Yet Chong Electric Company


  Established in Hong Kong in 1978, Yet Chong Electric Co. (YCEC) provides a full line of quartz alarm clocks and clock movements, including all the arts and accessories, such as Electro-magnetic buzzers and Motor Magnets. YCEC also is one of the very few companies in the world, which specialize in the technology transfer of production of quartz clocks and clock movements, as well as manufacturing of clock movement moulds.




YCEC maintains several wholly owned subsidiaries in the People’s Republic of China, including our modern production facility, Heng Chong Electronic Co. (HECE), in the Shenzhen special economy zone. All our subsidiaries enjoy the freedom and preferential treatments of “Solely Foreign Owned Enterprise” as classified by the Chinese government.




The high quality and precision of our products are assured by the superior design and well-established manufacturing and QC procedures. All of our products are warranted for one full year.