Standard Model:  PFCO-PMA


These unusual PFCO pharmacy machines are ideal for laboratory, hospital and clinic to compound a specific remedy for infectious lung disease.  The specific remedy was to fixed dissolve some Ozone which pharmaceutical name shall be to denominate for PFCO-1, but it only suitable for clinical to put in use immediately or short-term store; another products for dissolve fixed some Oxygen to have other purpose of lung disease, the pharmaceutical name shall be to denominate for PFCO-2, it could be to store in a long-term. 

These unusual PFCO pharmacy machines are consumption Fully-fluorinated liquid and the bottled Oxygen of purity over 99.5%.

    The PFCO were specially for treating high fever from the SARS, bird flu and flu of any type including the tuberculosis, which advance at the same time has good effects on tidying up the lungs of smoker and lung-dust ill of aged people. 

The invention of PFCO to put in used that was absolute to rewrite the history of medical treatment of Chinese and Western, so the PFCO medicine and the machine of pharmacy it will be about to obtain application extensively.

    The machine of PFCO in accordance with the invent name that the “Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs” of the patent right of the HK patent number HK1060833 to supervise the manufacture and design, the patent right and copyright was possess simultaneously, so it must be strictly forbid to copy! looking for the agent of the pharmacy machine or the PFCO medicine in every county.   




    The patent application number of PCT was   PCT/SG03/00145, the patent of every country in application; inventor is



             The standard model is PFCO-PMA which in used a set of ATI A15/64 dissolved ozone monitor, the measurement range it was enough for the pharmacy of PFCO-1 in general;

              The model of PFCO-PMB added one set of dissolved Oxygen monitor that measurement range between in 0-60ppm for pharmacy the PFCO-2 or to show the capacity of dissolved Oxygen of PFCO-1; 

                The PFCO pharmacy machines was to pick an Ozone generator of water-cool type, the oxygen purity must to outstrip 99.5%;

            The PFCO pharmacy machines was made by stainless steel including the airtight-ness jar and it was inbuilt a filter in here;

   The standard airtight-ness jar to distinguish of three types which were 5, 10, 20 kilogram PFC which were 5, 10, 20



 kilogram PFC capacity, to have something    

       custom-made by order to specify;  

  The PFCO pharmacy machines was to picked oil-less, non lubricated diaphragm liquid pump and control by a three digital timer for measure bottling or input the liquid for the lung transfusion bottle;

‧  The PFCO pharmacy machines was to pick the mix pump it could to prevent oxidation;

‧  The large-scale pharmacy machine include the automatic bottling system must by special quotation at some other time;

‧  Volume:  450 x 710 x 1360 mm (5Kgs)

‧  Pharmacy efficiency:  30-60 Min/ 5Kgs, it looks as if the standard of filter and consistency.

‧  Min. Pharmacy quantity:  1 kilogram

‧  Weight:  29 kilogram

  ‧  Overall Power:  146 watt / 220v

Equipment Introduction

1.  A15/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor:

a.  Display:  16-character alphanumeric liquid   crystal display with backlight.

b.  Measurement Range:  Programmable 0-20.00 PPM standard or 0-2.00.

c.  Sensitivity:  0.001 PPM above 0.005 PPM

d.  Repeatability:  ±0.01 PPM

e.  Linearity:  0.5%

f.   Response Time:  90% in <60 seconds

g.   Output Range:  Programmable for any range from 0-1 PPM to 0-20 PPM.

h.   Sensor Temperature Compensation:  Automatic -2°C to +52°C.

i.    Sensor:  Polargraphic membraned sensor.

j.    Sensor Materials:  Noryl and stainless steel.

2.  Digital Timer:  0-999 second.

3.  Magnetic Drive Mix Pump:

a.   Motor:  6 W / 220 VAC / 50 Hz  

b. Speed:  2,800 rpm .




4.  Diaphragm Liquid Pump:

a.  Free flow:  400 ml/min

b.  Max. Power consumption:  5 W

c.  Max. Suction height/vacuum:  6.0m WC

d.   Max. Pressure intermit-tend:  15m WC

e.   Max. Pressure continuous:  10 m WC

5. Ozone generators:  

a.     Max. to yield up:   3g / h  

b.     Power:   80 watt / 220v AC

6.  One ser of Cooling radiator:

a.   Capacity:  400 x 90 x 250 mm

b.   A submersible pump or  pressure boost:  50 watt /   220vAC

7.  Customer have authority to choose to arrange for one set of destruct chamber for deal with the overflow for mix or discharge outdoor:

a.  Power:  150 watt / 220v AC;

b.  Catalyst Mixture: Mn02/Cu0;

c.  Construction: T316 Stainless Steel;

d.  The specifics after in order.

The PFCO is an up-to-date medicine of an invent patent, but, the Ozone can not be stored in the medicine to offer for sale, so the clinic and hospital who they must to buy the PFCO-1 machine and the patent to be authorized after that right away to compound and right away to use, the effect of medication far better than the present one by hundredfold which medicines of lung germs infect, for instance, As there is a need to define air as an interface, so SARS infection include any type of flu which is alike property of the ulcer of superficiality and bacterial infection, this is a new medical definition and as well as the basis of our patent invention and the basis for your belief in our patent too.  It also that proven that the effect of medication of any antibiotics or vaccine was inevitable finite for bacterial infection of lung illness of any type flu, up to the present, no anyone doctor or specialist who could to negate this diagnosis theory of medical science! That was to include in before long time, a SARS medicine guides still to point those steroids, Ribavirin of antibiotics that make public of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, obvious, the error in diagnosis was unlucky for residents of HK city! The requisition for patent negotiations it was still in proceed.

Therefore, the PFCO-1 was the only chosen medicine for curing SARS, this medicine machine can be used to control the Ozone concentration easily, the clinical concentration form it could be to consult “The effect of medication and ingredients of PFCO-1”the misgivings of “burn lung-cell” it may be solved by the hide-test, in addition to this , the clinical does not have any side effect!

At present, the PFC liquid and an oxygen atom is not classified by any country as a controlled medicament matter.  Our PFCO-Pharmacy-Machine have provides PFCO-1 and PFCO-2 allows certified medical practitioners to prescribe medicine for lung infections caused by bacteria.  For example, according to Hong Hong’s section 28 of Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance, all registered practitioners prescribe and use this type of medicine could be without having to register with the medical and drug regulatory department.  Furthermore, those unauthorized hospitals and clinics will not dare to use this practice openly.  This is therefore beneficial to the PFCO invention and its patent as it gives them more protection. However, as the usage of this medicine may differ among countries, it is necessary that the retailers of different countries to be aware of this.

These designs according to a patent authorize and copyright to possess simultaneously, so which was strictly forbid to counterfeit!

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