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U.S. Department of State                                   c.c.
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Washington, DC 20520

Respectable American                                       c.c.                             

Secretary of State 

Mr. Colin L. Powell

Japanese Prime Minister

Junichiro Koizumi


Mr. Wu Jing Tao

China chairman


Dear Sir,


I hope that you will not mind that I am writing this letter to put up with Excellency today!


It was very much misfortune that I become the discussion focal point of Sino-US two big governments secretly, so this incident can not confess publicly


For this two matters, I was seen as the Chinese government was paid out a huge price in secret in which including to renounce national-defense benefits of china and to make a special effort to buy many, many American goods and so on, but it should be bring for American government on the contrary was embarrassed limitlessly!  Although I know also that American government is not willing very much in TV newsAmerican government do not still to make a gross error


The recently matter one, why the Chinese government was concealing my invention for curing SARS painstakingly since after May.15, 2003.  Then I saw a report on HK TV on Feb.19, 2004, the confession by the Dean Mr. CHUNG Sheung Chee Sydney of Faculty of Medicine of Hong Kong Chinese university at a hearing at the SARS Examination Committee of legislation-meeting of Hong Kong, the Dean confess frankly him does not to agreed (to conceal) the cure SARS means, but Dr. Chan of Director health of HK Government told: need not to fear! This is a secret order of centralization (China Gov.)…” Thus it can be seen that the " centralization secret order "want to painstakingly conceal my invent of cure SARS!


I am a factory owner investing in Shenzhen, a city of china and I have no any illegal behavior, I cannot understand which Chinese leader who have what reason used this" centralization secret order " to be aimed at me?


This scandal had been around ever since the 911 incidents, then the eve of President Bush aired three safety measures for civil aviation, the Mr.Liu of American consulate of Hong Kong told me: “I would like to thank you on behalf of the government of the can rest assured to apply for American patent! ...” The US Gov. to be clear about the former Chinese leader so as tacitly consent to sell arms for Taiwan with exchange negates my patent application in US!  Any solicitude international news of person can conjectured in sell-arms upsurge for Taiwan after from the 911 incidents and on Asia-Pacific safe forum of June of 2002year, the mutual to censure between Sino-US people of two countries! 


But the most important things that I have to complain is that the American Patent Officer who is handling my application’s attitude is extraordinary:


My aerial three safety measures in US Patent Application is No. 10/029,951, in the File Contents History of US patent office to take down I was “Abandonment for Failure to Respond to Office Action”, but my document of Respond to Office Action of registration mail was received by US patent office on Dec.09, 2003 that verified from US Post office on Feb.24, 2004. The examiner’s supervisor, Mr.Charles Jordan can respond you all details on 703-306-4159.


My invention of curing SARS and flu in US Patent Application is No. 10/469,063, the register date on July.29, 2003, up to the present was to outstrip 180 days, I was repeatedly inquired by telephone and Fax letter to request a Filing Receipt only on Jan. 2004year, but the application had been to put on one side up to now!  You can confirm it with Mr. Carroll of US patent office, his telephone number is 703 308 4357.


I saw a report on HK TV on Oct of 2003year, the SAR Gov. Mr. Tung of chief executive of Hong Kong said that if WHO official had professors accepting our treatment to cure the SARS, we are willing to follow suit!  In another word, the WHO officer must bear the historical charge for concealing medical accomplishment!  In another word, there is not person can know that China pays out how many price, but American government undertake assistance to conceal medical accomplishment of cure the SARS include to destroy the serious promised in world!


On Mar. 13, 2004 of press conference of the China people's congress to lower the curtain, a famous reporter asked China premier:Mr. Wen premier, China uses what means to subdued America after all? At the without coincidences there would be no stories, the HK wenweipo newspaper and to belong to China Gov. and the report only by them on Nov.27, 2003, about the former China chairman Mr. Jiang Zemin’s son Mr. Jiang mian heng used high salary two million USD to employ Bush president’s younger brother Mr. NeilBush and to send free pretty woman into the NeilBush’s hotel room every days in HK and China.  But that make people unaccountable was in the large type a title to powerful and influential that:Scandal or affect the re-election of elder brother. The general to think, that it was the involved party want self erupt is insidious!  It had person also to think, the USA president Bush had to hold somebody under duress!  The Cheap not to covet is ways of the world for philosophy!


But, I had saw after the Mr.Bush president reiterated the promised to support Chinese get the complete democracy on Nov.06, 2003, respectable secretary of State you had a hint to remind on TV news, the china, Hong Kong and Taiwan has no any official to have to step down therefore!  I hope, American government must have values of one's own and defend the judicial civilization of American!


From the actual angle,  my two patents not only for America as well as world civilization which indeed is very important


Mr. Bush had to adopted theaerial safe three measurewhich was correct as well as cannot to substitute for oppose terrorism! On the news, American legislation to permit send armed guard to enter the passenger plane to prevent grasp somebody on both sides by the arms that was no avail! Because the check for facilities of passenger for the nonmetal air-tight wrapping of can make the people faint of chemical liquid was to come to nothing, only one of the terrorist can let the guard reveal and let other terrorist to make a surprise attack on, the guard on the contrary to offer firearms for the terrorist! Therefore, theaerial safe three measurewas the most strong weapon for counter-terrorist of aerial safe history and need not say more that promise by American president promises to make me to rest assured application the patent in US and need not say more the US patent law!  


Besides, about my cure SARS invention, you can request Dr. Julie L. Gerberding of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s comment on my patent invention openly, she will tell you that there’s better medicine that can substitute my invention patent for cure SARS and any flu include the bird flu!


For instance in American, if is not to conceal, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the US (CDC) necessity can adopt first, because had exceed twenty thousand American person deaths for flu after May of 2003.  These Americans ought not to die, this subject for American medium, no any matter than this more important!


Evidently, immediately practise our invention for save life is very, very important!


The American Patent Office prior handling of this patent application of invention (Apply No. 10/469,063) embodiment cherishes life, respect intellectual property in American enforcement, embody the civilized power conform with American benefit completely


The report subject CDC News Conference Transcript by Director DR. JULIE GERBERDING on January 8, 2004 was concerned about children: Today's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report does report that 93 children have died of flu so far this year, and that's a very, very sad and sobering figure.


The Press Office Press Release of CDC had published in his website on November 17, 2003the news release was revealed: Each year in the United States 36,000 people die from complications related to the flu


Thus it can be seen, to help China to conceal my patent invention was inconsistent with American benefitAmerica can resemble China secretly to put in used my invention America had the more intellectual property to requirement of other country for respect, for example the Microsoft software!

American government was clearer that the Chinese government was still to received influence by Mr. Jiang Zemin of Former national chairman, hiscentralization secret orderin the initial was affect the verdict of judge of Hong Kong according to me only, now had many evidences shown, if not being his order, the court of Shenzhen and Tongwan city of China should be not one-side to auction my factory and the price than the rubbish!  I was only plead according to law justThe High Court of Cantonese of China was requirement the Court of Shenzhen City of China must interrogated again, but his officer requirement me nolle prosequi voluntarily!  In the SARS infection wreaks havoc of last year's period, the Mr. Jiang Zemin of Former national chairman from the Beijing flee to Shanghai avoid the SARS disease!  Now, again develop global to force-out my patent application for cure the SARSHowever, the China and Hong Kong governments were the most benefited from my invention


In the news perspectives often can lie in wait for the force-out of international trend, in the last few days, china to be on the initiative to provoke territory conflict forfishing islands, the result it seems that Japan submits under certain condition, Japanese prime minister was vindicate through the news on Mar.29, 2004, his misgivings was not understand that China had strong reaction for his annual to make a formal visit toJing Guo supernatural society?  It was seems that trading was successful; the Japanese Gov. was announced to give up intervention the rate of Yen!


 The China Gov. through thecentralization secret orderto lie in wait for me had to subsist with business of foreign exchange and keep plenty of sell-plate for Yen, they had attempt to pass through hold to make Yen to revaluation to force to make an inventory of warehouses to weaken complaint ability in the world!


Though, This may not be able to get confirmation forever, the exchange rate to operate must get agreement by American government! But painstakingly to conceal my medical invention and American Patent Office has to violate the logical thinking, so I have to ask Mr. Bush president, Mr. Wu Jing Tao of China chairman and Japanese prime minister to maintenance world public justice.


I was to earnestly request Secretary of State Mr. Colin L. Powell Pass on this letter to Mr. Bush president,  American spirit civilization must not used make to exchange so called defenses benefit, more must not to cover up the mistook of former Chinese national chairman and forfeit world public justice!


Thank you for your Kind attention.


Sincerely yours, 

Zhen-Man Lin



U.S. Department of State

2201 C Street NW

Washington, DC 20520