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Mr. Wen Jia-bao


Dear ,


     I am Lin Zhen Man, HKID D188015(3) and a Permanent Residence of Singapore , the ID Card No. Is S2665604D. present this letter to your via the Chinese embassy in Singapore.


Since February 2003 years, SARS infection has wreaks havoc in China, Hong Kong and many other countries in the world. Its effects had send repercussion throughout the entire international society.  The death rate has been high and the Chinese and western medical social were quite helpless about this.  So China, Taiwan , Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada etc. were listed on travel warning district by the World Health Organization and pecuniary loss surmount thousand a hundred millions, Mankind is faced with death threat.


Knowing how to treat the SARS virus infection had became the most urgent matter in the Southeast Asia. During this urgent and difficult period of time, the inventors came up with an innovative medical scheme to save lives, the newest of medical scheme is “Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs”.  Due to the urgency of saving lives, the draft was fax to the Hong Kong chief executive and Chinese leader on 15 May 2003.  The English version was also forwarded to “WHO-Padey”, “WHO-Liden” by Mey-Verme, Mrs Cnia (WDC) and the leaders who were holding the Geneva meeting on 20 May 2003.


About the above-mentioned two paragraphs that are background of my invention, the paper of medical scheme and medicament-prescription that I had a patent applied in China Patent Office in. June, 06, 2003 and PCT International Patent applied in the Singapore Patent Office in. June. 12, 2003.


Coming back to the subject of my invention.  As my invention is the only treatment of the SARS Virus, many countries had began to use this method.  There is therefore, no doubt that such a method will create a historical impact in the fields of science and medicine. I strongly believe that by declaring publicly the existence of such a method, it not only help to relive the anxiety among your citizens, it also helps to boost international confidence in country. This will therefore help to bring social prosperous advance, the Chinese government has the responsibility to buy my invention of the “ Surface Treatment of SARS-Infected Lungs” to treat the SARS Virus.


I therefore ask the government to depute an impartial judge to the estimate my intellectual property.


With the best blessing from!


Respectfully yours!


Lin Zhen-man


June.17, 2003




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