LZM's warning to organization of medicine-study of US and WHO

To expose conceal for medical science invent!


It is unfortunate that though the University of Pittsburgh has outstanding medicine-study, but its prestige was to make use of news to announce to wheedle the world on Jan. 29, 2006.  The subject is that a certain type of vaccine was able to effectively and to profess it could be hundred per cent to prevention and cure the Avian Flu and that it was a successful application on the body of mouse and chicken, because the vaccine contain a mix of the gene of the virus of flu and Avian Flu, therefore, the interrelated department of government whom were expected to test this vaccine on human being in the coming of half a year.


The news was used for the official to deceive the public extensively in State and WHO, the sole motive was to make a false appearance to deceive the specific remedy for the Avian Flu.  Its reason was to commit terrible crimes without end, except to continue assisting the Chinese government in concealing Lin Zhen-mans invention which could be used to cure the SARS and Avian Flu in this world only and it could be to lighten the feet of crime, because the Bush administration ordered the examiner of US patent office to void the Application No. 10/469,063 of Lin Zhen-mans invent. The details can be seen in the website http://www.ycec.com/UN/USPTO/10_469,063-list.htm           


It is obviously wrong to claim that the vaccine can fully prevention and cure the Avian Flu! The reputation of University of Pittsburgh is now tainted, the authorities of University of Pittsburgh must issue the state to  restore the reputation and to send word for me. (lzmyc@singnet.com.sg)    


Using air as an interface definition, the Avian Flu, like SARS and other types of flu infections, is a superficial bacterial infection of the lungs.  Such bacterial infections can only be dealt with superficially. This can be said to be the law of the conversation of energy. And according to the law of the conversation of energy, any medicine which is to be ingested into the stomach or injected cannot be considered as a specific medicine, in the context of superficial bacterial infections.


While the vaccine can certainly bring about the production of antibodies in the blood, but the antibody can only be used to cope with the virus that was produced by the germs, which were reproduced on the surface of lung.  A very simple question is whether the vaccine can or not be used to induce reaction of the blood to germicide?  If no, what season to affirm by the medicine specialist of University of Pittsburgh that vaccine could be to kill the germs of Avian Flu to breed on superficial layer of lung?  Can we therefore, say that the medicine specialist of the US still cannot define what is virus infection and what is germ infection and their correlation and thus made a fool of oneself by claiming to profess that such vaccine could be hundred per cent to prevention and cure the Avian Flu!   


To explain further, the Tarniflu (commend by WHO) and four different influenza antiviral drugs (amantadine, rimantadine, oseltamivir and zanamivir) are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of influenza, they fully for rely on absorption through the intestines and stomach in order to enter the blood stream to produce antibodies and to neutralize the viruses produced by the bacteria infection. Obviously, neutralization of the virus and killing of the bacteria are two totally different matters.


Although the neutralization of viruses is indeed the specialty of Tamiflu and the above-mentioned four drugs that commend by US CDC, the effect of them really depends on the type of the bacteria which produced the virus in the first place! The WHO, US CDC and China governments have been conducting intensive propaganda campaigns emphasizing the neutraIization of viruses by Tarniflu and the specialty of Tarniflu, with no explanation as to how to kill the bacteria.  This clearly demonstrates an ignorance of medical science and an effort to deliberately conceal the truth! 


Therefore, the Tarniflu and the four drugs mentioned above that commend by US CDC will not be able to kill the Avian Flu and SARS bacteria.  The China and Hong Kong governments are jointly deceiving the people! In actual fact, the China and Hong Kong governments have been using LZM's invention secretly to cure SARS and bird flu patients since May.15, 2003.  However, their inability to publicly use the invention has resulted in the deaths of many from SARS and bird flu. This has also resulted in many phthisis patients not being able to benefit from the invention of the PFCO medicine!  Naturally, such is the sorrowful it would be long-term to choke up and to torment entire society of Hong Kong and international society!


Presently, the Avian Flu is spreading worldwide, the WHO and Bush administration which continue to be unreasonable in assisting the China government to conceal the invention by Lin Zhen-man, a law-abiding HK citizen, which is the one and only that can cure the SARS and Avian Flu is very, very utterly detestable and frustrating!


Currently, an inhumane and despicable crime is put on display to the international-society espcially Bush administration at the present, the China, HK Gov. did not thank lzms invention that save many SARS patients after May.15, 2003, Donald TSANG Yam-kuen of HK Chief Executive who was to continue holding thus below the 500W power antenna of mobile phone at short range to aim and murder the Lin Zhen Man (lzm)!  However, lzm was very solemn to prosecute for the deceived, cause of action in tort & murders of HK Chief Executive Donald TSANG Yam-kue on Nov.11, 05. But Donald TSANG Yam-kue made use of refuse defense, and not to file a charge against the plaintiff for slander, the HK government and the HK society of law and order which was dead broke to fix one's eyes on worldwide in this time!  ( Please to order your Chinese secretary for look-through and report at: http://www.ycec.com/Prosecuted-TYQ/HCA-2260-2005.htm)


At present, if the international-society and Bush administration do not look into the unfair dealing of the HK Government towards Lin Zhen Man (lzm) of a HK citizen and unceasingly to deceived to tease for all HK citizens that Tamiflu could cure Avian Flu for this reason to tort (use in not public) lzm s invention to cure SARS and Avian Flu, at the same time persistently murdering lzm, wont the WHO, the international-society and Bush administration feel ashamed?  


The WHO which includes other organization of international-society and Bush administration must follow with interest on how the HK Gov. has become uncivilized!


Please pass on to your Government, the lzms medical invention which was into the Patent Office of your country now, the Tamiflu and the vaccine are not effective in curing the bird flu, the WHO and US CDC in the middle to harmony with the lie which is not intolerable!   


If you are civilized and rule by law of country, please dont assist and, endure the China, HK Gov. to conceal! Or else, your country will face the same fate as China, HK Gov. that is to furtively use lzms medical invention and get an accusation of not valuing intellectual rights. More importantly, you will be deceiving your countrymen as well!  


Lzm sincerely calls upon other organization of medicine-study of US, WHO not to be made use to tell the lie as what the University of Pittsburgh has done!


Lin Zhen-man   Hong Kong  

Feb. 5, 2006




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LZM's warning to organization of medicine-study of US and WHO