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<% if request("quan_no")<>"" and request("quan_pass")<>"" then totalcash=request("tcash") set rsp=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") rsp.open "select * from venshop_quan where quan_no='"&DelStr(request("quan_no"))&"' and quan_pass='"&DelStr(request("quan_pass"))&"' and quan_date>#"&now()&"#",conn,1,1 if not rsp.eof then quan_man=rsp("quan_man") if int(quan_man*100)<=int(totalcash*100) then response.write "Success, you can save "&fuhao&" "&rsp("quan_cash")*hui&"!" else response.write "Sorry, you can user it when Subtotal more then "&fuhao&" "&quan_man*hui&" !" end if else response.write "Error!" end if rsp.close set rsp=nothing else response.write "Error!" end if %>