Please transmit these messages to Prime Minister Tony Blair of United Kingdom!


The Honor 

Each member of the parliament of

United Kingdom

Dear Sir,                                                            

 Nov.03, 2005 

In the previous News of Hong Kong, the Prime Minister Tony Blair should be interview with Chief Executive of HK, TSANG Yam-kuen and a courtesy call each Member of Parliament in after this day!


Today, how to prevent and cure bird flu is the debate of the world, at the parliament of United Kingdom which no any exception for this case! 


HK Chief Executive Donald TSANG Yam-kuen, should explain to each member of the parliament of United Kingdom the necessity to conceal the using the invention of curing SARS and bird flu invented by Lin Zhen-man, and why the necessity for must revoke the Lin Zhen-man’s civil rights on the cases of LDBM 220/2005, FAMV 16/2004, FAMV 21/2002 and FAMV 1/2002etc. (Your secretary of Chinese who may be to make a statement confirm the rubbish-judge and acute rotten of judiciary from the


Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang who should emphasize and explain the necessity about why is it a necessity for must installation an antenna of 500W of portable phone for a little distance to murder the Lin Zhen-man by the microwave eradiate!


    Donald Tsang the family background to the outstanding salesman, he was allowed to enumerate very many interesting to listen to reasons, for example, if not did this perhaps, China possibly as necessary stopped supplying water to Hong Kong, and let possess Hong Kong the factory to obtain the protection in China's investment, liked Lin Zhen-Man in Shenzhen, Dongguan's factory is same, the local government met when supported the organized crime hypothesized forged account nationality to borrow has not investigated and the fact evidence decision, the auction publicly embezzles Lin Zhen-Man factory property, I once the shade power also had to injury the completely brain to use "the central secret order" left to roar to Hong Kong High Court's judges right deceives, Also wants the Hong Kong High Court judge unites against a common enemy similarly supports the organized crime defendant to embezzle Lin Zhen-Man’s factory, does not believe you to have a look a HCA9585/1999 document which was shown at the . The Mr.Du Gui-Feng of the High Court Judge in the 6th paragraph of the court verdict to declare judicially that: “…The view its manner and posture, the judge thought that the plaintiff person's testimony supplies endlessly not to be solid.... "  Therefore I once the shade power was very helpless!


If has honored congressmen not to be able to endure patiently the like this bastard logic to shout abuse, Donald Tsang also could enumerate an example to let fellow congressmen be sincerely convinced:


When reporter inquired why the Bush president should been mention the problem of citizen right aim at the Mr. Tung Chee Hwa of HK Chief Executive at the press conference of Vancouver on Dec.28, 2002.  Mr. Tung said worriedly: the Mr. Jiang Zemin of national chairman was most cleared the mattered occur in HK …” That's all there is to it only, on Dec.28, 2002, Mr Jiang Zemin of national chairman returned to Beijing and on the morning the next day Chinese telecommunications is immediately one-side to inform that add price overstep 8 times and carry out immediately!  It is very far-reaching aim at Hong Kong and Macau. was very obvious and arouse all mediums to opposed… I'm quite sure that, I only to bear in mind the interest of benefits of great majority Hong Konger; besides, not have person of HK not to know, I, TSANG Yam-kuen have very much sworn followers or a dare-to-die corps, I have not send to kill for Lin Zhen Man, only to murder that is all, it was the lucky for Lin Zhen-man!  Furthermore, I do not same the Mr. Dong Jian Hua of predecessor to have to exit from the macrocosm of HK which to gather together and create a disturbance macrocosm and to resign under pressure!


The above-mentioned was the universal phenomenon of judicature to fall back, the corruption in the High Court was critical to exist and lose the oneself to inspect correct ability and which had upward to 1/3 judge after for to share the costs illegal to announce a verdict! The former Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Anson Chan and the Secretary for Justice, Ms Elsie Leung both whom were to resign resentment, this absolute the TSANG Yam-kuen himself had an attempt to win the Jiang Ze-min of former China chairman happy to lead into thesecret order of centralization, the one country two system of Hong Kong to end at an along time.


Today, the TSANG Yam-kuen interview in UK, which only for his to renew one's term of office and the TSANG Yam-kuen must lie to convince the UK Government to assist in concealing the invention of prevention and cure the SARS, bird flu and to tacitly agree his shameful behavior of murder and to deprive of the Lin Zhen-Man’s civil right! 


The Britain and European Commission was outstanding to act as a cradle of civilization of the world in the past, and looked down upon the arbitrarily to encroach on the civil rights and not to valued the property right of knowledge by the Government of Hong Kong, it is especially the duty of Prime Minister and the UK parliament! 


    The former Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Anson Chan, has given sincere advice to TSANG Yam-kuen, that is not to abandon too much principles to barter toady for the leader of China!  But the TSANG Yam-kuen turned a deaf ear to the advice still, because the TSANG Yam-kuen does not a statesman and he offers sale the benefits of Hong Kong to barter for the position of Chief Executive of HK!  Obvious, the black-society was to permeate in politics of Hong Kong & China!


     The Prime Minister Tony Blair and the member of UK parliament must to understand a simple principle, if again to continue to assist the invent of cure the bird flu which to deceive or make a fool of is the people of one's own country and this state of affairs was extensively to involve destroy the civilization of world! 


We must to define according to air as an interface, the bird flu as well as the SARS and any types of flu were the same bacterial infection of superficiality!  This theory of medical treatment to break through in 21 century for bring the invent of cure SARS and to saved over one thousand China and Hong Kong person after on May.15, 2003, but the China and Hong Kong Government did not thank the inventor!  The still more important is the theory of medical treatment of bacterial infection of superficiality was to prove if eating pills same the Tamiflu or injecting any antibiotics, vaccine for the bird flu which not a specific remedy, anybody can understand the principle easily! Therefore, the specific remedy only for oppositing the bird flu and the patent of invention to get into the PCT country of great majority now, the specific remedy of the name of liquid medicine is the PFCO, please look through the website of  


The WHO and the sanitary department minister of each country meet on Oct.23, 2005.  I had An open letter to unmask the Tamiflu is not a specific remedy for bird flu, please don’t fool your citizen again! The UK had host a meeting of EU Heads of State and Government on Oct.28, 2005 too, the bird flu was the one of the subject matter, I had an other open letter to requests to follow with interest the civil rights of Hong Kong and don’t to assist the concealed of Government of China & Hong Kong! The letter on the   


I am very suspired that the civilization of world in process of a large fall back, my invention of curing the SARS and bird flu application into the UK and EPO patent office had to put on one side a long time, but the terror of bird flu to cast shadow over one's heart in every national of European Commission and must to defend the civilization of mankind!  


The breathing space is applicable to both for mankind and birds, so the medium of disseminate is the air and contagious, therefore, how could the spreading of the bird flu through air be impossible? The leaders of WHO and the government of each country must value science! 


Above is Lin Zhen-man’s invention is common property for the worldwide, specially when there is a outburst crisis of bird flu cases which is inevitable worldwide. The government of Hong Kong and China whom had no right to requests to conceal in common through the leader of WHO and the government of each country!  At present, the Tamiflu which come into existence the great mass fervor of shopping rush, if again to assist the conceal of the government of China and Hong Kong, which the person of fool whom were your country person!


Therefore, the most effective way to guard against this crisis of the bird flu is to install at the every hospital and clinic an PFCO machine, and inform your nation extensively that vaccine prevention could only reduce the rate of being infected, and when a common cold bring about the high fever of 39 speedy and no medication is of any help, then he must use PFCO to wash the lung instantly.


Please be concerned with the civil rights of Hong Kong and to look through the website and remind your government to stop concealing the invention of curing SARS and bird flu!


I hope that the United Kingdom can have the full control over the bird flu in her country.


Thank You!


Lin Zhen-man

Hong Kong

Nov. 03, 2005

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