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Break the Code of Human Thoughts

Communism in to realize !

       My friends repeatedly urged me to give them a more satisfactory answer early next morning. But I was tied up with lawsuits in Hong Kong and the mainland. God seemed to push me to read the minds of all kinds of people. I had to sit back and meditate

   My experiences with the courts in Hong Kong and the mainland were totally new to me. In a little more than half a year I came into contact with people from all walks of life, including President Jiang, Ze-manMr. Dong JianHua of Hong Kong SAR chief executive lawyers, judges and various specialists in Hong Kong and the mainland. Some of their ideas were inspiring and interesting but some others were hard to understand

   Communism abashed was due to capitalism towards better public welfare, human rights and to rule by law, furthermore socialism seems to have gone off track in its transition from planned economy to market economy.

Communism has its primitive and modern forms, which have the same doctrine but different material bases. The primitive communism appeared long ago but modern communism is still far away from us. Why? Go and ask President Jiang, and his secretary will probably tell you: we are trying and we are getting nearer to communism with each passing day! This is perhaps the gist of Communist ManifestoI read it twenty years ago (but it is out of stock in  Shenzhen of china now). It seems to me that it needs updating, but this is only my suggestion, not my responsibility!  

In fact our question is how to break the code of human thoughts! So the influence of complicated are comes where? Because of Genes? From conditional reflexes? Due to cosmic rays? Or?

The 21st century will witness a more civilized world! the communists are still probing their way ahead! ?   We cant afford to wait! We must act, quickly and to the point! Break the code of human thoughts is the most urgent and gigantic project. We are intelligent and knowledgeable enough to accomplish it in the foreseeable future in a planned and scientific way. We are in declaration here, this is Our Human Manifesto!


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歷史的錯合,朱總的疑慮,Dr. tan憾極!Feb. 23, 2003

       志同道合的朋友們,有關的論述,歡迎討論 !歡迎探索!請獻出您們的學識與智慧!共同規划推動人類思維密碼的破除;我們須要成立民間不謀利團體包括基金的設立,也將要借助國家的科學力量,將會事半功倍;為人類社會的大同,學者、專家們,這是顯示您們智慧及抱負的場所!請賜教!July.1,98.


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