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Secretary general                                                      May. 13. 2004

Mr. Kofi Annan                                                           


My name is Lin Zhen Man, HKID D188015(3), Singapore PR. S2665604D.


Today, I am left with no choice but to turn to your Excellency of the United Nations respectfully to complain the concealment of a medical invention to cure SARS that has occurred in the past one year.  Itˇs with very much regret, the complaint involves the leader of management of the two large organizations, i.e. World Health Organization and international intellectual property who helped to conceal the medical invention.  


With regards to the World Health Organization, I made a critical statement to publicly condemn including the transmission of the messages to the subordinate organized system, please download the document from my website, the net address is I was too naive to think that was able to push the leaders of WHO to amend the mistakes, which ultimately failed, the SARS continued to breakout in Beijing of China last month, Apr.22, 2004, the WHO officer helped to conceal the cure to SARS, they lied that it was the early intervention by traditional Chinese medicine to cure the SARS patient which was shown on the news in HKTV on May.03, 2004.  Although my invention patent has entered the China patent office on Jun.07, 2003 the publication was delayed, the patent to apply use in Hong Kong was put off on Feb.18, 2004.  It was fully aware that my invention was used but concealed, the esteem of my intellectual property has therefore no foreseeable future!


Mr. Francis was the officer responsible of the PCT patent system, but he violated the PCT rules openly, so this is the emphasis for the complaint directed at the international intellectual property organization.   Mr. Francis again refused and ignore under the PCT law the responsibility of collecting PCT fees for the rights and interests of applicant and to transfer the patent applied into the designated country, his sole purpose was aim to helped for the conceal of above-mentioned to take bribes benefits.


The Mr. Francis illegal behavior was to come out into the open and brazenly!  The detailed information could be seen on, which showcase the most shameful expropriate which include the rights and interests of payment by applicant, the related evidence focusing on below, please to download my website address:   



2.   (Mr. Francis to write in reply)



The three above-mentioned letters could confirm that the WIPO obviously did not employ the officer properly!  The rottenness of China has invaded the two large organize of United Nations; I wish Mr. Annan will be able to defend the public justice of world and the authorities of PCT does not commit any infringement act.


The above-mentioned complain data needs further explanation below for the necessity to convince. 


No one can boldly say that he does not know that a year ago, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Canada etc. many countries were all faced with the deadly SARS virus with the death toll growing with each passing day!  For the invention of a cure for the SARS virus, the inventor suffered hardship and also a lot of time, for the humane reason of the urgency of saving lives, the draft was faxed to the Hong Kong chief executive and Chinese leader on 15 May 2003. The English version was also forwarded to ¨WHO-Padey〃, ¨WHO-Liden〃 by Mey-Verme, Mrs Cnia (WDC) and the leaders who were holding the Geneva meeting on 20 May 2003, which was recorded in Background of the invention specification. I also sent a copy directly to the public health office of Taiwan and Singapore too.


Today, after one year, no one can deny this invention, the search report of PCT and England were valid evidence that this invention of intellectual property had no any precedence; the invention can be used very extensively which include all flu, bird flu and further shown to cure and improve lung dust respiratory disease of smoker and old people and so on!  


The specifics could be downloading on


Of course, as a Chinese, I understand this concealment has a positive relationship with the behavioral style of former Chinese government leader.  Even if I am a prisoner in HK Gov. prison this time, my invention, my intellectual property should not be concealed and must get the due respect in any one country that rule by law! Let alone the two large organize of United Nations!


Below had three letters in my website, please downloading to research on: 



Letter to US Secretary of State on Mar.31, 04


Letter to Japanese Prime Minister


Letter to Mr. Wu Jing Tao on Apr.08, 04


The three letters of the above-mentioned was to file a petition to Chinese chairman Mr. Hu Jing Tao which was passed on by facsimile to the Hong Kong chief executive Mr. Dong on Apr.08, 2004.  Therefore, I was to be of the opinion that the former China chairman Mr. Jiang Zeminˇs son Mr. Jiang Mian Heng who did not again resemble the startling news in the HK wenweipo newspaper and to belong to China Gov. on Nov.27, 2003. So, president Bush need not be worried again, on the contrary, the US patent office was able to handle two patent application for me immediately, so, it will produce a good positive influence for the general election!


International society was always very much to be concerned with the democracy and rule by law of Hong Kong.  I heard then the infantile Hong Kong officer was asking WHO and PCT officer accepts to conceal, they are often to stated a reason of make people pity whom can not to resist the¨centralization secret orderto make the former Chinese leader not glad, otherwise the " one nation two systems " not to guarantee and for the sake of the whole benefits of Hong Kong, they were to have to thus and so on their another a lie was the former Chinese leader to aim at harm of lawless for Lin Zhen Man it was " individual incident " and so on 


International society has always been very much concerned with the democracy and rule by law of Hong Kong.  I heard the infantile Hong Kong officer was asking WHO and PCT officer accepts to conceal, they often state a reason as inability to defy ¨centralization secret order〃 to make people pity them, otherwise the " one nation two systems " not to guarantee and for the sake of the whole benefits of Hong Kong, they were to have to so and thus and so on their another a lie was the former Chinese leader to aim at harming lawless Lin Zhen Man as was an ¨isolated incident " and so on 


In order to break this lie, I earnestly request everyone to see the illegal harm from the High Court of Hong Kong just now on Apr.06, 2004.  Please download from I hereby to alert the international society, the former Chinese leader has passed through the¨centralization secret orderto permeate the Court of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong court was to gradually study the verdict for aim at Galileoof European Court of 16 century.


The above-mentioned law case was to show, the human nature of judges was humiliated by the despotic power from the "centralization secret order", whereby their souls had been taken away and deprived to become pitiful dogs! According to a report on 2003 April, which had a total of 58 university principal and professor jointly signed, to ask for a change to the means of principles of teaching where academic degree and credit could be bought by money, which means not only will it poison the young people, the seed of rotten is thrown to entire society further.  Looking from this matter, the grudge the former Chinese leader had against Lin Zhen Man was merely a pretext, his purpose to conspire contaminate the society of Hong Kong and cultivated the dictatorship foundation


The¨to burn the books and bury the scholars aliveis the criminal means of Chinese emperor to defend power in ancient times, but this and give up rule by law with administration by money-supreme to poison Chinese nation was to be very similar.


However, this force was to take advantage of a favorable situation to compatible the diplomacy talent of Hong Kong.  At first, they are to pass through to tacitly agree to sell the weaponry for Taiwan in exchange that the US Gov. does not admit the use of the¨Aerial safe three measureof Lin Zhen Man adopted by Mr Bush after the 9ˇ11 incident; as will as the invention patent of cure the SARS thus these two rarest knowledge property right of human society apply in US patent office. The means include the money bribery and beautiful woman, the Bush president also had to troublesome the problems of his younger brother who was disclose by the son of former Chinese leader, so Linˇs two patent in US office was to put on one side unusual.  Besides, they are further passed through the pressure by government-gradation to request WHO officer to help to conceal the medical invention and to contribute the PCT officer of the international organization of intellectual property was violate PCT regulations to block and intercept to submit the patent application into each country!


This is a story of dark social infiltration political and control national distinctly, firstly, I hope that the Hong Kong official can be clearheaded, and not be ignorant to submit under the "centralization secret order" of unreal, the level of rottenness of the judges of Hong Kong with China were to share everything, the " one nation two systems " just be to exist in name only.  


Because of the above-mentioned fact, the rottenness of the China structure with the huge national power rush to attack the United Nations, with great respect, I wish secretary-general Mr. Annan for the executive committee to pass on this letter. The PCT officer of the United Nations organization must take the lead to respect the intellectual property and the human rights!


Because the WHO and PCT official submit to the rotten force of Chinese type, the leaders of international society at large bully the weak and fear the strong, international public justice was already undergoing the stage to be harmed, I was again able to come up with the newest invention (no-vaccine) that can get the minimum infection-rate for the prevention bird flu of the production line of domestic-fowl.  However at present this period of my two big international patent applications was at perplexity, again patent application had meaningless! 


So I will like to take this opportunity to earnestly request Mr.Annan Secretary general to transmit this information handling for the grain and animal husbandry department of UN subordinate organization, on the brief, which will be to recommend the use of the transfer payment of contract for the invention of intellectual property for manager of animal husbandry of countries grain department, I therefore await respectfully to accept further inquiry at any time earnestly, the Email address is 


Perhaps, someone might have question the educational background of the inventor; I can only say sorry, because I was to rely on to study by oneself who I was to grow up in an era of have no university of Cultural Revolution of China, so I had no educational background to make you admire, you need only to look through two published of patent Application to estimate the trustworthy and engineering capability for inventor, their Email address were: & 


     I hope this new invention does not need to pass through the PCT system and is able to use and help any country that wants to counteract the bird flu in the production line of farming.  I wish the leader of United Nations can take disciplinary action against the illegal behaviour of PCT officer and hope more of the new leaders of China are able to throw away the wrong moral-burden from the former Chinese leader, international society will not allow to conceal medical invention, it can not destroy the standard of protective intellectual property more further.


    Thank you very much for your attention and please handle this complain as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully,


Lin Zhen Man  HK ID D188015 (3)

May. 13. 2004

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