公開信揭露! 但以虛假有害無益的疫苗蠢蛋化香港青年一代人的愚民手段一時中斷從而觸怒了也即江澤民字條的中國王朝!

Very obvious, today's Park G-h is yesterday just is the right figure of the Hong Kong


曾蔭權/Donald Tsang

       Ex-Chief Executive Donald Tsang, because Donald Tsang at his term of office approval to destroy all the “Vaccine” that because harmful useless to expose my open letters, so lead in using the “Vaccine” to stupid all young generation of HK that obscurantist-means break off as this result to offend in dark the CP-dynasty of “Jiang Zemin note”!


So it to be very similar is, today's the Korean chief prosecutor Li Yongqie too as the current Secretary for Justice Mr. Rimsky Yuen of Hong Kong…, the details at: www.ycec.com/HK/170323.pdf that need not to repetition!


The fact already could not to deny, then because the MERS in Korea as SARS not to controlled on 2015year, the WHO Margaret Chan immediately led the right figure of Xu Shuchang professor of HKU college of medicine to secretly professor “wash lung” treatment that only can to end the MERS infection in Korea, but all this fully in the eye of Park G-h!




  And as subsequent open letters, then I had a letter to Korean Customs to ask the tort fees of the “self boarding eGates” after, upright Park G-h to refuse come from modern CP-dynasty that demon order stand of course, because my three inventions in the world include all Korean forever unable to avoided in thousand years, therefore, this as well is any one country leader can not to avoidance in world history!

 也因此,本人希望正直的南韓人要勇於挺身而出並首先要提醒朴槿惠, 最好的方法是安排親友送食品及飲料才可降低風險,就因政變集團以及背後的中國王朝心狠毒辣早已舉世矚目

And therefore, I hope that the integrity Korean must to come forward and first of all to remind Park G-h, the best a method is to arrange friends and relatives to send food with drink that only can to lower risks, because the coup group with behind the CP dynasty of callous and cruel that already to be the focus of world attention!





Under heavily bribery impeach coup of the eight judges as expected in the absence of evidence through!  From the Chinese recording at www.ycec.com/UN/170310.3gpp by Constitution Acting Dean Lee Jung-Mi has been clear no doubt!

        在錄音中,李貞美也承認朴槿惠並無違法!  唯一的所謂理由只是朴槿惠有權依法拒絕檢方進入總統府索證及面談,也儘管這與國會彈劾案無關,但8大法官就此反面詐稱有損憲法精神一至同意批準彈劾,面对如此违法的韓國之耻,朴槿惠有權要求重審彈劾

In the recording, Lee Jung-Mi also to admitted Park G-h no illegal! The only one so-called “reason” merely Park G-h who had right to reject the prosecution enter the Presidential Palace to search with interviews, and despite this unrelated the Congressional impeachment case, but 8 judges at this point to distort this Act already to impair dignity of constitution and after unanimous the impeachment case, so face of such Illegal South Korea's shame, Park G-h have the right to request retrial impeachment!

如此重金行賄下的違憲彈劾政變現已清楚無疑地擺在各國政府及所有南韓人面前,难道把朴槿惠可不用支付出入eGate 的侵權費太幼稚了吧!

Above unconstitutional impeachment coup fact by heavily bribery that already to place in front of any country government and all South Korean!    Is it possible after Park G-h the successor would be need not pay the tort fee of eGate at Korean Customs with avoid the millennium can’t change my three great inventions ?  Why can as this naive! 


Because in the subsequent open letter to shown, my three big inventions any person include any country government can not avoid and it will be millennium can’t change in the world!





Please review the previous Email:


The impeachment Park G-h case in fact is a coup, because the Kr congress head Ding Shijun in the vote of impeachment to falsify account exposure at behind the open letter that undoubtedly already!


After that, after the Korean prosecution has repeatedly attempted to plant stolen goods but refuse by presidential palace, then the coup-group just to labor under still have not any evidence to support ruling for Constitutional Court time, from the off-stage boss of impeachment case that CP-China immediately to betray his ally by "Poisoning Kim Jong-nam" case for Kim Jong-un government fall into an impasse of beyond redemption to shown “beneficial all Korean at face and let the coup-group could be to overcharge bribe to deceive all judges of Constitution court if still have not any impeachment proof them will still to sanction verdict the impeaching Park G-h at 2017.3.13 then the Lee Jung-Mi of sit in Acting president before at office expires!


Therefore, Park Gui-hui obviously has been a catastrophe in the currently!


Could it be said that "poisoning Kim Jong-nam" case is it true?   Is it really “beneficial all Korean”?  But the truth is just to opposite!    


I would like to remind all the wise South Koreans , first of all:

其一,金正男死無對證、屍不見人, 包括金正男家人也無一現身;

First, Kim Jong-nam to death without evidence and now have not one person can to see the corpse, that including the Kim family no one to appeared;


Second, the scene video can be seen, sprayer two women who need not to use a gauze mask so the poison does not exist;


Third, the Japanese journalists photographed in 2013 that tattoo photo has also to confirmed that the dead for a substitute!


On the contrary, "poisoning Kim Jong-nam" case that still as MH370 lean on Malaysia government with Phoenix TV of CP China to echo each other in the hands of real fake do!

也就中國幕後金主之鳳凰TV仍奉命把“毒殺金正男”宣傳強力嫁禍給金正恩、並暗中通知南韓媒體此馬來西亞還要早先報導,也因此,在丁世均代理院長李貞美政變集團的緊急處理下,一個法官首先於2017.2.17批准逮捕李在鎔以利逼供承認是他有意通過崔順實行賄  總統朴槿惠

So the Phoenix TV by ordered to propaganda let "poisoning Kim Jong-nam" case to impute for Kim Jong-un and secretly notify the coup-group, so Korean media to reported earlier between Malaysia!  Therefore, urgent handle by Ding Shijun with Lee Jung-Mi, a judge in first to approved arrest Lee Jae-yong on 2017.2.17 attempt to extort a confession who on purposed pass through Cui Shun solid to bribe Park G-h President!


But also because of Lee Jae-yong is not a coward, so Korea prosecutors have no choice must to extend the arrest warrant to 2017.3.08 days!    审讯

但憲法代理院長李貞美卻仍然決定最終庭審的日期確定為2017.2.27日,擺明已無須韓國檢方再提供證據,9名憲法法官已無須害怕收取重金行賄, 就因金正恩己被嫁禍“毒殺金正男”完全“有利所有韓國人”已足夠哄騙韓國民以及問心無愧了?!


       But the Lee Jung-Mi of Acting President of constitution still to order the final hearing date on 2017.2.27 to made clear the “impeaching Park G-h” case already need not Korea prosecutors to supply any proof, all the Judges of constitution who already need not fear to gather scads bribe, that because the Kim Jong-un already impute to by "Poisoning Kim Jong-nam" with “beneficial all Korean”, so by this a reason that already to enough to cheat all Korean andwith a clear conscience?!

       但,“毒殺金正男”案已在金正男的紋身照片中真相大白 只是毫無刺殺動機但尊榮已巨損的金正恩也在恕指是南韓導演,南韓人也將在核武器的恐怖陰影下生存


Lee Jung-Mi

However, the "poisoning Kim Jong-nam" case has been in the tattoo photo in everything is clear now!   But there is no assassination motive but the honor has been huge damage of Kim Jong-un also refers to director by the Korean, so all Korean will free under the nuclear weapons shadow to live ...


In fact, this is the Chinese dynasty habitually practice "double dealings" means orOne's methods are more than human”!


But absolutely can not think of today's Korea why have not one Korean medium heroes could be to stand out uphold justice for Park G-h ?!

而在香港,前特首曾蔭權就因 銷毀甲流疫苗 有功市民,但中斷了以疫苗為蠢蛋香港市民的愚民手段激怒了中國江核心王朝就被“法官”蓄意誣巫判囚禁其手法與彈劾朴槿惠不分上下,詳情見: www.ycec.com/UN/170225.pdf  

But in Hong Kong, the ex-Chief Executive Donald Tsang on account of to destruction all H1N1 flu vaccine before 2012year to interrupted use vaccine to moron Hong Kong citizen that means to enrage CP China of Jiang dynasty after order a "judge" to purposely verdict to imprison…which techniques with impeaching Park G-h case not to know one's place, details at: www.ycec.com/UN/170225.pdf

或也見 www.ycec.com/911/170219-kr.pdf 本人剛給南韓駐香港領事催促支付e通道侵权費信件,起因正如隨後之公開信所述!

Or to see www.ycec.com/911/170219-kr.pdf,  I have just to sent a letter for South Korean consul in Hong Kong to urge the tort expenses of eGate system at Korea customs, the cause just as follow the open  letter!


Therefore, only the honest fearless President Park G-h can to lead Korean to promote the national dignity into history!

Thank you!






1.The hidden mastermind was exposed; loss of Korea’s dignity by impeaching Park G-h, Kr head congress must investigate!

2.  Close friend modified speech draft was right and proper, Kr-media used Park G-h’s honest apology to trick naive Korean!

3.   Right-evil of humanity in duel, anyone can't to watch with folded arms!

4. Phoenix TV must open the instance of meddle-policy, if not, argumentation for hidden mastermind abiding!

5. By eGate design to see, to abduct the opportunity of MH370 only to keep for the official, AU Gov., did not to give the wrong kind of help,       please at once to set free the hostage!

6.“One country two systems” has become a joke, C Y Leung was tricked into announce no-renew to office! 

English www.ycec.com/UN/161215.pdf  or htm

Main page:→http://www.ycec.com/UN/war-felon.htm


Any country leaders, MP, Law, Hospital,

Medium & Academic circles 

Sir or Madam:

This open letter same important for any country with anyone!

Impeach Park G-h really not a isolated case and full by bribe in the dark to stirred up so-called “public opinion” to be the focus of world attention!

And unlucky let me to seen, then Phoenix TV at once break off the visit to relay who had to received a letter from Korea Gov., transmit for palace-backyard of CP China Dynasty to report the Korean nine judges of Constitutional Court will on time to decide after on 2016.12.20 pm4:00 So this for overseas of connect-balcony as at Paris two cases of murder to play the role of role constant!

Therefore, the thrall of CP-Dynasty of WHO's Margaret Chan also cannot bear playing second fiddle to boasting and endorses 'very effective' Ebola vaccine prototype on 2016.12.22 and will be tested in Guinea could be registered in 2018.

Now, I hope any country Gov., cannot eyeless to trust in WHO again, from www.ycec.com/HK/patent.htm can to witness, that not humanity Margaret Chan already habit use shoot vaccine to fools-HK citizen since July of 1997, now the minimum that hit parade by PISA/2015 of OECD, China with Hong Kong even to down by a wide margin, American still too bad, because the young people must to shoot-vaccine total 39 frequency, so WHO just is a variety Nazi office!

So pleas read below the open letter after must pass on for your country leader and to reach your justice both hands for Park G-h !
   Thank you!



Illegal Impeachment Park Geun-hye case caused the personality

national dignity to be fully lost of Korea!

  lzm/2016.12.15 in HK         kr.htm

  HK-htm     CN-htm          E_C



Note: Everyone is indispensable; three inventions will be prevailing in all the world!   

Page 1.


The illegal insurrection of impeachment detail of South Korean parliament

Note: Courteous apology by Park Geun-hye to turn use for frame up locale!



Park Geun-hye impeachment case of antecedents consequences

Note:  Right-evil of humanity in duel, anyone can't to watch with folded arms!





I.  A foreword

      South Korea's parliament impeached Park Geun-hye case is the ugliest historical International-Conceal medicine invention of PCT/SG2003/00145 continued in 21century!    And also is the case of purposely to humiliated for ex-Japan Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi on 2004year, to murder of ex-WHO Director-General Lee Jong-wook only for change employing today’s WHO Margaret Chan with put down a crag for murder after arrogation suicided ex-Korea President Roh Moo-hyun continued to conceal the continuation, but the confused insects of UN Ban Ki-moon only for the UN position so ignored his two brothers were to died cost to brush off!

The above of the usual means of modernization of today’s China dynasty and just that is: I secretly sent to murder your brothers after again to appoint their younger brother in an important position, if he was brush off, then no one will suspect!   

Beside, from www.ycec.net/KR/10-2005-7023913.htm it is vivid that means of stopping by Korean Patent Office an order to agent to abruptly extort US$9000 for applicant that mean also out of the ordinary! 

But, then Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) outbreak in Korea on 2015, today’s “steal-chicken magnate” of WHO Margaret Chan had to fly to Korea to teach hospital how to stealthily use the “wash-lung” medical treatment of PCT/SG2003/00145, so the MERS only can to end! 

 But then all ordinary Korean does not know the inside story, but the shameful behavior by WHO Margaret Chan that was all in the eye of honest peerless Park Geun-hye President!

And when above inventor, I was a letter send to the Korea Customs to require payment the tort claims of the “self boarding eGates” of entry and exit control after, to conceal above the medicine invention that evil purposes in the ultimate exposure at Hong Kong now:  www.ycec.com/HK/161007.pdf  

The details can be seen from www.ycec.com/HK/patent.htm!

Now, it was unknown the parliament of South Korea whether only known to collected bribed and to long kneel at CP China Jiang dynasty before and not to hesitate to deprive Korean only can to lifesaving authority?  And also not willing introduction to anyone Korean?

Hence above this a letter, the Ministry of Public Health of Hong Kong already afraid to publicize the flu vaccine at TV for HK citizen, about this fact, anyone country at HK consulate without except could to witness with a report for self country department of Public Health to publicize for self national that already can not to evasion!

 Also at the same time, the inventor, I have another free family health hygiene of saturated saline solution and it was to come with the tide of fashion, and at once can to immediately benefit for all the South Korean people to substantially reduce disease and also can to lead national average age to add 20years easy to accomplish that inevitable all in the eye of Park Geun-hye President!  Therefore, good and evil clearly of the President Park Geun-hye clapper agreed to pay the tort claims of the “self boarding eGates” of entry and exit control that was inevitable undoubtedly!

That just is, since today after, in all the world of thousand years the international society can't do without above three inventions!   Furthermore, since 1997 then return to China after by the injection vaccine that already to bring disaster to two generations of Hong Kong that fact can't to deny at the letter of  www.ycec.com/HK/161125a.pdf  vividly!  

Therefore, CP Chinese Jiang dynasty at once ordered their secret service in Korea to intervene at large-scale to bribe opposition party and all media that abnormal stir up trouble it can to see at HK Phoenix TV!     Because they are only can by a “bosom friend of bower” of President Park Geun-hye as her a secretary to help revise her lecture-draft and have not any example still at once limitless to lift as “intervene-policy” that height to point Park Geun-hye after, and again to bribed the Korean prosecutor to harmony with all medium to pair hoodwink national to join the remonstrant line, but the noble personality of President Park Geun-hye never regret it!

 As a result, South Korea Impeach Congress in the impeachment case to be against regulations that personality with national dignity already not find in the international view!

IIIllegal insurrection of impeachment details

 in South Korean parliament

(Because the honest apology to lead to reverse frame up locale)

Where is the proof of impeach case by South Korea Congress?  Firstly, the impeachment how to write that quite right is a big problem from the start!

     Right Legend seen in South Korea by the Congress use two days for hearings meeting and to summoned  South Korean consortium of nine heavyweight leaders that including the current vice president of Samsung Electronics Lee Jae-yong, Hyundai Motor chairman Chung Mong-koo and Lotte、Hanjin etc. big business behalf to attend, but no one with Park Geun-hye directly related only who friends such as secretary help her to modify speech draft only start on December 06, 2016,  so the “intervene-policy” have not anyone a living example it can to support to be legally registered for the status claimed!

       Therefore, how to write the impeachment resolution for approved by congress that is a big problem too!

Firstly, the hearing should be the survey results based of South Korean prosecutors, and after to subpoena to accept cross-examine again by both sides MP member to confirm yes or no identically with to put in for the impeachment?   If not, the head of parliament Mr. Ding Shijun must immediately stop all voting program;

 Secondly, from the above right photo, all the impeachment locale only 3minutes by HK Wireless TV that  have not seen how to vote recount scenes appear, and only can to see the congress head Mr. Ding Shijun at this point child's play to patted three Hammers to announced to pass through the impeachment case after, the results, a scene of an unhappy reproach sound rather than the cheers;

Third, by another a news can to know, the South Korean parliament have an excuse to avoid "the opportunity to cheat" to change in the past by electronic voting, so that 299 Members were part into a small room and by a "secret ballot" to close the gate of again to check ballot for witness!   So by this way, the results of the vote deliberately to map out some worker of receive ballot in the small room to cheat that was very clear,  which is the usual means of the Chinese dynasty too!

From the above it was clear that, the Korean congress head Mr. Ding Shijun is by bribes of the key figures of illegal insurrection of impeachment;

     Although the above impeachment case has been passed through by child's play, but it is still necessary for the Constitutional Court to hear the facts, it also not to know the Mr. Ding Shijun may be to supply how many facts prove for nine judges of Constitutional Court to examine?   So the Korea's Congress should be published in the world! 

On the other hand, whether the above nine judges be the same as Ding Shijun and be heavily bribed after nonsense to close this case that also be another major problem!

Therefore, because this case already became a great event in world, I was hoping that the nine judges who receive the letter after can justice hearing and should not be a moment of greed to lead all the Korean with South Korean government to shame to the world!

III. Impeachment Park Geun-hye case of

antecedents consequences

Since the “self boarding eGates” of entry and exit control that already extensively used in the world, the same as the above two medicine invent of the present inventor have to separately send out an ask to pay the tort claims for fifty countries Customs or Interior Minister before with after on October of 2016:

First, then my claims letter was sent to Singapore after, it was be bound to be equally reluctant to same a repudiator of CP China did not answer, so at once to enrage Jiang core of CP China and start by Phoenix TV programs to open to angrily scold with threaten Mr. Lee Hsien Loong to excuse his standpoint of the South China Sea since the last third part of September of 2016!

The more shameful is, as the right photo that military armored vehicles by the Taiwanese freighter company shipped back to Singapore and often as this case before 40years today.

But then the news exposed in Taiwan after, from a report to shown, a order to originate in CP China to info HK Customs to against routines to seized into a wharf and withhold to go ashore!  But the international regulation too have clear regulations, all the pass through all freighter or airbus for the dependency that territory to stretch, if not to go ashore again transit it need not to register!  If the ship company to violate HK's rule also to have no relationship with Singapore Government! 

But, that clear to shown only for force Singapore to impersonate a tort bandit, and only for convenience CP Chinese Foreign Office a spokesman to fierce face to face and a pretext to warning Singapore cannot contact with Taiwan, but please info HK Gov., must to withdraw in advance!

Therefore, if the Hong Kong Customs Commissioner Mr.張雲正 to see this open letter after, please must as soon as possible to return for Singapore, so as not to lead to Hong Kong's international reputation will be on the spot bankruptcy again!

Secondly, then  my claims letter was sent to Taiwan Customs after, that really not a hoodlum family background and who have high class values that President 蔡英文of Taiwan at once to order the Customs Department of Ministry of finance to write in reply for please note to pay:

But immediately to attract Chinese Dynasty through the Phoenix Tv visible bursts swearword deadline Tsai must to recognize the 1992 consensus!

On account of Tsai Ing-Wen President in hold ex-President Chen Shui-bian sure to conceal the aforementioned medical invention from"Jiang ZM a brief note" in hand, because CP China Jiang ZM have not the capital to swearword, so by the Phoenix Tv that sound of swearword only can to the daily had not seen! 

Third, since the "bower-friend door" of Park Geun-hye start from Korean media "explosion" on 2016.10.24. 

The so-called "bower-friend door" that Cui Shun solid as a President Secretary to modify speech-draft just normal a little thing, how can to call the "Intervence-Policy"

But the so-called "bower-friend door" was by the Phoenix TV of CP China Dynasty's throat suddenly to raised to "bower-friend  Intervence-Policy" for play up Park Geun-hye must to step down and leader all media to stir up Korean since Oct., 26, 2016.   And, why have mighty fund to start demonstrate against?  

Today’s Park Geun-hye just is yesterday’s Tung Chee-hwa

 The all Korean media together to stir up trouble same all the Hong Kong media to booing ex-Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa to step down after January of 2005 that a scene has not any difference!  Because Tung Chee-hwa before four month who agree grant me a HK patent of  PCT/SG2003/00145 , just because this patent offend the conceal key of CP China Jiang Dynasty!

Therefore, offered to buy South Korean opposition parties, the Prosecution Organ and all the media to say booing the white black, which towards unlimited treasury funds available of CP China Jiang Dynasty that at all as easy as turning one's hand over!

All above this in the eyes of the French President Hollande!

   In the news to shown on before August of 2016, the Hollande still in reported who "confidently talk about the French Presidential election on December to decide whether to run for"!   But why would this first day of December at once to declare that he would not seek re-election in next year's French presidential election!

 On account from www.ycec.com/UN/151021-hk.htm of records visible, notwithstanding Hollande was clear to know who difficult to stop the concealing of the above medical invention with run to mankind a public enemy resolution by CP China Jiang Dynasty, and this true manly man Hollande will not to forget ISIS to blood "Charlie-weekly" with still more painful murder case at Paris two cases the cause of action by Phoenix TV role!

Hollande and therefore on 2016.12.01 to announced not seek re-election to inform Jiang Zemin, Is it possible that so disclosed patent infringement do not pay school fees when could be mimic you write in the annals of bandits?    Not seeking re-election, your nuisance break!

 Fourth, the same, under the photo of New Zealand Prime Minister who must also to handle the NZ Customs had same received my claims letter on October 10, 2016 after:

From the reports of visible text, still have one year the term of office John Phillip Key Premier abruptly announced his resignation decision with "speaking voice was a little trembling."!

Premier Ohn Phillip Key was refers on "family reasons" to resign and who described his many years of premier career it was to makes the huge sacrifices for his family, so decided to choose the resignation it was very difficult, and nor know their future fate!

Why is it so difficult and pitiful?  

It was also the Ohn Key at inauguration at Premier Office ten months on November 09, 2008 after, then the New Zealand Patent Office to examine to end on July 06, 2009 and by a info that already agree grant for me a NZ patent of  PCT/SG2003/00145

But, then the NZ patent formal to bulletin before, it was abruptly to stop not to know the direction in which that inevitable is order by Ohn Key Premier, all the examine details it still can to see at: www.ycec.net/nz/54093.htm

The John Key Premier's resignation really not to pay money the claims for me by "walking man", and is to take this case for the Western Group that just to be elected the Trump to protest:

That when I listen to your decision to halt the review is complete notification has been granted a patents for lzm, after still must to surreptitiously used lzm's “wash-lung” treatment at NZ hospital that might as well, but today's eGates of entry and exit control patents still belong lzm's invention and disclosed in open applications, if do not give the infringement fee,  isn't that you preposterous want me, John Phillip Key to play the role of a small bandit infamous in New Zealand history? !

The same, Old Castro of feint death still afraid to see people in hear to witness history! 

     It has been due to the global non-recognition lzm of “lung-wash” treatment, so the Old Castro already clear to known who will none-face to confess for the annals, because his Cuban medical teams was to cover CP China Jiang Dynasty to stolen use the “lung-wash” treatment to go to Africa “lung-wash” for ebola patients that only can to calmed down the ebola catastrophe on 2015year!

So the Old Castro must to feint death on 2016.11.26 and after to make public on 2016.12.04 with still not find the dead body, why?

Because the Old Castro did not learn to copy as China vice-premier Huanɡ Ju feint death and can to lying in the coffin play dead ten minutes to supply photograph on June 02, 2007 only scapegoat for Jiang ZM, so only can as the right photo use  a cinerary casket to play death!

But the cinerary caske of China vice-premier Huanɡ Ju the end must to throw out the Babaoshan at Beijing!

The John Key Premier more unusual embarrassing is, especially since October of 2016 after, at the same time, the lzm of invention above the free family health hygiene of “saturated saline” that was already at HK to come with the tide of fashion, how to publicize for NZ people that true further humiliating incomparable for John Key!

And including above the eGates that in existence total three invention's extensively after,  it also in all the world in the thousand years, then anyone open your eyes afteror who will be come in and go out state door with before be aged to be laid to rest that have not one can to  go away this three invention!

As above the result, John Key Premier to blame himself for resignation though that maybe to called his basic morality still to keep, but this is not a only one a good plan, if know the faults but who dare to conscientious for all the New Zealander, I will not to blame the mistaken in 2009 year!

    Fifth, the above mentioned eGates tort a fountainhead Immigration Department of HK that be bound to in my claims list,   only for prevent the basic principles of humanity, values of C Y Leung government to pay according to the law, though Xi j-p already by officially crowned as the central core, but the CP China Jiang Dynasty still all-out to sally and not to stop, as the the “intervene-policy” storm in Korea for impeachment Park Geun-hye case, or in HK same the threaten to layout if Korea parliament the impeachment success, C Y Leung must to announced non-re-election by self, if not, his a daughter inevitable to have a disaster, and just as expected this:

       In Korea Congress, notwithstanding the polling still not to start on Dec., 9, 2016 pm 3:00, but in HK wireless Tv at once as layout to punctually to yell out: “impeachment success to pass through!” to make an appointment for hasten C Y Leung  to listen after to announced non-re-election by self in HK Tv!

 In other words, the core of Jiang was also worried the impeachment case of Park Geun-hye is not necessarily sure to pass through, but in first time to coax C Y Leung to announced non-re-election by self to lead the way for Hu Guoxing that unofficial decision by CP China Jiang Dynasty!

The Lian-he Zaobao also refers to by HK media: C Y Leung in Shenzhen city to received a persuade secret order, so he must within 48 hours to end his career!

For more information see: www.ycec.com/Advice.htm and select the 2016.12.09 period ofGood advice jars on the ear!


     On account of Park Geun-hye with the evil fight being in trouble, and specifically to undermine for HK's rule of law that basis of "one country two systems" as Hu Guoxing, etc. those confused judges "deeds" will be in the next open letter issue meet for all the HK people, they are just to concealing above to save the SARS a national disaster with to keep from to cleave the means of fool-citizen  medicine invent with today so chaotic Hong Kong those evil ringleader!

       As a result, they must for HK today so sad governance, livelihood environment including from 97year return to China after being poisoned by the vaccine to fools-citizen already two generations of HK people to bear legal responsibility, such as Hu Guoxing does not quit election that don't to blame I will be to set-pen mercilessly!

       See the right photo, an expert of falsify statute to destroy legal system of HK at here!

In still control by CP China Jiang Dynasty, the current Secretary for Justice Mr. Rimsky Yuen also dare to open to falsify the current Section14AA of Chapter123 rule of law at the official website only to support the Buildings of Department to illegal to dismantle present above inventor the lawful factory building rooftop container houses on October of 2015 that also to forget it now, but same not to let off all the nearby proprietor and already it will be to involving human life now!

Now, I must remind C Y  Leung Chief Executive Office to investigate and take action in the Appeal Tribunal by Buildings Ordinance that legal case numbers: LM144-2016 why non to wind up the case up to now?

Rimsky Yuen

  It premeditated to wait Hu Guoxing to do the Chief Executive at HK after and then to fire to kill without spilling blood or to rob that was very clear!

That was more terrifying is, if will at today's HK High Court to bring or appeal a case that must beforehand to pay a  high earnest money of lawsuit cost, such as the recent decide by High Court that two member of Legislative Council because them not conformity with a law to oath, then, whether to shown, today's judicial justice in Hong Kong that already has been completely finished?

On account of the Hu Guoxing already is a master-hand of on tampering regulations! If let this two "clown" to go together, Hong Kong's judicial system will a hell of a mess!  

That is so of the Secretary for Justice Mr. Rimsky Yuen who yes or no again to remain in office that already is the C Y  Leung Chief Executive with government affairs director to be on the job that a top grade great event!

From above to shown, the C Y Leung Chief Executive with government affairs director non-ought thus by an individual reason non to choose reelection to remain a shambles after to escape! 

Another also ought to advise already resolution to election of the finance director Tsang Chun-wah  the same non-ought to employ ex-Chief Executive Donald Tsang those old moron official of public health for help, it is because them also same must to bear by vaccine already to do HK people great harm that legal and economic responsibility!

I would also like to urge that notwithstanding early already to be built on stilts and governance difficulties of C Y  Leung Chief Executive must to meditating how to leading by vaccine already stupid those two generation of HK citizen out of the woods with to rebuild "one country two systems" are the two primary historical mission re-announced to re-election!

IV. Conclusions

The cheating case for impeached Park Geun-hye in South Korea Parliament that already to lead all the personality and dignity of Korean in International eyeshot trace does not exist!

Because the speaker of Korea Parliament Chung Sye Kyun just the head of opposition party to election lose with Park Geun-hye on 2012, so the Chung Sye Kyun was very easy to bribe by CP China, so it though the impeached case have not any an instance of “intervene-policy” can to witness, but Chung Sye Kyun still to be lead changed polling-program for against regulations, therefore, the impeached case invalidation!

 Therefore, the Chung Sye Kyun must to prosecute for shoulder the law duty of offend against discipline by Korea a prosecuting attorney!  This is the head of Korean media can to change the last chance!

    Now, for any money or belle means non to act on the Donald Trump the end stand out at America, American young man to equalize must to shot vaccine that fool-citizen means also must to stop!   The Mr. Henry Alfred Kissinger also again in time visit China same as after the open letter to announce on January 17, 2015,  and the Donald Trump non again only to admit only a China in time same to send out more strong a signal for the Jiang Dynasty of CP China !

         From above the fact clear to shown, clever Phoenix TV of HK program host did not again to turn from side to side also still meaningless, because to helped small Bush to remove the 911 terror crisis that  my "three measures of aviation security" of invention that system have not a leak, to abduct the opportunity of MH370 only to  keep for the official satellite and ground airport the control center,  so at once please to set free all hostage to show humanity, and today already to be in fashion the world that eGate system only one claims it already enough to witness!

      Even more in all the world of in the thousand years it is thus clear above that invention for use it will be hard to change, in future still have to gain in more than!  

          In the same way, if a decent man who must to have the basic values and did not to daydream, because in all the world really not to dominate by CP China Jiang Dynasty and unconditional at once to come over and give allegiance to Xi core that only can to rescue your clique and country!

And including the above eGates that in existence total three invention's extensively after, it also in all the world in the thousand years, then anyone open your eyes afteror who will be come in and go out state door with before be aged to be laid to rest that have not one can to go away this three invention!

Finally, because this open letter serve to share joys and sorrows to everyone in world, so I hope every one at HK consulate have duty by report to your country leader,  as my “wash-lung” treatment, if can not to study the lie skills as CP China, if only stealthily use to save life, I will express an understanding!

But not involving the life that tort of “self boarding eGates” of entry and exit control system if non-payment it will be not a leeway to negotiable!



USA 10/469,063


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