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USA in HK of Consulate

Consul General Mr. Qi Junwen

Dear Sir,                                                        cc. Mr. Tony Liu


I am Lin Zhen-man, HKID 188015(3).  I had brought up again the letter to you on Sep.27, 2002.  That were complaints asking for help to president Mr. Bush, because the High court of Hong Kong had lost the judicial independence and it is not fair for me to be enumerated with the face of five cases. 


I understanding smiled that I must thank you Mr. Bush President for concern on the civil rights of Hong Kong people at meeting with President Jiang Zemin in his ranch on October 26 last year.


In the passing of one year, the general affairs of Hong Kong deepen from the influence of China obviously.  What is even more terrible is that there had been many officials of Hong Kong deceiving resident on SARS incident on the TV!  What is most terrible was their expressions of deceive of art-director lifelike!


The SARS come to harm in China and HK society was perfectly obvious, I had another invention that was changed the medical history and exempt the SARS-fear of mankind and the draft was fax to the Hong Kong chief executive and Chinese leader on 15 May 2003. Which at the same time saves the Chinese, Singaporeans, Taiwanese and Hong Kongers from SARS that has brought about the difficult conditions and a lot of lives too!   My invention title of PCT/SG03/00145 is “Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs” and the published at WebPages of WIPO on Nov. 20, 2003.  Furthermore, recent events have also proved that my invention can also cure patients suffering from cancer in the Chest Lung Department of Queen Mary Hospital of Hong Kong, you can in view of my WebPages. (


But Hong Kong Gov. had no appreciation of the inventor’s contributions for the society and it was opposites, the High Court of Hong Kong indefinitely postpone the verdict of four cases purposed for preventing gets the compensation for me!  The four cases were finished Judicial-program now, which are HCA 9827/2000, HCPI 521/2001 with defense B, LDBM-61-2002 and HCA 5037&5038/1998. It was very obvious, this kind of judicial-harmed means does not allow in the society of rule by law!  It was further, the King’s Road Branch of HK Band had purposed for preventing gets the loan and returns the Building-Contract for me in before that month! Why?  It was very obvious that was economy-harmed means does not allow in the society of rule by law too!  Because my factory was sell illegally by Shen-zhen city government of China and stopped production for many years, In front of cruel fact that in the near future, I will be international social to request economic aid unavoidable! 


This is unimaginable what the HK Gov. same the Shen-zhen Gov. was obedient yet? At the same time, the diplomatic expert of HK Gov. was helped to persuade the official of WHO to suppress that my invention of Medical accomplishment and deceived world medium ironically! Obvious, the force of backstage comes from the leader before China! The force was used the not rightful means preventing my patent application in the PCT of WIPO, if my complaint can’t solved the problem, I hope appeal to the United Nations that can get the support of American government.


At present of my patent of “aerial safe three measure” in US patent officeif you can in view that my defense of AMENDMENT Document (attach D7-9), you will find that the DETAILED ACTION of Examiner was not fair, You will have to find the purposed and force of backstage comes from the leader before China too!


Therefore, I have to ask for help through you to Bush President & US Gov.


Respectfully yours


Zhen-man Lin

Hong Kong D188015(3)   Nov.28, 2003